Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Natters - July 13 / Last Post For A While

I have time for a last post before I go.  How about that?!  I went shopping quick this morning, then got home and attacked the rest of the laundry and other things that needed to be done.  I even managed to watch my other Netflix movie.  It's called Goodnight, Mommy, it's in German, and it's bizarre!  And it's one of those that never really explains itself so you have to work it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.
I bought a couple things while shopping today.
Hubby almost watched this on pay per view last night before I reminded him I was going to town today and would just buy it.  We have the first two, so we might as well complete the set.  I haven't read the books but I have seen the first two movies and enjoyed them enough to keep watching.

Now that all the Back To School things are out at Walmart, a lot of stuff is catching my eye even though I don't know what I'd use most of it for these days.  I did grab these three notebooks today though.  They have the the plastic covers and the two bigger ones also have silver stretchy band closures.  I figure those will be good for journals.  The smaller one just needed to come home with me.  Don't judge.

On this day, July 13, back in 1985, the Live Aid concerts were held around the world.  Oh what a glorious day that was!  I still have my original cassette tapes and VHS tapes from trying to record everything off the radio and TV.  My sister and I used to watch and listen to those endlessly, particularly the London portion because they had all the best acts that day.  Heck, some of you that I've become friends with now weren't even born yet when all that fun was happening!  I feel old now.

Well, it's after 2pm now so I should probably start packing up.  We're supposed to have severe weather moving in this afternoon too.  Hopefully my mom is home and indoors before that hits.  So I guess I will talk to you all when I get back . . . whenever that may be.

So what were YOU doing on Live Aid day?

 OH!  The season premiere of Suits is tonight!
Who will be watching with me?!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Natters - July 12 / She's What?!

Holy freakballz!  My mom is coming home tomorrow already!  The nurse called me today to get some information and said they were looking at tomorrow afternoon for discharge.  I was like 'What?!  We were thinking Friday!'  The nurse said no, that for hip replacement it's usually just a two night stay.  She said it would depend how well Mom does in her moving around and first therapy today and tomorrow morning, but yeah, she'd probably be sent home tomorrow.


So then I was instantly fretting about who would go get her since my brother would be working, and now I'd need to move my time off up to this week instead of starting next week.  I sent a text to my brother, warning him.  Also sent a text to hubby to warn him in case he had to be the emergency backup plan.  Sent a message to my boss, warning him too.

Well that stress is gone now because my sister-in-law called this evening and said she'd be going to bring Mom home tomorrow.  She said Mom had called and they were booting her out at 3pm tomorrow afternoon.  My sister-in-law was worried, thinking I wouldn't be able to stay with Mom till next week but I cleared that all up and said that yes, I'd be ready to start tomorrow when they got back.

This is all so whirlwind!  It's got me very hopeful too!  Is she really moving around that good that it's no problem to come home already?  Is this recovery going to be that much faster and easier?  If you've prayed or sent positive vibes, I thank you!!!  I also got a text from my other brother, letting me know that he and his wife would be more available this time to come and give me some time off from Momsitting once in a while.  Oh lordee, thank you!  AND the nurse said they'll have the nurse and therapist come to Mom's home for the first couple weeks.  Yes!!!  I wasn't looking forward to the constant driving around for therapy and checkups.  Ohhhh, I'm quite hopeful this evening, but we'll see soon enough if it's all too good to be true.

I didn't do much today because I thought I'd still have tomorrow off.  Once those plans changed I got busy doing some laundry and getting some things organized here for the menfolk.  Tomorrow morning I'll go shopping quick, then get home and finish up some laundry and other things before heading over to Mom's.

I did watch one Netflix movie today.  It was Pay The Ghost, and it was dumb.  I'm not much of a Nicholas Cage fan but even beyond that, the movie was dumb.  Read some more of my King Ludwig book too today.  I'm looking forward to my post about that, although it won't be until after I'm back from my mom's.

Okay, well I'm off for the night.  I'm not sure if I'll sneak a little post in before I leave tomorrow.  Maybe this will be it for a while.  I guess we'll all have to wait and see.

Wish us luck!  lol

Monday, July 11, 2016

Natters - July 11 / Mom's Surgery

You all probably know by now that my mom had surgery today.  For those who don't know, my mom had hip replacement surgery today.  She had her other hip done two summers ago.  (Or was it three?)  Anyway, my brother and sister-in-law took her to the hospital early this morning.  I worked today and it kept me busy enough that I wasn't constantly thinking about the surgery and worrying.  I finally got a text from my brother about 2:30pm saying everything was fine.  I asked if they got to see her, was she awake, coherent?  Last time she'd been so loopy and sleepy she hadn't even remembered I was there.  My brother said yes, she was awake and they visited for a bit then she fell asleep so they went to lunch.  When they got back she was awake again so they visited a bit more but then she fell asleep again so they headed for home.  I'm glad to hear everything went okay but it's really going to be tomorrow when we start to find out how things are going, when they get her up and start to get her moving again.  Who knows, maybe they'll try that this evening already since her surgery was early this morning.

Work was crazy because starting the machines up after a week of being down is always chaotic.  Nothing wants to run right and you have to get all the kinks worked out of things.  Having hot and humid weather didn't help things either.  Because it's a factory and most of the machines require steam, it's impossible to keep the place cool.  You really have to pace yourself in your work, sneak away to stand by a fan when you can, make a point to drink extra water.  They do supply Gatorade on these hot days but it's a watered down version made from a powder mix.  Bleah.

I'm trying to cool off now that I'm home.  I inhaled two ice cream sandwiches for supper.  lol
And now I'm heading up to bed to read and relax in front of some fans.

Short and sweet post but hey, at least I'm still posting.