Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct. 19

Vinyan (2008)
Paul (Rufus Sewell) and Jeanne (Emmanuelle Béart) lost their young son, Joshua, in the 2004 tsunami, and cling to the hope that one day they'll find him. Believing she sees Josh in a brief video of orphaned children, Jeanne convinces Paul to undertake a rescue mission. The couple spends the last of their savings on a journey into the jungles of the Thai-Burmese border, where unknown threats await them. Fabrice Du Welz directs this dark odyssey. 

I had never heard of this before seeing the preview for it on another movie dvd. It looked interesting so we Netflixed it. I watched it this morning Not what I thought at all. It was weird, a style that I don't care much for but I can't really say whether it was bad or not. It's one of those kinda arty looking things...not much dialouge, lots of moody shots of faces and scenery, dream scenes that you're never really sure if they're dreams or not....stuff like that.  It's also one of those movies that doesn't explain everything or wrap it all up neatly at the end.  Hubby and I probably have different opinions of what happened in this movie.  Did the mother go crazy?  It would seem so if she was taking so long to consider boys that were so obviously not hers.  Was something guiding her?  Like a possession type thing?  They had talked briefly about a 'vinyan' being an angry or confused spirit or something.  And the end was just...heh, was not expecting that.

The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009)
To protect his crops and his family's livelihood, North Dakota farmer John (Norman Reedus) erects a fearsome scarecrow, which turns out to be cursed. As the malevolent entity wreaks havoc on his life, John struggles to maintain his sanity and defend his loved ones. Directed by Martin Barnewitz, this terrifying prequel to the horror movie The Messengers co-stars Matthew McNulty, Claire Holt and Heather Stephens.

I liked the first Messengers movie so I was excited to see a prequel.  Unfortunately this one sucked.  It was far from terrifying and didn't really tie in much to the first movie.  The ridiculous nudity and sex scenes were so unnecessary.  The boy was way too old to be carrying a stuffed bunny around, and it never explained whatever the connection was between him and the scarecrow.  There was nothing creepy going on in the house either.  The first one was sooo much better.  Don't even bother with this one if you think you're going to get some explanations about what brought us to the point of the family in the first one.  Total bummer.

I was a little worried about my soaps last night.  From what I saw when I peeked at them and what I was reading at the forum, I was starting to think these had gotten overheated and would be odd looking.  I went ahead and unmolded them a little early cuz I just had to know.  Managed to get my cutter to work fairly decent but misread my guide lines and cut one whole batch on the thin side.  *grrr*


The red one on the left is the Cinnamon & Balsam scent.  The lighting in this pic makes it look half orange.  It's's an even shade of dark pink/light red.  It smells wonderfully holiday-ish.  The one on the right is the Sweet Pumpkin Spice I'd been wanting to make all this time.  The edges look crappy in this pic, and the swirls didn't go as deep as I'd thought but it still looks pretty darn good!

This is the Gingerbread scented one.  This one smells amazingly yummy and filled the kitchen with its lovely aroma for a while.  After some time though, I think the red one is taking over scentwise.

My next little project is to make a lightbox to take proper pics of my soaps, and other things.  I found directions online and it's way easier than I ever imagined.

I checked Walmart for rubber stamps today.  They had NONE.  What the heck?  They used to have a huge selection!  So I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and found a couple possibles but in the end decided not to buy them.  I'll look around online, see if I can find some clipart or something and try to design something that I can just print out.  I was also thinking about names again today.  Yesterday I was all gungho for something with 'cottage' and/or 'ivy,' and now today I thought 'Duh!  What about castle-something?'  Or something medieval, and then name all the soaps something medieval related.  Heheeeee!  But that might turn off some people just by name.  I've seen some homemade soaps online that I just breeze right over because the name or logo just seems so cheesey or hokey or...stupid.  Yeah yeah yeah, don't judge a book buy its cover.  I know.  So for now I'm still totally up in the air with the name/logo part of things.

I mowed part of the lawn today.  We really have not done it very much at all this year.  Part of it is laziness, and part of it is weather that hasn't made the grass grow very fast.  It was a fairly decent day and we probably won't have many more so I decided to get out there and get busy.  I only did about a third of the yard.  Ha.  I realized I should be getting my tulip bulbs planted while this weather was nice, so I quit mowing to go get that done instead.  We didn't have quite enough dirt to fill the flowerbed like I'd wanted but it was enough to get the bulbs burried.  Threw the last of my wood chip mulch over the area and now we wait and hope they come up in the spring.  Along with whatever is already planted, we put in 50 new tulips bulbs, 15 hyacinth, and 12 crocus.  Should be interesting.

Well, bedtime now.


  1. Whee, this makes me want to finally plant flowers for the first time ever.

    The soaps look great! I'm jealous of what your house must smell like all the time these days. :)

    Hm, I'm not sold on the castle/medieval idea for names. :| That's just my opinion, of course, but it doesn't make me wanna buy soap.

    Saw the last 45 minutes or so of the Messengers a week or so ago. I didn't think it was very good, but I didn't see the whole thing. Kristen's monotone was getting to me.

    Do you think Kristen's acting is good in Twilight when she's in the hospital and she starts spazzing about the idea of Edward leaving? The "What are you talking about/Don't even say that!" sputtering part? I haven't really liked her in that part since the first time I saw it. I don't know what bothers me about it, but I kinda think she sucks in that part.

  2. P.S. I now have to look up what a lightbox is.

  3. Kristen's monotone bugs me all the time. It's one of the reasons I pretty much hated that Adventureland movie. Her hyper babbling in that scene in Twilight is so unlike her that I kinda like it, but yes, it is still kinda sucky. I cry during that scene anyway, probably more because of Edward's reaction than anything...when he kisses her forehead. *sigh* I NEEEEEEED to watch it again. I keep saying that and never do it...

  4. I'm not thrilled with my lightbox. It's kinda small, for one thing. My poster board backing is old and kinda off-white faded so that might be one of the problems. I need to find the best setting for this on my camera. And I need to tweak all the pics in my photo program anyway, to redo the color balance. So with all that, I'm finding it easier to just do the best I can in natural light.


  5. Well, that's a bummer. For what it's worth, I really like how the ones you've done look, but if they've been a big retouching pain in the butt, then I guess that doesn't mean much. :/

    Yeah, overall, it's a good scene (in Twilight). Watch it yet? Watch it yet? lol

  6. Still haven't watched it but I did see a New Moon commercial and got a little more excited than I'd expected I would. LOL