Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept. 30 - It's here!

The goat milk soap that I ordered came in today's mail.  Woot!   The large tan bar in the back is the one I ordered, the Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey bar.  But as you can see, I also got samples of three others.  The round purplish one is Black Raspberry.  The reddish-brown one in the center is Cider Press.  And the brown one on the end is Hazelnut w/Coffee Grounds. How awesome is that?  I can't wait to try this stuff.  I will definately report back about it.

That link again: Goat Milk Stuff.


  1. Holy crap, how big is that tan bar?

  2. About 5 oz... 3.5 x 2inches. It lasted about 3 weeks with mainly just me using it. I think Ty used it now and then, and Kurth used it once or twice.

  3. It looks like a brick in the picture. Like actual brick size. LOL!