Friday, September 25, 2009

Sep. 25 - Goat milk soap

Quite by accident, I've become curiously fascinated with goat milk soap.  It started while shopping this morning.  I noticed a hand soap that I'd never seen before and made a mental note to check it out online.  So later in the day I was Googling that particular brand and a link to someone's blog came up.  In that blog was also a mention of some homemade goat milk soap, and since I'd never heard of such a thing I just had to check that out too.

The site was Goat Milk Stuff.  It is a family in Indiana.  I was impressed with their site and their story and was tempted to order on the spot.  Then I thought 'Hmmm.....I wonder if I can find some Wisconsin/local stuff?' and back to Google I went.

Sure enough, in just a short amount of time I found several Wisconsin homemade goat milk soap makers.  I looked at a handful of sites before being called away (*grrr*) on other business.  Some of the site really didn't impress me but this one caught my eye.... Blackberry Creek Soaps out of Wausau, Wisconsin.  There was one other site that I liked but I didn't think to bookmark it at the time and I'll have to go search for it again.  I'll add a link later if I find it.  Again, I was tempted to just order on the spot.

I am going to order from one (or both?) but I want to do a bit more reading.  I kinda just whipped thru the first time.  And I'm curious if any of you have tried such soaps?

It's interesting to me too because I've always kinda wanted to have a goat or two since we moved here.  The people who lived here before had a goat at the time.  Now those same people have a whole farm full of goats in their new place.  I think it's so cool when I drive by every morning but I've always wondered what do people do with so many goats?  I know goat milk is quite desirable among natural, organic, health-conscious folks but in this immediate area I have no idea if there is a demand.  Now the idea of soap making is really taking a hold of me!  And candles!  And hubby's wood crafts!

Suddenly I have all these wonderful ideas and visions of what we could do here.  That Indiana family in the first link lives on three acres.  We have five acres.  True, I have no idea how to do any of these things... And the barn is run down and in desperate need of repair.... And we need to clean up the whole area....  And add fences, and learn about goats, and soap, and candles, and business....  But wow, how cool would it be?!

For now though, I need to decide which soap I want to try.  LOL

Ooops....when I went back to the Blackberry site I noticed their soap is not actually goat milk soap.  Oh well, it's still natural, and it's local, so I'm still considering.  Hehe.  And that other site that I said I'd try to find again, well it wasn't so great afterall.  I guess that's why I didn't mark it the first time around.  Doh.

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