Monday, October 12, 2009

Oct. 12

Going to start with a random bit of info.  I had learned a few years ago that actress Laura Ramsey was born and raised in this very same area that I was born, raised, and still live in.  She went to the same school that I did, that Ty graduated from, that Casey still attends.  She went to school with one of my current co-workers and they had been casual friends in those days.  I found that all very interesting.  But more recently, like a week or so ago, I found out that she had actually worked in the same place I work?!  She would have been there the same time I was since I've been working there the last 20 years.  Heh, that's kinda cool.

Ok, just wanted to share that before I forgot again.

In other news..... my fragrance oils (for my soaps) came today!  Finally!!

I had ordered the 10 bottle sample pack, and they threw in an extra freebie sample bottle along with it.  So I have 11 wonderfully smelly oils to play with now.  I should be set for a while since I make small batches and went to cut them back even more.  I'm also still leery about making any swirly or scented soap after the mishap the other night.  I wish someone could just tell me 'you need to this and this and do it this way at this time only' instead of five people with five slightly different ways of doing it.  It sucks too that one little mishap could knock so much wind out of my sails.  Then again, I'll never get better if I don't keep trying.

Hubby commented this evening "How much soap are you going to make?!  Geez, it's only the four of us and how fast can we go thru soap?"  I had to straighten him out, telling him the soap isn't for us...we'll be lucky if we get any of it cuz I already have people asking for it.  Then he was kinda like 'oh, so now we don't even get to try our own soap' but I reassured him we'd always have some of each batch.  He's hard to figure out sometimes, worse that a woman.  Heh.

Even with my fear of soap failure feelings I found myself thinking about labels and possible names today.  LOL!

Well, bedtime I think.  Tomorrow is my day off so I'll hopefully get a post written about something other than soap.  I have movies and books to talk about!  But for now....zzzzzzZZZZZZZ


  1. I went to that Laura Ramsey link and read her story again and was amazed by it again. It's just so bizarre that a chick from Brandon is doing the things she's doing, making movies with the people she's made movies with. Crazy!! She probably would have graduated in '01, right? I wonder if Janelle knew her--she graduated in 2000.

    Okay, back to read the rest of this post.

  2. CoWorker has told me some really trashy, dirt flinging things about her that I hope aren't true...but I can't help wondering.

    I wonder if Janelle knew 'CoWorker'?! (I think you know who I mean, name starts with 'S'...) She graduated 1999, I think.

  3. I started wondering that, too (whether Janelle knew CoWorker)!

    As far as trashy things, it's horrible for me to say it, but I'm going to admit I wondered, "Hm, what the heck--did she sleep her way to the top??" For it all to have happened so fast. But that's stupid, because--DUH--there are plenty of young actresses on TV and movies, and they don't all originally come from Los Angeles. !! LOL. Shame on me.