Sunday, March 29, 2015

RAOK - Happy Spring Box

Receiving a box in the mail the other didn't surprise me since I was waiting for several different packages to arrive.  Receiving a box from my sister though, did surprise me.  I sent her a 'What the heck?' text and she said to go ahead and open it.  It was a Happy Spring box.  And let me tell ya, I was laughing and cheering all the way through this!

Look at all those fun things!!
Let's take a closer look at what 'pants' sent me.

A couple of fun Easter-y magazines.

I laughed so hard when I saw this.  Remember my Skylanders game obsession back around the holidays and earlier this year?  Well in that game there is a card game the characters play, called Skystones.  I'd been aware that some cereal boxes were featuring a version of that game but I'd never gotten any.  I've also phased our of Skylanders lately but I've felt the urge coming back to me as I've heard about collectible Easter characters.  So now, not only can I play Skystones, but I've got coupons for some Skylanders goodies as well!

A magnet photo of my nephew/godson Julius, who has apparently started drinking coffee in a big way.  LOL

Some Easter yummies!  The cakes are long gone but the KitKat is waiting for my Easter basket.

More Easter yummies.  It's funny, because hubby went grocery shopping with me this morning and while we were in the Easter candy aisle I paused to consider chocolate bunnies.  He said not to get him one.  I said everyone needs a chocolate bunny at Easter.  He pointed out that he hadn't eaten his for the past how ever many years.  Then I realized that I don't think the boys have either.  Well what a bunch of poo!  So I said, "Well, good thing I got that gold bunny from Sheri."

I also had a good laugh when I saw these Archway lemon cookies.  I don't know if I posted anything here on the blog about the two packages of Archway cookies I'd gotten from Julie . . . ?  I don't remember if my sister and I had been talking about that . . . ?  But here is another box of those delicious, soft, lemon cookies!  And a package of Vanilla Caramel coffee creamer/flavor, so I can continue my struggle to learn to like coffee.

My sister, who was my biggest customer when I was making goat milk soap, knows I've gotten lazy and gone back to commercial body washes.  Looking forward to trying this coconut scrub!  We actually have this in bar soap form too.

 She knows I enjoy the Glade candles too!  Perfect timing because we're just about out of the non-fall/winter scented candles and will have to start going through older candles soon.  I've been trying not to buy new ones until we get through some of the old stuff that's been cluttering the candle cabinet.  Now we'll put that chore off a bit longer while enjoying this Target exclusive Honeybee Rhythm scent.

She also sent some tarts because, well, you know I love tarts.  Lemon Chiffon?  Yes, please!  And tulips are probably my favorite flower so some Frosted Tulips scented wax is okay too.  I'm not a big floral fan but hubby will enjoy that one.  Actually, it's not too bad.  I've seen the Tuscany brand before but can't remember where.  It might be the holiday ones that Walmart has, like with the Halloween themed warmers.  Or maybe it's what I see at Menards?  I know I've seen the brand but don't know if I've actually tried them.

Sunflower seeds!  Last summer I developed a love for sunflowers for early-fall decorating.  Not sure where I'll plant these yet but I'm really looking forward to seeing if I can grow some.

The bunny mug is cute, but my favorite out of everything in the box is probably the two bunny plates.  Of course they are Vikings colors (wOOt!) but even if they weren't, I think I'd still love them.  I was just saying recently that my Easter decoration tastes have changed and I wanted something besides cute stuffed bunnies.  I need to find some small plate display stands and put these somewhere as Easter deco.  Love them!

Thank you very much, Pants Who Likes Tacos!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Haul - B&BW Hand Soaps

I recently discovered the joy of foaming hand soaps and quickly placed a small Bath & Body Works order when I found out it was the last day of their hand soap sale.  That order arrived already so I thought I'd just do a super quickie haul post.

Which ones did I get?

- Cucumber Melon
- Sundrenched Vineyard
- Black Cherry Merlot
- Black Raspberry Vanilla
- Kitchen Lemon

I haven't even opened these to sniff them or anything.  I'm just happy to have a bunch of fun foaming soaps while I'm still excited about them.  The Black Raspberry Vanilla will now be replacing the generic and boring regular ol' hand soap that's currently in the bathroom.  And we already have a bottle of Lemon Meringue Cheer going in the kitchen.

Walmart has slim pickings for foaming soaps, so I'm curious to see what Target's Method brand has to offer, next time I get there.

What hand soap are you currently using?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Watched - Percy Jackson / Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters
Rated PG, 106 minutes

'In order to restore their dying safe haven, the son of Poseidon and his friends embark on a quest to the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical Golden Fleece while trying to stop an ancient evil from rising.'

Someone told me this movie stayed more true to the book than the first one had.  Having just finished reading this book, and knowing that, I was very much looking forward to watching this movie.  And I was shocked.  Closer to the book??  I was seriously questioning whether that person had even read the books.  It's taken a few days of thinking it over and letting my angry feelings settle down, but I can now see how maybe this might be considered following the book more closely.

Okay, so the key characters and elements were there.  They didn't make up alternate storylines for how events needed to happen.  But they still changed so much that it was still jaw droppingly like "Whyyyyyy?!"  They sort of moved events around and rushed through everything.  They even portrayed Tyson as this funny-dumb, happy go lucky, loveable guy, instead of the slow, slightly challenged innocent that he was in the book.

I'd also been told that this movie combined books two and five from the series, so I wasn't surprised to see the whole Kronos section near the end.  I noticed they also worked in a lot of things from the first book that they'd left of out of the first movie, a bit more of the history of some things.  This person also said there were no plans for another movie.  It seemed to me that they set it up and left this one dangling with another movie in mind.  Keep in mind, I have not read all the books yet, so maybe the series does end with them wondering who the prophecy was really about, but in this movie they not only bumped up the age of the prophecy's fulfillment from 16 to 20, but the movie ended with Percy's voice-over wondering if the prophecy was really about him or if it was about the newly returned Thalia.

So anyway, if were to forget about the book and just think of this as a movie, I guess it was probably alright.  I still think it might have been rushing through events too much, and they went for a bit more humor this time, but I guess it keeps you interested all the way through that way.  There seemed to be a lot of 'look at our special effects skills' going on too.  Gotta admit though, that water horse thing was pretty awesome.  I really do wish they'd have just stuck with the book though.