Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nov. 26 - Twilight again

I saw Twilight again tonight. I was solo this time. Well, hubby went along to the theater but he decided to see the new James Bond movie instead. My sister saw it again last night (in Illinois) and said there were only about ten people there. I don't get that...just where is she seeing it?? Cuz even when I saw it tonight, that theater was easily over half full. Unfortunately tonight's crowd was louder, more annoying.

The silver car was still on display. I actually stopped earlier today and took this pic. It's easy to see now that it doesn't look much like Edward's car but still close enough to giggle and say 'Kewl!'

But anyway...I think I loved it. I know, I know, 'You *think* you loved it?' Well, I was able to appreciate it for what it was more this time, didn't worry about the changes. I was able to lose myself in it. I was more able to follow Edward's emotions. But I need to be able to cry freely and I tend to detach and hold back when I watch in the theater. When I get this on DVD and am able to just sit and cry at parts, then I'll know whether I really love it or not.

There were more little things I noticed this second time around. Like in biology class, the position of the owl on the shelf behind Edward makes it look like he (Edward) has angel wings. LOL! I watched the Cullens in the background more, noticing their reactions more to things going on. Emmett is hottt, dammit. He (Kellan) could have played Edward and I'd probably have been alright with it. And I can see now how some people think the venom sucking scene was comical...Edward was almost orgasmic, moaning and clutching her arm. Ha!

And then there are the parts I just love....the bit with Edward playing the piano being the first one that comes to mind. I think it's because he just looks so relaxed. I tried to find a pic or a clip online but couldn't find what I was looking for. The pics in the movie companion book are not the same. The big kiss scene was awesome again. When Bella starts getting more aggressive, the look on Edward's face is so...I don't know...pained? And two bits I love in the slaughtered meadow scene are when he backs her up against the rock and has his arms on each side of her, and when he's in the tree and she comes up closer to she comes up he moves back to keep the space between them. So cool. Loved the dorky classmates again too.

Ooooh, and really loved the part where Edwards saves Bella from the dorks in Port Angeles. And lovelovelove his voice when he's talking to Bella in the hallway of the hospital early on, when he says "Mmm, and what do you think you saw?" (Or whatever the actual quote is.)

I don't know if I'll see it again in the theater. I'm not ruling it out. When it was done tonight, I thought I'd satisfied my need and could wait until the DVD comes out, but now I don't know. I'm already wishing I could see it again.

My name is Deb, and I am a Twilight dork.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight movie - My first thoughts

I'm just back from seeing the movie and am going to talk freely about it have been warned.

The local theater that we go to had a midnight showing of Twilight, but that was sold out days ago. I had instead bought our tickets for the 6:45pm showing this evening. Hubby and the boys were going with me, more because we rarely go to movies so when we do it's a family affair. They were going more because of that than because they were gungho to see it. No, tonight was all for me. Hehe.

Hubby got home from work at 5pm. He changed his clothes, cleaned up a bit, and thought we were going to be leaving immediately. I laughed at him, told him I didn't need to be there *that* early. However, by 5:30pm I was getting anxious and excited and decided it would be better to be ridiculously early than to be late. So we headed out then.

We got to the theater by 6pm. The lot wasn't even filling up yet, things looked promising. As we pulled into our spot I had to laugh because parked on the lawn in front of the theater was a shiny silver car.

"No way!" I exclaimed, laughing like a dork. My menfolk looked around, clueless, and I told them that car was probably a silver Volvo and it was parked there because that's what Edward drives. They laughed. I wanted to take a pic but it was already getting too dark outside. (Found out *after* the movie that it was a Mazda that only *resembled* Edward's silver Volvo. Doh!)

We went line, yay!...picked up the tickets I'd pre-purchased, and stopped to get our drinks and munchies. Gave our tickets to the ticket dude who then stopped us and stamped our hands. That was kinda weird, since this theater is usually pretty lax. Walked a short way down the hall and were stopped outside the Twilight theater to have our handstamps checked before being allowed inside. Again, wow.

We always sit in the very back row, over in the corner. I love it there cuz you're not surrounded by people. Well, even for as early as we got there and for how empty the place seemed, once we rounded the corner and came into the actual theater we saw just how many people were already there. It was maybe a third filled already! And our preferred seats were already taken. Dammit! So we sat way closer than I would have liked, but at least still off to the side so we weren't totally boxed in.

It was fun for me to do some people watching, seeing all the Twilight shirts, and stuff. There was even a girl wearing a Team Jacob shirt! Who in their right mind would be Team Jacob?? *rolls eyes* I was texting my sister. I was really frikken excited. When the lights finally started to dim a bunch of the teen girls started screaming, which was actually pretty funny and cool.

There was a preview for the next Harry Potter movie. That was interesting cuz of the rivalry, cuz today was originally supposed to be the HP opening, and cuz of the Rob Pattinson connection.

So...the movie. Now, it is my norm to not be able to form an opinion on the first viewing of anything. And this was no different, which kinda disappointed me. I'd been thinking, hoping that I'd love it so much I wouldn't have this problem. Honestly though, I can't decide at the moment. That in itself should say that I didn't love it, but I don't feel that way. At least I didn't come away from it feeling totally depressed, ha.

They changed ALOT. I knew they would, but they changed SO MUCH. Things that I don't understand why they felt the need to change it. The story is still the same, all the key points are there, all the basics were covered. But they rearranged some things, split up conversations and moved them around, compacted things here and there. And I don't understand why. They humored it up alot, which was fine...but they kinda changed the tone of alot of things.

The whole meadow scene. What was that?? Several of those tiny little comments and bits that just *make* the story, gone or changed. The way Edward reveals himself to's done in and angry 'Look at what a freak I am!' way. In the book I always got a feeling of him being, I don't know, embarrassed and wary about showing Bella but at the same time feeling he'd gotten to a level of security with her that he was kinda pleased to say 'This is me.' I don't know, I really need to see the movie again to fully taken in how much that scene was slaughtered.

On this first viewing I didn't feel the deep bond, deep attraction between Bella and Edward that the book has. To be fair, I think I was just too busy taking everything in to really just live it. Edward was played a little more bumbling and unsure of himself than I think the book Edward is. Bella was Bella, she was ok. They added alot of Charlie stuff that was actually pretty good. Alot of little things that the book fans in the crowd picked up on, fun things like Jasper's constant pained expression. LOL

The cry factor...hmmm. I cry over the smallest things. I also try to control myself in the theater, try to stay a bit detached so I don't end up a red faced blubbering idiot when the movie is over. I did cry during this, but I think I will cry a whole lot more when I get to watch the DVD in the privacy of my own home. The two spots that I remember really crying were when Bella said the stuff to her dad before she left (to get away from James) and the end of the hospital scene (like I knew I would). There were other parts where I was teary-eyed but controlled it.

As for the music...HA! I had every song wrong. Well, except for the prom song, but the friggen book tells us what that one is. In my own defense though, I did wonder before the movie was done if the Linkin Park song would be the end credits, and it was. And the music during the scene when Edward sucks the venom out was indeed Rob's song but not the song on the soundtrack. Cheaters! My very favorite song (the Muse one) was during the baseball game!!! Doh!

So, overall, hmm...I'm leaving it at undecided.

And I'm off to bed now, to let it all simmer and stew in my brain, and maybe my thoughts will be different in the morning.


Oh, forgot to say that this 6:45pm showing was also sold out. They announced that shortly after we sat down, and were rearranging people to best seat everyone in the groups they came with. Also forgot to say that Ty and Casey both liked the movie more than they thought they would. Hubby says that while he liked it, he thought it would be more vampire-y, which is what I think alot of people who haven't read the book are thinking. Ok, off to bed now.

AND I forgot to say that they totally set up the next movies with that little Victoria bit at the ending. Of course.