Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct. 14 - later

Booked our hotel today.  Two nights in the heart of Minneapolis.  Woohoo!  I'm excited.  Hubby's excited.  We're excited.

Today was Casey's last day of behind-the-wheel training with the Drivers Ed. instructor.  He's relieved, but I reminded him that now we have to practice practice practice cuz it's still a long time before we can make his road test appointment.  Bleah, I'll be glad when this over.  I thought it would be easier after going thru it with Ty, but it's not.

My soap making book still didn't come!  I'm hoping it's just delayed since Monday there was no postal service.  Today was the estimated delivery date.  Usually Amazon is well ahead of their estimated dates.  It kinda worries me though because I recently had a package go missing.  Tracking showed it was delivered but we never saw it.  I'm thinking our mail carrier delivered it to the wrong house (not unheard of for him) but you'd think any decent person would return it, right???  Anyway, I'm hoping like crazy that book shows up tomorrow.

I mentioned in my post from earlier today that I'm reconsidering the type of soap I want to make.  These are some examples of what I mean:

(Both of these soaps can be found at Etsy, in 'vistahsoap's shop, not that I am promoting her or have ever bought from her, but her pics are beautiful and so are her soaps.)

Anyway, yeah, I think this might be the type I try next.  Enough of the swirly two-toned frustration.  I'll carve my place in the soap world by making good old fashioned looking stuff!  *nods head in dramatic fashion*

As for that orange swirl batch I made talking with the forum folks today it appears the problem may have been that I cut back on the water in my batch like I was supposed to to accommodate the carrot puree but then that puree (and all of IT's liquid) went into the small portion that I poured out to color, thus  diluting that part of the mixture.  After sitting 26 hours it was suggested that I get it out of the mold and let it get some air, even let a fan blow on it, to help that extra moisture in it evaporate.  So I popped it out of the mold, went ahead and cut it even though it was still soft like cheese, then set it on a drying rack in front of the fan.  The scent took off after several minutes....smells wonderful.  The bars seem to be drying nicely now.  I'm still not satisfied with the look color/swirl wise but what are ya gonna do?  The forum people are once again saying it's not that bad, and we learn from our mistakes.

The cut bars:

Another thing I"m not liking is the size of the bars I have so far.  My first two batches are more like chunks because of the tray I used.  I didn't really like them so I tried a regular bread pan for the third batch.  Comparing these bars to my chunks, I think I prefer the chunks.  I can't wait till this weekend, when hubby can make me a proper mold.  I need to use the next few days to redirect my reading and studying to the kind of soap I want to make about additives like oatmeal and petals.  And where the heck do I buy stuff like that??  Well, oatmeal, ok that's easy but the other things I've seen used.....??

Anyway, the three soaps I've made so far, showing the sizes:

Hubby is also going to make me a cutter so I have straight edges and square corners...hehe.

Well, you've had the pleasure of TWO picture filled posts today.  I expect to see tons of comments now.  How about just a couple comments?  Can we hope for one comment.......?

Nite, people!


  1. I still think you're doing great! Much more adventurous than me. Where did you find your recipes?

  2. Thanks, Erin. :)

    My first recipe was suggested by someone on the soap makers messageboard, simple and based on the oils I had on hand. I've stayed with that recipe and just added the extra things. Haven't tried any of my soaps yet though so I don't even know if I like the performance. Doh!

  3. "Can we get soap without sticks and twigs in it?"


    Those pics from the etsy site are awesome.

  4. Wow, when I look at this pic of the freshly made carrot swirl soap I am amazed it looked that bright and wonderful. If you were to see it now you'd's gone all dark and gray-brownish looking.

  5. I agree with your sentiment about the beautiful old fashioned good earth types of soaps. And it seems EVERYONE wants them made by local artisans- WHICH IS GREAT- as I am a Newbie one. But Your soaps ARE gorgeous! I wonder fi using colloidal silver or lemon juice mightn't keep the color bright? Anyway, I found you creation inspiring. From West-By-God, about 1,400 ft up ; )

    1. Wow, you've found my ancient post, my very first soaps. I don't really make soap anymore, just a few batches every now and then to have some in the house and for two other faithful users.

      Do you sell yours, or plan to in the future?


  6. Good Lord, could my typing be any worse! Anyway, I found YOUR creation, INSPIRING. (there! worth repeating!)

    1. My typing gets way worse. LOL - No worries there.

      Thanks for visiting!