Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Melting Fairy - April '14 Box

After skipping a month (March) due to indecisiveness, I re-subscribed to The Melting Fairy and managed to get right back into the swing of things with the April box.  And what a box it is!  Not only is the chunk huge and super cute this month, but there is an extra tart that is another blend.  Usually if there is an extra, it's just one of the regular scents.  I'm rather excited this month!

The five scents I picked . . .
Lemon Pound Cake (NEW) - 'Moist rich pound cake blended with fresh lemon, topped with a sweet powdered sugar glaze.'
 This smells really good on cold sniff, strong on the cake.
Malibu Rum Cupcake (NEW) - 'Notes of coconut, sweet buttercream, rum liquor, and rich maple syrup are all mixed into a creamy vanilla cupcake. YUM!'
 Not even sure why I picked this other than I think I had this scent from a different vendor recently and seem to remember liking it.  On cold sniff right now, this is strong on the coconut, with a pretty strong cupcake note behind it.
Pistachio Pudding Cake (NEW) - 'Creamy vanilla custard is blended with nutty pistachios, almonds, and honey to create this decadent scent.'
Once again hoping this will be like the pistachio scent I love from another vendor, I was excited to see this as one of the new scents for the month.  While this is closer to the beloved scent than the other recent attempt, this one is still not it.  This one is very heavy on the almond note.
Pearamel (NEW) - 'Thick and decadent caramel is mixed with vanilla and buttercream and drizzled over fragrant baked pears.'
This just sounded interesting.  I do like pear scents, and do like most caramel scents so this seemed like a safe choice.  And oooh, this is good!  Almost smells like caramel apple instead of pear, that same bright and juicy and sweet creamy scent.  Mmmm!
Mango Sage Tea (NEW) - 'Sage leaves are blended with mango, strawberry, papaya, and white tea leaves to create this refreshing scent.'
 I've loved The Melting Fairy's tea scents so far, so when I saw a new one for the month I decided to grab it, even though I'm iffy on mango scents.  This is interesting.  The tea notes are there, like a sweet tea.  The mango is on a tolerable level for me.  I think the sage is really doing something, but I'm not sure what sage smells like on its own so I can't say for sure how much impact it's having in here.  

The first of the two blends this month is this Vanilla Bean Noel/Wildberry Scone/Ice Cream Scoop Bread extra tart.  There is no scent description available but I think most tart junkies are familiar with the three scents.  Whenever I come across a bread scent, I always fear that means zucchini bread, and my immediate horrified thought when I sniffed this was . . . "Fritos!  There it is!  Gaaaaaah!"  I get a bit of the Vanilla Bean Noel, and a smidge of berry but that immediate corn chip note is enough to have me shuddering.  Not sure if I'll try melting this one anyway, or pass it on to someone else.

This is the chunk blend in this month's box and it's so cute and appropriate for Easter.  This is Pink Serendipity Peeps, which is a blend of Pink Sugar, Serendipity, and marshmallow Peeps.  It's a huge chunk (4 oz.) with a thin layer of pink on the bottom and a cute bunny embed.  On cold sniff, it seems pretty equal on the Pink Sugar and the Serendipity.  This is pretty nice.

If you're not familiar with The Melting Fairy, it is a monthly subscription box of wax tarts.  Cost is $14.50 a month, and that includes shipping.  You get to pick five scents from the scent list, and you will receive two 1 oz. tarts in each of those scents.  You will also receive a surprise chunk blend each month, and sometimes one of two freebies.  Sign up by the 20th of the month to receive the next month's box.  New scents are added each month.  There is also a Facebook page . . . HERE.

So far, I'm glad to be back in the program.

Have YOU tried The Melting Fairy yet?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Melted - Ten Digit Creations / Pineapple Souffle

Pineapple Souffle - 'Mouthwatering dessert made with pineapple, toasted coconut, wild berry, buttercream, whipped vanilla, caramelized sugar, and white cocoa.'
Delicious scent!  I was surprised how much I liked this one.  It's definitely a pineapple scent but there is a bit of warmth along with it, a slightly rich background note in the sweet dessert type scent.  I did get a bit of the berry note, but the pineapple is predominant.  It reminded me of a pineapple cake.

I melted this 1 oz. tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had nice medium-strong scent.

I would definitely get this one again.

Melted - Ten Digit Creations / Pistachio Coconut Fluff

Pistachio Coconut Fluff - 'A sweet concoction of vanilla, pineapple, whipped cream, pistachios, coconut, and a dash of walnuts and nutmeg.'
I ordered this one in hopes that it would be like a pistachio something or other scent I'd had from another vendor.  Sadly, it was nothing like that other one.  Also sad that I didn't really care for this one.  To me it was nothing like the name would seem to imply, a sweet dessert type scent.  This was not sweet.  I didn't detect even a smidge of pineapple.  It was just a very dry, nutty scent.  There was a sort of toasted coconut note along with the overall dry nuttiness, but it was not at all the sweet, tropical type of coconut scent.
I melted this 1 oz. tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had medium scent.  I turned the warmer off after a couple hours because I just didn't care for this one.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Melted - Ten Digit Creations / White Tea Lemonade

White Tea Lemonade - 'White tea leaves nestled into a fresh batch of zesty lemonade.'
This was a little too perfume-y and pretty for me, not to the point that I hated it, but way more than I'd expected it to be.  I'm not sure just what white tea is supposed to smell like.  I've had other tea scents and have been able to pick out the tea note, but this one was hard.  At times I thought the sweet lemonade note was poking through, and other times I thought I was finally finding the distinct tea note, but overall it was almost a powdery perfume type scent, with hints of sweetness.
I melted this 1 oz. tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had medium scent.  It was not an obvious type scent, more of a 'freshening the air' background type thing.
I know a lot of people love this type of scent, but it's just not for me.

Melted - Ten Digit Creations / Orange Peel

Orange Peel - 'Sweet oranges freshly peeled.'
This is a really nice, bright and happy scent.  Just simple and basic but so comforting in its normalcy.  It's like a sweet orange juice, not really the sort of zesty orange.  Sweet, yummy orange.  Not much else to say about this one.
I melted  this 1 oz. tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had light-medium scent.  I would have liked this to be stronger.  Oddly enough, it threw quite well even though it was light.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Melted - Ten Digit Creations / Coco Mango

Coco Mango - 'Mango, strawberry, papaya, vanilla, and coconut.'

In my haul post I had mentioned that the strawberry was really coming through on cold sniff.  I don't know where it went, because while melted all I got was a strong mango note and that sort of 'toasted' coconut note.  I'm usually iffy on mango scents anyway but I thought the strawberry, vanilla, and coconut would tone it down in this one.  Nope.  I really didn't care for this one.

I melted this 1 oz. tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had strong scent, which would have been great if I'd liked this particular scent.  I only let it go for an hour or so before turning the warmer off.

This one just wasn't for me.

Melted - Ten Digit Creations / Coconut Caramel

Coconut Caramel - 'Creamy caramel topped with a layer of coconut shavings.'

When I saw this in the 'New Scents' section of the most recent Ten Digit Creation newsletter, I had to try it.  I wasn't sure what to expect, if it would be more coconut-y or caramel-y.  I can now tell you it's more of a caramel scent.  Sometimes I thought I was getting a bit of a 'toasted' coconut note, but in general the coconut isn't really distinct.  It added sweetness, for sure, but other than that I don't think I'd recognize it as coconut if I didn't know it was in there.  This is a sweet, creamy caramel scent.

I melted this 1 oz. tart in my Glade 20 watt hot plate warmer and had light-medium strength.  Every once in a while I'd get a nice strong whiff, but overall it was on the light side.  That was a bummer.  It only seemed to last a couple hours too.  I think by three hours in I was struggling to find any scent.  Oh well, it was great when I could smell it.