Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oct. 3

Ah yes....Edward has been creeping back into my brain lately.  The Twilight soundtrack has found its way back into my car stereo.  I'm having a strong urge to watch the movie and read the book again.  I'm sure it's all because the release of New Moon is creeping ever closer but I'm not really excited about New Moon.  Ok, well, I am excited but only mildly.  New Moon was definately NOT one of my favorite books of the series.  I'm hoping since they changed so much in the Twilight movie that they'll change enough in the New Moon movie to make me like it more.

My sister was picking on me about the upcoming soundtrack.  She said I'd be all gaga over the songs and trying to figure out where they'll be in the movie like I did with the Twilight soundtrack.  I told her no, that I wasn't even interested in the soundtrack.  And since I almost hated the book I really don't care what song goes where.  Well then the tracklist came out and I saw that OK Go is on it.  That was hysterical to me, and kinda cool in a 'Whoodathunk?!' kind of way.  I've probably never heard of the rest of the bands though.  I looked up the OK Go song on YouTube and while I listened I did indeed start to wonder where it might go in the movie.  LOL!  Several days later Casey happened to look up another song from the soundtrack and I was kinda wondering about that one too.  Luckily, I don't remember the story in enough detail to be playing that game this time around.  But all of this has brought the Twilight urge back to me.


I'm worried that my beloved goat milk soap is failing me.  Today is the third day of using it and I'm feeling, I don't know.....I want to say it's dry skin but there isn't the usual tightness or burny itchy feeling that I usually have with dry skin.  I'm also noticing some visible changes both on my face and hands but I can't pinpoint just what's going on so I can't say if it's for the better or not.  It's just weird at the moment.  Also, I used the soap on my hair too this morning and pretty much didn't like anything involved with that.  My hair looks dull and has what 'stiff' feeling that hubby mentioned but it's not really stiff.  That description is misleading.  The lady I ordered from had told me that different people have different results when it comes to hair.  She said it can sometimes take up to a month to get adjusted to the soap...but whether she meant for hair, or body too, I don't know.  I wonder too if it's because we have hard water?  No other soap has had a problem with our crappy water so I don't want to put the blame there, but I guess it's possible.  Well, I'll keep using it for now and see if things change.  I mean, the first day was absolutely fabulous.

Going to read now, and sulk over my soap predicament.


  1. Sigh. You and your soap.

    That's funny about the soundtrack ;) I'm surprised they aren't pushing commercials for the movie as much as I would have expected by now--I've only seen a commercial for it twice. I mean, I know it's already got an automatic market of Twilighters that they can count on, but I still figured it'd be everywhere by now.

  2. I barely watch any TV at all when Lost isn't on, so I couldn't say whether there are enough commercials or not. HOWEVER, last night a New Moon commercial came on and I was all *GASP* "Oooooh!"

    ....Only to find out it was a Volvo commercial! LOL!!!! Kurth was dying laughing cuz he already knew what it was.