Monday, November 24, 2014

Box o' Wax From Lauren

I received another box of goodies the other day.  This one took me by surprise because it was from Lauren (Lolo Loves Scents blog) and I'd already received a Fall Friendship Box from her.  Of course, I couldn't wait to dive right in!
This one had some non-tart items in it, which always makes it more fun.

Lauren and her husband have a movie review blog and not long ago they were invited to attend a film fest out there in California, and were even sponsored for the event.  She got me and our other Smellie Sisters each a mug from her trip.  This got to me just in time for hot cocoa season!

I've been playing around with nail polish a bit lately, trying to get in touch with my girlie side.  I seriously laughed out loud when I pulled this tiny little bottle out of the box.  It's black and gold, and rather bold for me, but I *will* try it!  I guess this is maybe one of the indie vendors that Lauren likes....?

This packet of Popping Candy With Lollipop made hubby and I smile.  It's just such a silly fun thing to include, and it's Halloween-y, which was weirdly nice to see for me because Halloween seemed to have blown right by me this year.

She sent me a bar of goat milk soap!  You know I love me some goat milk soap!  This is the Happily Sever After bar, from the vendor A Life Deliberate, and is described as ' . . . a cut above the rest with top notes of tangy lemon zest, blood oranges, and bubbly carbonation; followed by middle notes of Italian bergamot, fresh mint, gin martinis and lavender, sitting on a base of rosewood.'  I've never tried this vendor although I have been aware them, all the way back from my own soap making days.  This is a beautiful bar, and while I'd probably never go for this scent in wax I think in this soap it will be a bright and fun sort of pick-me-up.  It's VERY perky and pretty and uplifting.  We'll probably save this for spring.

 I was so excited to see this wintery votive candle and holder!  Hubby and I have really been getting into votives and scented tea lights lately, and I was going to be looking for some Christmas-y holders, so this is perfect.  I'm confused about a couple things though.  I don't see these on the K's Kreation website, so I don't know if this was a special at some point, or if Lauren decorated the holder herself....?!  Also, the tag says it is soy wax but I'm 99% sure that's palm wax in there.  As for the scent, Eskimo Kisses, there isn't much description on the site except to say it reminds the maker of wintergreen Lifesavers.  It reminds me of Pepto Bismol or those round pink minty candies my grandma always had.

And there was a second votive in the box!  This one also looks like palm wax, and is in the scent Magical Christmas, which is described on the site as 'The wonder of Christmas - mandarin, green clover, fir needle, sparkling spruce, cardamom and cedar bark with bottom notes of guaiacwood, precious woods and allspice.'  It's quite woody, with just hints of evergreen.  We're looking forward to burning both of these candles.

Tiffany Candles / Key Lime Pie - 'Sweet refreshing citrus aroma with a warm crust.'
(Ignore the dust and cat hair that I didn't realize was on this tart after dropping it.  Doh!)
A scrumptiously yummy scent that makes me think of summer.  The lime is sweet and juicy, and that hint of crust adds that little bit of a bakery note.  Setting this aside for next spring or summer!

Long Cane Primitives / Key Lime Coconut Cake - 'Key Lime Pie blended with creamy coconut and white cake.'
I much prefer the previous Key Lime Pie scent.  This one is coconut and cake, but I'm not getting enough (if any) of the key lime scent.

Candles From The Keeping Room / Pumpkin Cream Donuts - 'A delightful blend of pumpkin with some spice, and a cake donut, filled with a marshmallow vanilla cream.'
I actually melted this one already, had it going the other night while playing World of Warcraft.  I was too focused on killing orcs and things to pay attention to the scent but I do remember a warm bakery scent, pumpkin and more spice than the description seems to imply.  It was nice.

 Rosegirls / Wickedly Wonderful Wario - 'This blend combines Purple Cow, Sicilian Lemon Cookie, and Cuppa Cake overpour.'
A nice scent that reminds me of spring or early summer.  There is a nice bakery note, a tiny smidge of grape, and just enough lemon to brighten it all up.  I'll save this one for later.

Rosegirls / Bananas Foster, Ooey Gooey Caramel, Waffle Cone
I just bought a bag of this the last time I was at the Rosegirls store.  Nice to have more!  

Rosegirls / Marshmallow Smoothie
We've talked in our little group of waxy friends, about how adding RG Marshmallow Smoothie to anything makes it fabulous.  (Except zucchini.  There is no helping zucchini.)  It will be interesting to see how I like this scent on its own.

Vintage Chic Scents / Hawaii 5-0 - 'Mix of Wildberry Mousse, Strawberry Raspberry Guava and Birthday Cake.'
There is a nice cake note in here but I'm still getting enough of the Wildberry Mousse to make me leery.  I'm not a Wildberry Mousse fan.

 Up The Creek Scents / Rose Jam - 'Blend of rose, citrus, and geranium. Not your typical "gramma rose" type scent.'
This is a Lush dupe, and sadly for me, this is absolutely not my type of scent. I'm just not a fan of florals.

 Tiffany Candles / Storm Watch - 'Yankee Candle* type. A cleansing ocean air before the storm.'
Ugh, not at all a fan of this one either. There is something almost floral in it, but something else going on too and I'm not sure what. It actually makes my breath catch when I sniff it. Bleah, sorry, Lauren.

Enchanted Candle Company / Iced Orange Cake - [no scent description]
She sent four of these cute little ghost tarts in an equally cute fall themed cello bag.  A nice cake note with just a hint of orange.  Reminds me of those Jello poke cakes.

Up The Creek Scents / Root Beer Float
A fun, familiar scent.  It really does smell like Root Beer!

Up The Creek Scents / Rainbow Confetti Cake
Not getting much from this on cold sniff.  What I do get doesn't smell like cake.  There is something bright and perky.  Hopefully the cake note comes out when warmed.

Lasting Scent Candles / Butterscotch Cookies
The notoriously oily wax that I don't seem to have much luck with, but in a scent that is calling to me.  I do love butterscotch scents!

Beezy Tarts / Butterscotch Rum Brittle - 'Dark aged rum, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, warm nutmeg, crushed nuts, caramelized sugar, sweet creamery butter, and vanilla beans.'
Not much butterscotch coming through all that other stuff.  It's quite nutty and spicy, but I think it might still be yummy when warmed.

Enchanted Candle Company - Wildberry Tea
On cold sniff I don't get any kind of tea note.  It's more of a Kool Aid type fruity drink scent.  Still nice though, and summery.

Enchanted Candle Company - French Vanilla
A nice, safe scent.  Good for any time of year, and mellow enough to have if company is coming over and you're not sure how they feel about scents.  This would also be good for blending, which I don't really do, but just sayin' . . .

And those are all the goodies that Lauren shared with me this time.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am continually amazed at the generosity of my waxy friends.  They all know I don't have enough to return their kindness but I will try to find ways in the coming year.
Thank you, Lauren!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Haul - Petals Bath Boutique

If you've been a follower of this blog for a while you're probably familiar with my whining about falling in and out of love with handcrafted bar soaps.  I decided to give it another try, see if I can rekindle that crazy love I had for the stuff not so long ago.  So when Petals Bath Boutique had their winter release last week, I went ahead and ordered some things.  Petals is primarily a bath and body products vendor but lately seems to be offering wax melts more and more.  I really wanted to try a few more of those too.

Just one week later, my winter release haul arrived.  Let's see what I got!

Sugar Plum - 'Not too sweet but just sweet enough. Sugared plums with a heart of citrus zest on a base of warm vanilla musk.'
On the Petals site, this is called Sugar Plum Fairy, but on the label it's just Sugar Plum.  I decided to give her lotion a try, since I already have one of her body custards.  This is indeed a sweet scent.  The plum is there, deep and slightly dark, with the sweet creaminess from the sugar and vanilla.  The citrus adds some brightness, but never really does reveal itself as 'Hey, there's citrus in there!'  This reminds me of a Bath & Body Works type scent.

 Sugar Plum - 'Not too sweet but just sweet enough. Sugared plums with a heart of citrus zest on a base of warm vanilla musk.'
  I got a bar of soap in the same scent.  What a gorgeous piece of soap!  Scents almost always smell slightly different in soap form than in other products, because of the chemical process the soap goes through.  This time the scent has a very obvious musky note that is not really there much in the lotion version.  These two should compliment each other when I use them together.  Hubby even says this is not too girlie, and that he will use this soap too.

Sleigh Ride - 'Top notes of orange zest with a center of tart Granny Smith apples on a warm and spicy base of clove and fresh mint.'
This is the soap we're switching to the day after Thanksgiving.  I was hoping I'd like this scent, and was greatly relieved to find that I love it.  I mainly get a warm, spiced mint scent.  Hubby thought it smelled woody.  Neither of us really get any of the orange or apple notes but I guess I can see how they might be working in the background to push some sweetness into this.  Ohhh, this a great scent.  Can't wait to use this!

Sugared Almonds - 'Toasted almonds topped with sugary notes of raw sugar cane, coconut milk and vanilla.'
I'm not sure if this is part of the winter release or one of the general catalog scents.  I decided to 'regular' scent to have for hubby if I should fall back out of love with bar soaps, or to have for after the holidays if I do stick with them.  SUCH a yummy scent! The almond note is strong, almost cherry candy-like.  The sweetness of the other notes give it a bit of depth.  The vanilla is working hard to make its presence known.  This scent is strong!  I'm sure this will linger on the skin after use.  Oh, and there's goat milk in it!  I hadn't even noticed that when I ordered.  Yay!

Gingerbread Man - 'Fresh bakes cookies, molasses, ginger, cinnamon and spices.'
Ya gotta have a gingerbread scent at Christmas, right?  Since Better Homes & Gardens failed this year and released none of the good classic Christmas scents, I decided to pick this guy up from Petals.  This is a spicy gingerbread, the molasses coming through strong.  This is not the sweeter type, like you get with frosted types.  This cute little guy is 1.7 ounces, so I'll chop him up and spread him amongst my warmers.

 I'll Be Home - 'A deliciously refreshing holiday fragrance that blends pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, with subtle hints of fresh peppermint leaves and vanilla.'
 This sounded interesting, and the shapes were so festive that I just had to get them.  If I didn't now better, I would have said this was an 'iced cranberry' scent.  There is tartness, but maybe that's just the mint mixing with the dark fruits.  There is a bit of a harsh note that I'm hoping settles down when it's warmed.  I would call this a tart scent, not a mint scent.  The candy cane is .9 ounce, and the stocking is 1.5 ounces.

 Nutcracker - 'A perfect nutty blend of vanilla, hazelnut, maple syrup, coconut flakes, citrus and clove.'
I wanted to try Kia's clamshells tarts, so when I saw this Nutcracker scent, I grabbed it.  I had this scent years ago as a sample from some vendor and *loved* it.  I don't really see it around much, unless it has a different, more common name.  Then again, I don't look around much these days either.  It reminds me of the hazelnut cream scent that I often love.  I don't get any citrus note from this.  Don't really detect any coconut either.  That's okay, because the rest of the notes blend together to make a rich, sweet, yumminess.  It's actually a much darker, red-brown color than what the picture shows.

I was a little disappointed when I saw these clamshells though.  I hadn't noticed that the website says these are 2 ounce packages.  They looked like regular clamshells, but they're actually much more shallow than the clamshells we're all familiar with.  This one is actually only 1.6 ounces of wax.  Oh well, live and learn.

Peppermint Stick - 'Swirls of peppermint candy and sugar crystals.'
I did not order soap in this scent because I already have a bottle of commercial brand peppermint body wash that I thought I'd be using this Christmas season.  I did want to try the scent though, so I got it in wax form.  A very nice, typical peppermint scent.  Perfect for Christmas.  This pack does weigh 2 ounces.

 Peppermint Stick - 'Swirls of peppermint candy and sugar crystals.'
And then I got a sample of this scent in soap anyway.  LOL  That made me happy.  The scent if a little deeper and fuller, almost a little sweeter in soap form.

 Aspen Hill - 'A truly unique and irresistible blend of blue spruce, earthen moss and sugar crystals with hints of cassis and orange.'
I had debated ordering this but had decided not to because I didn't want to walk around smelling like a Christmas tree.  I'm glad I got a sample of it, just so I can see what it smells like.  And it's not really that bad.  I don't even get a strong spruce scent.  There is sweetness, just a hint of juicy orange, and some almost wood resin hints.  Good scent for men, but not strictly masculine.

 Sundance - [no scent description]
No clue what this scent consists of but it's very nice, sort of pretty, like a shampoo.  I see on the label there is goat milk and oatmeal, as well as clay, so I wonder if this will be good for the face.  That's what I'm going to use it for.  This was another free sample.

Mayan Gold - 'A warm spicy blend with notes of sweet orange, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla bean and decadent chocolate.'
And finally, another free sample, this one looks way messier in the picture than it really is.  The picture doesn't show all the different brown and gold swirls running through it.  With sandalwood AND chocolate, I knew this was not a scent for me even before I smelled it.  I don't really get a chocolate note, but I still don't like this.  It's one of those sophisticated scents that a certain someone I know would probably like.

And that is my Petals Bath Boutique winter release haul.  I can't wait to start using these things, and am especially curious to see how the lotion works for me.

Did you order from the winter release? 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Melted - Vintage Chic Scents / The Stanley House

The Stanley Hotel - 'Harvest (type) and Vanilla Bean Noel.'

I swear I only got cinnamon from this scent for the majority of the four house I had this melting.  Only in the last hour or so did I start noticing the tiniest hints of the Vanilla Bean Noel, and only in that last hour or so did I notice what must be the Harvest notes.  I'm not familiar enough with Harvest though, to really know how much is coming through.  It's a very nice scent, whatever is going on.  Even hubby commented, "Mmm, I like this one!" when he got home from work.  But yeah, if I wouldn't have looked at the description, I would have sworn this was plain cinnamon.

I divided this leaf tart into thirds (about .7 ounce each) and melted them in my tea light and Glade hot plate warmers.  I had medium-strong cinnamon-y scent throughout the downstairs of the house.

Melted - Vintage Chic Scents / House of Wax

House of Wax - 'Sweet maple, butterscotch, marshmallow cream.'

I did not recall the scent description of this when I started melting it.  Immediately, I was oohing and aahing over it, and it was driving me nuts trying to think of what it reminded me of.  Eventually I did have to go look it up and as soon as I saw it was maple and butterscotch I was like 'Aha!'  I'm pretty sure I'm thinking of the maple butterscotch something or other scent from Better Homes & Gardens, which is one of my favorites.  I don't have any of that one on had to compare though.  

This one is a very sweet scent, but it's a deep, rich sweetness, not like a sugary candy sweet.  The butterscotch might be the stronger note.  The maple is right there but I didn't think of syrup or pancakes, so that's why I think the butterscotch might be stronger.  It's given a bit of a creaminess from the marshmallow.

I divided this leaf into three pieces, around .7 oz each, and melted them in my tea light and Glade hot plate warmers.  I had a medium-strong scent throughout the house.  It was delicious, but any stronger would have made the richness overwhelming.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Melted - Vintage Chic Scents / Autumn In Salem

Autumn In Salem - 'Pumpkin cinnamon sugared donut.'

This is a nice, cozy scent.  I wouldn't really consider it a fall scent, but more of a cold weather scent.  It is a warm bakery scent, more of a cinnamon donut with pumpkin than a pumpkin spice with donut.  It does have a bit of a spicy kick, lots of cinnmaon on those donuts.  The pumpkin reminds me of the canned puree type scent, and is quietly in the background.

I chopped this leaf into thirds and melted about .9 ounces in each of my two tea light warmers and my Glade hot plate warmer.  I had one in each of the three main rooms in the downstairs of our house.  Even with all three going together, the scent remained a very pleasant medium strength.  Usually I always think I prefer scents much stronger, but then I find some that almost seem better when they're not so inyerface.  I think this is one of those.

(This tart was a gift.)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Raspberry Macaroon

Raspberry Macaroon - 'Toasted coconut, caramelized sugar, and raspberry.'

I had this scent once before in one of my earlier Sweet Fixations orders and found it to be light.  I'd wanted to try it again eventually, and see if I had better results, so I was pleased to see this finger shaped sample of it in my last order.  After the surprising success earlier today with a small amount of wax from another vendor, I decided to go ahead and get this small one out of the way too.  At only .5 ounce, I wasn't expecting much but once again, a smaller amount proved powerful.  Melting this in my tea light warmer, I had a nice medium-strong scent throughout two rooms.  The scent itself is a wonderful, deep, sweet candy-like scent.  The toasted coconut is probably the strongest note but sweet fruit comes rushing in close behind on a bed of warm, rich caramel.

I'm glad I got to try this yummy scent again.

Melted - Petals Bath Boutique / Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar - 'A fruity blend of Cotton Candy, Lemon Drops, Caramel and Raspberry Jam on a dry down of musk.

Pink Sugar blends are uber popular in the wax world.  I first discovered the scent way back in the earliest days of my handcrafted soap obsession, and have always preferred it more in bath and body products than in home fragrance.  These two little hearts came as samples in my Petals order from the fall release, and after the success of the Venom tart I melted earlier, I decided to go ahead and give these a try.

The scent, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a deep, sweet musky scent.  It's a heavier scent than the usual bright and pretty floral type perfumes.  I never really pick out any of the notes individually.  They combine to make a sort of rich caramel candy scent dipped in musk.

These two little tarts combined only weighed .6 of an ounce.  I'm one who likes to melt lesser amounts of wax, but even I was a bit leery of just .6.  I super surprised and impressed that find these teeny little buggers were amazingly strong.  They didn't throw all over the house, but in the room where the warmer was, the scent was strong.  And unlike the weird sticky cooled wax of the Venom tart, this popped right out after a few minutes in the freezer.

Can't wait to get my new Petals tarts!