Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct. 15

My soap book arrived today!  I've only done a quick flip thru it so far but will be spending some quality time with it as soon as I get this posted. 

Yesterday I had decided I was going to shift gears and make the natural looking soaps.  This morning I happened to see someone's pics on Facebook......a longtime soaper.....and the urge to make the swirly soaps returned.  It's kinda like a mission now.  Like I have to do it until I get it right.  For now though, I don't plan on making any soap until hubby can build some molds and a cutter.

Looking at some other pics of soap, and then looking at my own, I've found a whole new reason to be dissatisfied.  I don't know if I can describe it but mine look kinda shiny, the white portions look kinda pearly or.... waxy.  Yes, waxy is the word I'm looking for!  I've wondered if that will go away as they cure, but I also remind myself that both of my swirly batches have has something go wrong so maybe that's why they look that way.  My first batch doesn't look anywhere near as 'waxy.'  Ugh....I'm just so frustrated and impatient with it all right now.

I just found out today that the daughter of a co-worker also makes soap.  Co-worker didn't seem impressed though, said she'd gotten a bar for Christmas last year "that had flowers in it, and had the sticks and shit poking out.  Like I'm gonna rub that on my skin?!"  LOL  I'm also discovering that the people at work I've been talking to about this soap craziness all seem to want the fancy little pretty shape soaps, or the soaps with things inside.  I definately don't want to do 'treasure soap.'  Again, frustration abounds.

No pics tonight.  I'm rushing this so I can go look at my book.....


  1. LOL! I won't repeat the sticks quote. I don't need to.

    Get those swirls. Make them yo bitch.

  2. Yeah, I've given up on swirls for now. If I'd ever get on the ball and post some pics of my newest stuff........