Monday, March 23, 2009

Mar. 23 - Twilight on DVD!

Ah yes, unless you've been living in a cave, you know that Twilight was released on DVD this weekend. It came out Saturday, March 21. There were midnight release parties everywhere but I didn't go to any. My niece says she went to the prom themed party at Hot Topic but I have yet to hear any details. *wink wink nudge nudge Amanda*

I started getting really excited about the dvd late Friday afternoon, while at work. All the little things I hadn't bothered thinking about for a while started popping back into my head, like in the dinner scene when Edward is being cocky and then says "Don't...leave," when Bella is all 'screw this.' For whatever reason, I *LOVE* that part. So little things like that were coming back to me, getting me really psyched.

Did my regular early morning shopping, saw that Walmart had a basic 1-disc version and a special edition 2-disc version. Well, duh, of course I bought the 2-disc one. Got home, hurried to get all the groceries put away and a few things taken care of, then rushed to watch the movie on our ginormous TV with the surround sound on. Aaaah.

It wasn't as good as the theater, and it wasn't as good as if I'd been totally alone (boys and hubby home and lurking, talking, generally distracting) but it was so great to finally see it again. And yes, I cried much more freely here at home than I did in the theater. I suspect I'll cry even *more* when I eventually get a chance to watch it totally alone cuz I'm an emotional dork that way.

Whatever problems I have with the movie version, seeing it again has totally put me back into Twilight mode, into the *story* of Bella and Edward.

I think I have yet to be able to explain why I so love this story. I can try a hundred times and still not come close. And I usually don't bother trying because the naysayers just roll their eyes and shoot it down anyway.

I first watched the regular movie on my dvd. Then I watched the extended, and the deleted scenes. I don't remember anything in those that made me upset about them not being included in the final version, so I guess that's good. Later on Saturday I watched the movie again with the commentary on. Kristen Stewart/Bella, Rob Pattinson/Edward, and Catherine Hardwicke/director did the commentary. It started out rather boring, with Catherine doing most of the talking, but eventually Rob started adding comments and his stuff was usually soooo hysterical. He totally rips on Edward sooo much! You may recall that I wasn't too happy about the casting for the role of Edward, so to hear the actor ripping on himself was somehow pleasing to me. LOL

The director started picking on Rob too, about his lack of physical prowess and stuff. That, with Rob going on about Edward's sculpted eyebrows and boufant (sp) hairdo was extremely funny. At one point they were talking about how everyone had to learn things for the baseball 'Alice' had to learn to pitch, and 'Rosalie' had to learn to bat left handed, and Rob Pattinson had "to learn to run, one foot in front of the other." HA!

And the famous sparkly vampire scene...I thought it was rather dorky looking in the movie. We'd joked that he looked furry or sweaty. So at that point in the movie with the commentary, Rob is saying how he thought they were going to give him fake 6-pack abs, maybe super-impose Cam/James's torso into the pic....LOL Then he talks about the sparkles and is laughing and pretends he's Edward in that scene, saying "I'm sorry, Bella...I'm just a sweaty guy!" and turns away. Too.Freakin.Hilarious!

He also commented on how they're laying in the meadow scene, like they've been in a car crash or something. I've always hated that!! Why would they position them so stupid? Geez, let them lay straight and relaxed and make it look normal. So to hear Rob rag on that was cool too.

Later, commenting during the baseball scene when they confront the nomad vampires, Kristen talks about how they'd originally tried to have some deep, nasty sounding vampire snarls going on but Rob's sounded all thin and weak and like hacking up a hairball...and did an imitation of him. I think they all started laughing and doing hairball sounds then. Funny!

There was some good stuff about emotions and things too.

I watched the stuff on the second disc yesterday. At first I didn't really care about the 'making of' stuff, or the ComicCon hysteria stuff but I watched everything. It was all so cool. It's amazing how big Twilight is! It makes me laugh remembering how my MovieWatchingCoWorker 'enjoyed' the book but shrugged it off as a whole, saying it was "probably only big to us because we've actually read the book." When Breaking Dawn was about to come out she scoffed at the reports of midnight parties and said no one ever goes to such things, and it would probably only be a few really hardcore vampire freaks there. Ah yes, she is the ultimate voice of wisdom... *sigh*

Anyway, in the 'making of' stuff there is a part where they are filming the hospital scene, and I was bawling. I'm not sure...didn't go back and watch again...but it sure sounded like Rob Pattinson was crying as he said his lines in the blip they showed. Almost seemed that Kristen was more emotional too. *races for Kleenex* It's not the version they used in the movie (pretty sure) though, I suppose because vampires can't I really need to go find that bit again to be sure. And it was cool cuz the emotion was obviously so strong at that time, everyone is so quiet even the director calls a very quiet "...and cut." There is like a quiet pause where in all the other bits there is constantly a flurry of action in between.

Oh! When I watched the dvd the first time, when it got to the baseball scene I totally cranked the volume. What I thought was kinda dorky in the book, and cringed when I first saw pics of the scene before the movie came out, I now think is possibly *the* coolest part of it all. And the Muse song (Supermassive Black Hole) definately helps!

I did have a little problem with my dvd purchase though. I had already opened and watched mine before I found out that Target has an exclusive 3-disc version. DOH!! At first I was ok with it, figured it was just extra interview and press stuff. But after watching everything on my two discs I decided I needed more. I needed this 3-disc version. But what to do? I couldn't return mine now that it was opened. Luckily a co-worker has agreed to buy my copy, and I ran into town quick this morning to buy my 3-disc Target edition. Almost had a panic attack though, cuz I couldn't find it on the shelves anywhere at first! I noticed a guy stocking an end display and saw that it was Twilight, grabbed a copy, and he laughed. He said as fast as he puts them up, people are grabbing them. Heheeee!

But at least I have the 3-disc edition now! I don't understand Target's 3-disc is *cheaper* than Walmart's 2-disc but oh well. And I haven't opened it yet, not until I know my co-worker will indeed pay up for my other copy. If not, I can at least return the unopened Target one if need be.

And once again, another day off has passed me by, the boys will be home soon, and I must wrap this up. I look forward to everyone else's opinions of the movie, and I will leave you with Bella and Edward...