Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct. 4

Lies and Illusions (2009)
Best-selling author Wes Wilson (Christian Slater) has it all. But when menacing smuggler Isaac (Cuba Gooding Jr.) coolly insists that he take a chauffeured backseat ride, Wilson's charmed life explodes into a world of violence, espionage and stolen diamonds. As lies and illusions give way to a harsh reality, Wilson learns shocking truths about two women in his life. Sarah Ann Schultz and Christa Campbell co-star in this action-packed thriller.

Netflix calls this an 'action-packed thriller.'  HA!  I call this crap.  This movie is so bad that hubby and I were laughing and shaking our heads by the end.  And the funny thing is, we couldn't tell if we were supposed to be laughing or not!  The movie starts ok, seems to be a serious film.  Then it just seems to gradually become worse....the story, the acting, everything.....until you start to wonder if it was *meant* to be that way because it was supposed to be the author's newest book.  If it was not meant to be that way, well, it just plain sucked then.  Extremely crappy writing like how this girl had to fake her death and go into hiding but then returns one day a year later....still in extreme danger, mind you....but totally flaunts herself all over out in public, in the same city, the same neighborhood even, that the killers are currently harrassing her boyfriend in.  Um, yeah.  Just really, really stupid.

Moving on....

Stuck with my goat milk soap today even after my doubts yesterday.  It seems a little better today, even my hair.  I did some reading today and one site had a tip suggesting that you rinse your hair with the coolest water possible for better results.  Not sure why that would make a difference but I'm going to try it next time.

I've been obsessed all day with the idea of making my own soap.  I've been reading all day, browsing sites for recipes, tutorials, info, etc.  Watched some videos on YouTube.  Looked for some books on Amazon.  I'm going to do this!  Tomorrow I'm going on a little shopping trip to get a few supplies, and see if Waldenbooks has any good beginner books.  If not I will order the one that caught my eye on Amazon.  I'm excited!!

Why didn't I just do all this today?  Because when we went shopping this morning I hadn't yet decided to actually try making soap.  After we got home it was still a little while before I got totally absorbed in the reading and by the time I'd latched my brain onto the idea it was already mid-afternoon and I had a bunch of other things to do.  So now I've spent my evening anxiously wishing tomorrow would come so I can go shopping.  It's like Christmas Eve for me!  LOL!

I even joined a Soap Making Forum group today.
Ohhhh lordee....


  1. Oh lordee indeedy!

    Well, supposedly rinsing your hair with cold water is supposed to give it more shine, so I can see how maybe that would make a difference (though I don't know why it supposedly does that).

  2. Did I ever post the remedy I'd found? People on the soap forum say you should do a vinegar rinse and your hair will be lovely. They say lather, quick water rinse, vinegar rinse, then thorough water rinse. That sounded too bothersome for this wash-n-go girl so I haven't tried it since.