Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan. 11 - more viewing...

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) Reprising her Oscar-nominated role from 1998's Elizabeth, Cate Blanchett is once again at the head of the cast as the Virgin Queen (earning her another Oscar nod) in this Shekhar Kapur-directed sequel to that film. Focusing on the queen's tempestuous relationship with the adventurer Sir Walter Raleigh, the film also stars Clive Owen (as Raleigh), Geoffrey Rush (as Sir Francis Walsingham) and Samantha Morton (as Mary, Queen of Scots).

Watched this today, finally. I had Netflixed it and it's been sitting. While I liked it, and am always facinated by life in that time, I wish I knew more about that area of history. It's like, yeah, I know all those names but I really don't know anything else about them...and then I wonder how 'accurate' the movie is.

I'm finding I quite like Clive Owen. He was hottt like a sparkly vampire in this movie. I liked 'Bess' too until they decided to bang each Like I said, I don't know my history in this area.

I finally started watching my 4th season dvds of Lost. I'm so far out of touch with this show right now that I'm starting to panic. The new season starts next week and I can barely remember what happened last season! I knew I would need to watch it again as a refresher but I was horrified to learn that while watching the first couple episodes I couldn't even remember things that had gotten us to the points they were at. I almost need to go back to season three to *really* refresh!! This amazes me. I've never been so... ignorant?! ...about this show, not since day one! I guess this shows what a strong pull Twilight has had on me. Wow.

Makes me wonder if I'll even care about season five?!


  1. I hadn't seen this Elizabeth movie yet, but as a history buff, I'm irked by it. I believe the real Elizabeth died a virgin. Everything from her early life taught her that sex and allowing a man to control you in any way was a negative thing, and early conditioning like that is very hard to overcome.

    Her position on the throne was precarious at best for much of her reign, and she was an intelligent woman. I think she would have been extremely cautious about everything she did. I think she enjoyed flirting and having men pay attention to her, but I don't believe she would have let it get beyond that.


  2. Zorro ..have you read the novels by Phillipa Gregory? She has a whole set of Tudor novels. I am currently reading the one on Elizabeth entitled The Virgin's Lover. The movie The Other Boleyn Girl was based on her novel in this series. Have you been watching The Tudors with Jonathan Rhys-Meyer. I am a history buff too and will read all opinions just to see what all the different thoughts are.
    I am starting to like Clive Owen quite a bit myself too....

  3. Zorro - This version (I haven't seen others) has nothing more than a kiss between Elizabeth and Walter. It implies she's in love with him but doesn't know how to have the relationship that she wants with him. That's why I was mad when he boinked Bess...hehe.

    Camy - I want to read those books if I ever get past my Twilight obsession. LOL But the Tudors show looked like a trashy hormonal soap opera from the commercials I'd seen. I wanted to see that too but I don't know anymore...

  4. Trashy hormonal drama is a good way to put it but its been interesting. Season 2 has just ended with Anne Boleyn getting the axe.

  5. The Tudors is a trashy hormonal drama with lots of graphic sex, but Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is hot.