Friday, December 2, 2016

Blogmas - Days 7 & 8

Geez, I'm missing days again and we're barely a week into this.

Day 7 - I kinda thought I'd miss yesterday because I worked and then raced home to watch the Vikings game on Thursday Night Football.  That ended after 10pm and it was a miserable loss so I didn't even attempt blogging last night.  The day itself was a mixed bag.  I got written up at work, which is my first disciplinary action in all the 20+ years I've worked there.  It was for something that happened back at the end of October.  I don't think I should have been included in the group that was 'punished' just because I'm a lead person, but on the other hand if I'd been paying more attention the problem would have been caught sooner.  So getting written up was a bummer.  Right after that though, my supervisor gave me my work review.  I've come to hate those yearly things because in my workplace they mean absolutely nothing.  I also think we're judged and graded unfairly, making them even more meaningless.  But I was floored by the awesome review I got!  And especially from this particular supervisor.  He was full of high praise and compliments for the same things my previous supervisor used to mark me down for.  Like instead of me getting dinged because my crew as a whole sucks, this time I was complimented on how well I deal with these sucky people.  I left the office feeling rather overwhlemed!  lol

Day 8 - Today was work again, and it was busy busy busy.  This old lady is feeling pretty sore this evening, but still feeling pretty good about things.  My coworker who was in a coma last month was moved out of ICU earlier in the week.  He's in a regular room now.  They removed, or undid, or closed (whatever) the tracheotomy.  He's up and around more but uses a walker till he's stronger.  Sounds like he's coming along nicely.

When I got home this evening I found that two of my Black Friday orders arrived today.  I haven't even opened them yet because I feel guilty for ordering them.  I mean, it's stuff I would have gotten eventually anyway so why not grab them when there are sales, right?!  But I still feel guilty for buying myself stuff when my birthday and Christmas are coming.  And now, having said that, I'm also super excited that more packages should be arriving tomorrow.  LOL!

I'm behind on reading blogs and commenting/replying.  These past two days have been so busy at work that I haven't even had a chance to read during my breaks.  I'm hoping to get caught up tomorrow.  I'm also hoping to redo the Christmas tree and the decorations around the house.  I think I mentioned that in the last post.  I'm hoping hubby and I can get some decorating done outside too.  It's supposed to be cold this weekend but maybe we can at least get some wreaths hung and some mini lighted trees set out.

Okie dokie, folkies.  I'm off to try and read for a while.
Anything festively fun happen by you the past two days?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 12 / December 2016

 A full year of fragrant sharing with the Band of Bloggers rounds out 2016. Thank you for supporting the blogger community and taking the time to read and participate in our posts. We will be continuing the Band of Bloggers in 2017 but with some new writers and blogs to follow. Thank you Sunnee and Michelle for this past year of fellowship. We will miss you!

Did you have any favorite wax moments this year? A vendor who went above and beyond? A blend that knocked your socks off? Did you have a RAOK or wax community experience that left you warm and fuzzy? Please share some of your favorite wax moments of 2016 with us. 

2016 was not a very big wax year for me.  The thrill sort of wore off for a variety of reasons.  One of the most exciting wax related things was getting to try Satin Suzie Scents, and what's interesting about that is she found us thanks to Band of Bloggers.  How fun is that?  To know something our little waxy bloggy community just quietly puts out there each month actually helped?  Pretty cool!  And Satin Suzie Scents has now become my current favorite vendor.

I fell in love with spiced fruit scents this fall and it's carrying over into the Christmas season.  That was interesting to me since I'm usually all about the warm and cozy pumpkin blends in the fall.  Oh!  One of the most curious and exciting scent finds was Fall Into Autumn, from Better Homes & Gardens.  It is marketed for fall with the name and label picture and the release time, but it is one of the best *Christmas* blends I've ever come across!

Please visit these Band of Bloggers blogs

and help support the blogger community!

Lauren, at Lolo Loves Scents.

Liz, at Furianne.

Michelle, at Waxing About.

Sunnee, at Fragrance Obsessed.

Thank you and have a beautiful rest of 2016!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Blogmas - Day 6

Pretty good day today.  I actually did spend a chunk of time in the craft room.  I played around with embossing and found I have a lot to learn, and need a lot of practice before I start attempting it on actual cards.  I did a lot of die cutting today, mainly gift card envelopes and tags.  A lot of iTunes cards and gift cards get passed around for Christmas in this family so I figured some cute little envelopes would be fun.  I'll take some pics when they're finished.

I did a ton of online shopping today.  I hadn't really planned on it but then once I started it was like ah heck, just get it done.  A good chunk of my Christmas shopping is done now.  Well, and a few more things for me.  I couldn't help it!  One of the stamp sets I want finally came back in stock so I had to grab it!

I also spent some time just chilling with some true crime shows on TV while working on the Christmas puzzle.  I haven't watched my murder shows for quite a while now.  Last night we were watching recorded episodes of Lucifer to get caught up, and discovered we only had half of the most recent one.  AND it was apparently the season finale?!  Noooooo!  And then tonight was the season premiere of Vikings.  I wasn't too interested leading up to it because I don't like how Ragnar is anymore.  The storylines just don't interest me much anymore, at least they didn't by the end of last season.  This premiere episode wasn't too bad though.  Maybe it'll be like Game of Thrones and totally rehook me.

I've decided I'm going to redecorate the house and tree this weekend.  It's just bothering me having so few decorations out.  It feels half-assed or something.  When I drove into town today to go to the bank I was seeing all the houses with all their decorations outside and in the windows, and it helped me decide that yes, I do want to get more stuff out, make a grand season of it like I used to.  We'll see how it goes this weekend though, heh.

Oh, by the way, this is the puzzle that we'd been working on.  We finished it this evening.

I think that's about all my exciting news for today.
How are you doing on your decorating?