Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct. 28

The Abandoned (2007)
Upon hearing that her birth mother has died, an American woman (Anastasia Hille) who was raised by adoptive parents travels to her Russian homeland to take over the family farm she inherited. But almost immediately, she senses something's wrong. The plot thickens when she discovers she's not alone -- and seeing ghosts takes on a whole new meaning. Spanish director Nacho Cerdà helms this independent horror offering. 

This was a loaner from a co-worker. We had been discussing bad movies with good story possibilities recently and this was her example. She had described it as horrible in every way. As she told me about it though, the story did indeed sound interesting and I decided I wanted to see it for myself. Once again, our opinions differ greatly because I quite liked this one. LOL It got a little bizarre towards the end and there were a couple gory scenes but overall it was pretty good.

We had our monthly safety meeting at work today.  These things are always so boring because it's the same things over and over.  The only interesting things are the bits of general business info thrown in, like a State of the Union address.  Found out that we will most likely have Thanksgiving and the day after off as holidays, and that the whole week between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day will also be off.  With our 12-hour shifts, running 24/7, we knew going into it that production would be running every holiday.  So to hear we could very well have these biggest holidays off is wonderful news!  However, thinking we'd be working holidays, I used most of my vacation days on holidays so I could be off. see the 'problem' here?  If we're off, I have a bunch of vacation days to switch around and use up by the end of the year.  I could almost have the whole month of December off!  A good problem to have, I  BUT, there is still the chance the schedule might change and they'll say we need to work.  What to do, what to do.....

We had a moment of excitement today.  Hubby sent Ty a text asking if he was interested in a machine operator job or doing deliveries.  It would mean more hours and a raise.  Ty didn't want the delivery job because he's totally unfamiliar with that city, but he was indeed interested in the machine operator.  Hubby found out later they are looking for experienced operators, which most likely rules Ty out.  Bummer.  All hope is not lost though because he has been learning a little about the machines on the side anyway.  If they really need someone maybe he'll win a chance to try.  And we told him not to rule out the delivery spot either, because they won't just send him out on his own the first time anyway.  So I guess there is still hope he might get a little something more than what he has now.  *fingers crossed*

I was tempted to make more soap today.  Not exactly sure why I didn't.  Maybe cuz I couldn't decide what kind I wanted to do?  I really want to do an Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.  I was poking around the soap forum trying to get tips when I got sidetracked reading about other soap stuff and decided I wanted to try using colorants.  Read about that for a while, then got sidetracked again and ended up coming back to my original focus of natural colors.  By then I was tired and cranky and decided I have enough soap sitting already.

Oh!  I also got all bummed out because the fragrance oil I've been anxious to use next....I noticed today it's not even considered safe for use in soap!  GAH!!  The site I ordered from is a candle supply site that also does soap supplies.  Some of the fragrances are meant only for candles.  I knew that but had not noticed it on this particular scent.  Doh!  Someone online suggested I make 'smelly jelly jars' with it.  I'd never heard of them?!  I Googled it and they sound interestingly easy.  I might have to give it a try.

That's about it for today.


  1. I always hated those safety meetings when I worked at the perfume factory! All I could think was, "Didn't you just tell us the same stuff two weeks ago??"

  2. They're required by law and I understand that but geez, there is only so much they can do to make them somewhat interesting. And I hate that the 12-hour people have to come in for a full morning on their day off while the 8-hour people get a 15 minute quickie after their shift.

  3. That's really lame that you have to come in for a half day for that, especially for stuff that's so repetitive. Do you get paid for it?? (I hope so!!)

    Well, that sucks about the not-safe-for-soap oil! Argh!

    Smelly jelly jars? Huh??

  4. Awesome news about the opportunities for Ty! I hope one works out!

  5. Yeah we get paid but still... *grrr*