Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Netflix & Chill

Netflix & Chill - '(SF Blend)- Kick back to the relaxin' blend of dreamsicle, mango slices, and pomegranate.'
 This was a new scent in December and I got it because I was trying all the new ones.  This is another really sweet and candy-fruity one.  It's probably my least favorite of all the sweet ones I've highlighted recently.  There is a sharper edge to this than the others had, *almost* hinting at being fizzy.  It's a little darker, more adult in it's sweetness, if that makes any sense.  The pomegranate must be strong in here.  It was okay to try but I probably wouldn't get this again.
I melted this 1.6 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had light-medium scent.  That was shocking because it's quite bold on cold sniff.  But no, it remained quietly in the background for several hours and then I forgot all about it.  Or maybe it faded away.  I'm not even sure.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Natters - Jan. 17

Oh, hi!  How have you been?  Things were getting back to normal around here and I was getting back to feeling pretty good, and now today has thrown a kink into my routine again.  We had a Winter Mess Storm move through last night, which left us mainly with ice.  Schools and businesses were closing early yesterday and closed today.  Portions of highways were closed because there were so many accidents.  There were general warnings that if you didn't have to go anywhere you should just stay home.  So we did.  Casey called in last night, and hubby and I called in this morning.  Temps hovered right around the freezing mark and just over, so it was foggy and just super wet all day.  As the sun came up and the day went on, that coat of ice melted and turned everything to a big floody mess.
Pretty ugly, huh?  Winter in Wisconsin is not always glistening and beautiful.

We just had a very lazy day, played a lot of Skylanders, and I puttered in the craft room.  I've made three cards in three days!  That might not sound like much but considering I have trouble getting going on it, I'd say that's a good start.  It's still frustrating because I'm just not doing it enough to master the skills and get more efficient.  I'd been all excited to try and make cards for a Valentines card drive for St. Jude's but I don't think it will happen this year.  It's still something I want to eventually take part in though!

I whipped this one together the other night after hubby mentioned it was our friend's birthday today.  I was like 'Hey!  I can use those circles I ordered!'

I made this for a YouTuber I follow that just had her first baby the other day.  I thought she was one who had a PO box listed in her info but when I went to get the address for this I found she doesn't.  I'll probably just hang on to this now.  Look at that 'oh joy' part!  Successful embossing!  I was so happy with that!  It's lighter than I'd expected but I think it still works.  I resisted the urge to add extra sparkle or sequins because I think that light lettering needs all the focus it can get.

And I made this one today.  Not sure who it will go to yet.  One of you might find it in your mailbox!
I'm loving using the embossing folders for the designs in the paper.  I said I wasn't going to order any more tools but I'll have to eat those words because I think I want more embossing folders.  I did order those other stamp sets we'd been talking about in comments recently, and thought I'd be done ordering for a while but then Lawn Fawn started sneak peeking their upcoming new release yesterday and yeah, there are things I need.  *sigh*  There is a kitty set, and new spring colored plaid themed set of papers (like the fall and winter ones I already have), as well as six new ink pad colors.  Yes, I will be ordering.  When will this madness stop?  lol

In entertainment news, I gave up reading this book I'd gotten for my birthday.  I tried to just soldier on because I was curious about where the story would go but, well, the storytelling was crappy.  It's choppy and weak.  There are too many characters, and the main character is very inconsistent.  The story jumps around, seeming to switch gears out of nowhere, and too many random events were thrown in.  I had high hopes going into it but no, just couldn't do it.  I managed to push myself to the halfway point of the book before finally giving up.  Oh well, they can't all be winners.

Are you guys watching that new show, Emerald City???  Oh my gosh, I love it!  It's a modern, and much darker retelling of the Wizard of Oz.  It is definitely not your colorful, singing munchkins tale of old!  There is a whorehouse/opium den in this one, run by none other than the Wicked Witch of the West.  The other witch does not get killed by a house dropping on her but by a bullet to the forehead instead.  Toto is a large, snapping and snarling German Shepard police dog.  I love it.  Oh, and the Wicked Witch of the West is not wicked yet but I see how she's already being driven to it and you just kinda have to feel bad for her.  You should all watch it so we can talk about it!!!!!

Lucifer returned last night to finish its season.  We have it recorded but haven't watched it yet.

We're two or three episodes behind on Vikings now.  I lived in fear each week for the past season that Ragnar would die and I'd lose interest in the show.  Well, he's died and that strong urge to watch is gone.  I'm not completely giving up on the show because I do want to see how the sons progress and avenge his murder, but a huge part of the draw is gone for me now.

Sleepy Hollow is back now too and I haven't had much of an urge to watch that one either.  Main character Abby died at the end of last season so it seems sort of pointless to go on, but the show was renewed so there must be something interesting to keep carrying it forward.  We have those recorded too.  I'll just need to sit down and watch all of these one day.  Maybe once I finish playing Skylanders I will be able to do that.  My game is something like 93% complete, so it shouldn't take much longer.  We're just trying to go back over spots we missed now, just trying to completely complete it.

Alrighty then, this is where I'll leave you.  I have to do dishes and pick up around the house a bit after our lazy day, then I'm off to read for a while before bed.

What is your biggest time suck at the moment?

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Unicorn Poop

Unicorn Poop - '(SF Blend) - Bubblegum, cotton candy, and fruit candies.'
Another of the new scents in December, and another really sweet and happy scent.  I don't like this as much as Bowl of Cereal from the other day though.  This one is more candy-like, along the lines of Skittles or Starbursts.  There is a slight hint of the bubble gum dancing around in it but it's more of a fruit candy scent.
I melted this 1.6 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and was surprised to find it only had medium scent at best.  Most of the time it was just a subtle background hint of candy.  Every once in a while I'd get a more powerful dose of rainbow colored sweetness.  Overall though, too light.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Melted - Kitty's Konfections / Virgin Who Can't Drive

Virgin Who Can't Drive - 'Cotton candy and iced lemon cookie.'

I am not familiar with the vendor Kitty's Konfections, and don't understand the humor or what this scent name is referencing, but I sure did like the scent.  It was sweet and creamy, almost like a lemon cheesecake more than cookies.  This was a bright and happy scent with just enough hints of bakery to keep it cozy.

I melted this 1.6 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had strong, long lasting scent that traveled well to adjacent rooms.

[This tart was a gift.]

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Bowl of Cereal

Bowl of Cereal - '(SF Blend)- The best bowl of cereal ever with fruit loops, lucky charms, fruity pebbles and boo berry.'

This was one of the new scents in December, so I grabbed it.  I never got into the Fruit Loops scent craze of a few years ago.  I didn't dislike it, just thought it was boring.  My tastes have been changing lately, craving old school scents, and as I melted this one I really liked it!  It's very candy-fruity, like the Fruity Pebbles is the strongest note.  That slight grain cereal note is there but all that happiness from the fruity tones it down.  This is not super powdery sweet like some candy scents are, but it's way more candy-like than it is fruit-like.  It does not have juicy notes like summery fruit blends.  This one is quite nice, being right in between.

I melted this 1.6 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had medium strength scent.  I would have liked it a bit stronger but who knows, maybe any stronger would have been too much with all that sweetness.

I would buy this again.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas Money Haul - Pt. 4 / Simon Says Stamp

I finally used up the last of my Christmas money and of course it went towards stamps and dies.  I'd also added a bit of money to the pot from winning second place in a little football we'd had going.  Woohoo!  Like I mentioned in a recent Natters post, I've decided to focus the money on stamps and dies again instead of the tools and papers I'd been spending money on before.

This isn't a huge haul, but I went for things that will have bit more broad range use.  Well, hopefully.
All of these products are Lawn Fawn brand but purchased through Simon Says Stamp because there was a $5.00 off code.

This stamp set covers quite a range of sentiments and occasions, and should come in quite handy.

This set can also be used for a range of occasions, just by mixing and matching the words, and even adding them to sentiments from other sets.  I'm really being drawn to stamps the do more color instead of just outlines, so these circles really called to me.  I've seen some really cute birthday and simple greeting type cards done with happy colored circles.  I'm looking forward to playing around with this!

I'm not overly crazy about this cake in particular but the fact that it stamps the color, not the outline is what sold me on it.  Also, it's a birthday set, which I needed.  I suppose the cake could be used on wedding cards too.  AND, I don't think I've ever seen this on the Lawn Fawn site so I was excited to find and grab this.  I would like to eventually have ALL of the Lawn Fawn stamps and dies.

I got this for them camper more than anything, and have my brother and his wife in mind for it.  They are very much into camping so I could maybe do a fun anniversary card for them with this.  I also have a friend at work who loves camping, so I could do a birthday card for her.

I don't remember seeing this one on the Lawn Fawn site either.  It was small and cheap so of course I grabbed it.  And it's another one for the birthday category.  Win win!

That's it, the last of my Christmas money hauls.  Of course this won't be the last of my hauls though.  Oh, heck no!  There are already some sets that have been sold out that just came back in stock so I'm chomping at the bit, trying to decide if I should order them now or take a chance and wait for a while.  Hubby's already picking on me, saying "You'll get 'em.  You know you will."

Maybe I will.

What fun thing have you bought most recently?

Melted - Satin Suzie Scents / Roman Numeral V

Roman Numeral V - 'Lemon biscotti & brown sugar.'
 I don't know what the odd name of this one is in reference to.  Someone let me know.  I'm just curious.  Or maybe it's nothing.  Anyway, this seems like it would be a wonderful lemon bakery scent.  You know I'm all about lemon scents!  I just couldn't do this one though.  That salty caramel note is there.  Is it from the brown sugar?  Is biscotti salty?  I don't know, but it's there and my nose and brain have become weirdly sensitive to that saltiness.  The lemon note is very light, barely there against the bakery notes.  I tried to let this go, hoping it would tone down, but after and hour I gave up and turned off the warmer.  Bummer.

I melted this 1.6 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had strong scent for that hour I had the warmer turned on.

There are probably plenty of people who would like this scent but it just didn't work out for me.