Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan. 10 - movies

Some movies I've watched since Santa brought our new monster TV....

The House Bunny (2008) When Playboy bunny Shelley Darlington (Anna Faris) gets evicted from the mansion, she is a woman without a country -- that is, until she meets the sisters of Zeta Alpha Zeta, a sorority on the brink of losing its campus chapter. The Zetas need Shelley's makeover expertise so they can attract a new pledge class -- otherwise, their house goes to rivals Phi Iota Mu. But the Zetas have something Shelly needs, too: the confidence to be herself.

I thought this would be so much more hilarious than it was. It was still funny, but somehow lacking. Kinda the same old thing, really. The one manly girl was just plain creepy...both before and after the makeover. Rumer Willis actually looked better *before* the makeover. Gah. It did have some hysterical parts but overall, could have been better.

The Mothman Prophecies (2002) Reporter Richard Gere is plunged into a world of impossible terror and unthinkable chaos when fate draws him to a sleepy West Virginia town whose residents are being visited by a great winged shape that sows hideous nightmares and fevered visions. Director Mark Pellington (Arlington Road) crafts a subtle chiller that brings otherworldly terror down to earth.

This was recommended, once again, by my movie watching co-worker. She told me she thought it was based on actual events and wanted me to check online to see if it really was. I only read a little bit and thought 'ooooh!' So I Netflixed it. While it was good, I was always...that things weren't really explained. Ok, I know, no one knows what really happened, what this 'thing' really was, so how can it be explained? I get that. There were a couple really creepy parts, like the really quick shot of the 'thing' in the mirror reflection as the door slams...and I totally sobbed when Richard Gere broke down on the phone near the end, saying how much he missed his wife. A good movie, and if I watch it again I'll probably understand alot more...hehe.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (2005) Based on C.S. Lewis's classic novel, this enchanting tale follows four London children who are sent away to a country home for safety during World War II. There, they discover a magical wardrobe that leads them to the mystical land of Narnia, ruled by an evil witch. The children join the lion Aslan to free Narnia from darkness. Tilda Swinton, Georgie Henley, William Moseley, Skandar Keynes, Anna Popplewell, Rupert Everett and Jim Broadbent star.

Crazy as it may seem, I have never read this book. And I had not seen this whole movie until now. We've had it since it came out, and I did start watching back at that time, but for whatever reason did not finish it. Well, now that the second one is out and we have a new TV and I was off so long over the holidays, I decided it was time. I loved it. I knew the lion died but I didn't know details. I was NOT ready for how it happened! Oh my gosh...I thought it was going to be some big battle or something, not...that! I cried so hard. And then when it showed the girls still with him the next morning, I was absolutely sobbing. And THEN, when he was suddenly there and alive again, I was mad! It felt like a I mean, I was glad he wasn't dead, but I'd cried so hard, it felt like a cruel joke. But anyway, loved this one and couldn't wait to watch the second...

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) One year after the incredible adventure of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Peter, Edmund, Lucy and Susan Pevensie return to Narnia to aid a young prince whose life has been threatened by the evil King Miraz. Now, with the help of a colorful cast of new characters, including Trufflehunter the badger and Nikabrik the dwarf, the Pevensie clan embarks on an incredible adventure to ensure that Narnia is returned to its rightful heir.

Santa brought us this movie. After loving the first one, I was excited to dive right into this one. Sadly, I didn't like it near as much. Was there a lower budget on this one? Cuz it seemed like there were more guys in costumes than CGI characters. This story didn't really seem to require much from the original Narnia either. I thought for sure the older girl and Prince Caspian were going to end up together. Even when they were getting ready to leave I kept thinking she'd change her mind at the last moment and stay. Hehe. It wasn't horrible by any means, but I liked the first one waaaaay more. (I wonder what the third will be about? I might have to cheat and look it up.)

The Crow (1994) Young rock guitarist Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and his fiancée are brutally killed by a ruthless gang of criminals. Exactly one year after his death, Eric returns -- watched over by a hypnotic crow -- to seek revenge. The Crow features Lee's last performance before his untimely death.

At one time this was my absolute favorite movie. I was totally obsessed, couldn't get enough. (Hmm, Twilight anyone?) A friend of mine at the time got me to watch it and I was hooked. Back then I didn't have a computer, and the internet was not the basic necessity it is these days. All I had was a borrowed VHS tape, and a bit later that friend got a book about the making of the movie that I read like a maniac. I bought the soundtrack. I loved everything about The Crow, and Brandon Lee's story was so tragic.

It took a long time but my Crow obsession faded away. A few years ago I bought the DVD when I came across it but I had never watched it until my holiday vacation. And I cringed. I was horrified by several how almost bad it was. I still love the story I think a large part of it is that once I had access to the internet I learned too much about the movie, like what parts of the story were left out, and what parts aren't really Brandon Lee but the double they used to finish. I wish Brandon hadn't overdone some things about Eric Draven, like his over the top head bobbling when he'd get hit or shot. I wish his voice would have stayed a little more even, more consistent instead going from overly deep and monsterous to almost prissy precise in other parts. I wish he would have toned down Eric overall, think he tried to hard to make him come across as this superhumanly cool dude. And, Brandon Lee was too darn skinny. *sigh*

I still love the story...the movie too...but in my old age, and after some time away, I can see its faults. Makes me wonder how I'll feel about Twilight ten years from now?!

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