Friday, October 2, 2009

Oct. 2

Bleah.  My days are all screwed up.  It totally feels like Monday to me, and it's Friday to all the rest of the world.  To make matters worse, I should have had this weekend off but a girl on the other crew needed to switch days, so I had yesterday off but work tomorrow/Saturday.  Oh well, I still have Sunday and Monday off.

Hubby tried the soap last night.  He used it on his hair too.  Today he said his hair felt 'stiff' so I felt it and to me it just felt more 'full.'  His hair is so fine and dry fly-away that it just felt more normal, natural, healthy.....?  Not sure how to describe it.  He still hasn't really given an opinion on the soap overall though.  He hasn't said he hated it or that he won't use it, but he hasn't said he liked it either, or that it seemed any different than any other soap.  Men!  *sigh*

On the other hand, Ty tried it today and said he liked it.  He has dry skin and said he really noticed a difference after using this stuff.  I forgot to tell him about using it on his hair.  Maybe tomorrow he'll try that.

Casey has not tried the soap yet.

I was telling some people at work about my adventures in Soapland.  One person seemed bored by it all, and not the least bit interested.  Two other people were very curious and both asked for the website.  I'm going to sacrifice some of my sample pieces so they can try them.  And then after work tonight I was telling hubby about their interest, and told him about my grand visions of opening a shop of our own, and he didn't even laugh at me.  He pointed out the time and money it would take but seemed interested if I was really serious about it.  No, I don't think I'm serious enough to do anything about it but the idea of quitting my job and devoting my time to such a thing is more appealing than you can imagine.

Well, hubby and Casey are watching wrestling so I think I'll just head up to bed and read for a while.  And think about opening a shop.....LOL


  1. I like the shop idea :)

    We bought a block of some kind of soap maybe seven years ago. I think it was one of those you could use on anything (ha, that sounds funny), but it was marketed to be used on hair. I think it was probably 2 in. x 3 in. and it lasted a long time. I remember liking it and being surprised that it didn't leave my hair filmy, but then after awhile I think it did start to make my hair stiff or filmy or something. I'm not sure I finished using it. I picked it up at some little shop place Brad & I went to.

    Another soap story: Brenda and I hung out in Galena, IL, on Oct. 4 and Galena is full of little shops. In one store, she said years ago she used to always buy little soap like ones we were seeing in these stores, but she stopped when at a certain point, her son, Jordan, asked her if they could just get soap without "sticks and twigs" in it. LOLOL

  2. The "sticks and twigs" thing is hysterical cuz when I was reading the email alert versions of your comments I thought you'd already seen the later one where CoWorker said that too.