Monday, October 5, 2009

Oct. 5

Ah yes, the big Brett Favre game.  Hubby is the lone Vikings fan in his Packer loyal place of employment.  He adds Viking tidbits to his area any way he can.  I can't remember why but a few years ago his mom made and half-n-half jersey....Packers-n-Vikings.  Hubby wears it to work whenever the two teams meet.  Well now that Packer God Favre is a Viking, hubby created his own shirt (pic, above).  It's two t-shirts cut in half then sewn together, Favre's #4 down the center, some iron-on letters, and some felt stripes on the sleeves.  LOL  He wore it to work today, along with his horns/braids hat and who knows what else.  He says they all loved it.

A guy (Packer fan) at my work was lightly complaining the other day that this game is so hyped around here you'd think it's the Super Bowl.  I laughed at the time but today while I was shopping it was like 'Oh.My.God.'  It totally was like the Super Bowl!  Everyone everywhere had their Packer gear on.  Every store and shop window had Packers.  And I was walking around in my very purple, very Vikings shirt.  WOOT!  I did see one other Viking shirt though!

Well, the game is starting now so hubby will be screaming and yelling shortly.  *sigh*

When I posted last night I mentioned how excited I was about the idea of making soap.  I said I couldn't wait for morning so I could go shopping.  I went to sleep thinking about it, woke up a couple times in the night thinking about it, and woke up early thinking about and eager to go.  I had to putter around the house for a while early on because I knew I'd be going to Waldenbooks and that store doesn't open till 10am.  So I spent more time reading about soapmaking, looking for recipes, making shopping lists.  Eventually I decided screw it and headed to town anyway, decided to go to Walmart first and get what I could.

I was excited when I left but it went downhill from there.  I started at Walmart, picking up small items I would need and jotting down prices of the pricier items I wasn't sure (at this point) I'd really need.  My head started getting cluttered with facts and figures so I moved on to another area.  I'd already checked the books/magazines but found nothing about soapmaking.  Now I stopped in the craft section, but again found nothing.  So I finally hit the grocery aisles, anxious to see what there was for goat milk and oils and stuff.

Woohoo!  I found several things easily, then started coming across things on my list that I couldn't find in the store.  I was back and forth and all over that dang store.  Heh, I probably started to look suspicious after a while!  Eventually convincing myself that the Evil Empire just did not have some of the things I would need, I headed over to Waldenbooks to at least get a beginner book.  Nope, they don't have ANY about soapmaking.  Ok, thank you anyway, mental note to order from Amazon as soon as I get home.

A stop at Target also turned up nothing.  Joanne Fabrics was next door so I had a look there even though I knew it was a longshot.  Nothing.  Cranky, tired, and frustrated by this point, I next stopped at Menards to get the lye....and luckily it was there.  Then I headed home, all bummed out that I wouldn't be making soap yet.  Once home I did more research, trying to find where I could get some of the missing things.  In the back of my mind I was kicking around the idea of heading to Ripon and checking a couple more stores.  I was also thinking about going to Brandon and checking two small craft boutiques on the off chance they'd have some oils.  Spent a chunk of my afternoon getting crabbier and crankier because it looked like I'd have to do alot of supply shopping online...which is something I did not want to do.  Really though, I was just so bummed that I wouldn't be able to make my very first batch today.

Late in the afternoon, I couldn't stand it anymore and decided to go to Ripon.  It was too late by then to hit the shops in Brandon.  I needed to return a winter jacket anyway so it was off to Ripon I went.  My frustration grew when the smaller size of the jacket was just a tad more snug than I was comfortable with.  The first size I'd bought was quite a bit too big.  So what did I prefer....a 'just fit' or a 'plenty of room'?  In my crabby impatient mood I decided I didn't want to deal with it today, and didn't get any jacket at all.

Couldn't find any soap supplies at Kmart so I hopped over to Pick N Save where I did find one more oil but nothing else.  Came home even more bummed out and returned to my internet research.  Some of the people on the soapmaking forum were offering ideas on a simple starter recipe.  Turns out I did get enough stuff to make one of the recipes.  By the time we figured it out though I decided it was too late today to try making it.  As anxious as I am about this, I've reluctantly decided to wait till my next day off (Thursday) to make my batch.  I'd rather have plenty of time to be sure of what I'm doing instead of rushing it in evening hours and finding it's going to take a long time.

But this is what I bought today......
Well, a few of the things I already had but the oils and scale and utensils and stuff are all my new goodies.  I know, I know, you all think I'm a crazy dork.  That's ok.  I'll send you soap anyway.  Heheeeee!

Oh, forgot something!  While checking out at Walmart the cashier noticed the goat milk and commented that she's seen a few people buy it and asked me if it's good.  I said I didn't know, that I was going to try making soap.  She gave me a look and said "Ooohhhh-kay."  A moment later she said, "What ever gave you the idea to try that?"  I told her I'd bought a bar and liked it, started reading about it, decided to try it myself.

"Huh," she said, giving me The Look again.  Several more seconds go by and then she asks if the goat milk is supposed to be better for you or what, why would people do that?  I told her that yeah, according to what I'd read, the vitamins and stuff in the milk make it good for you.

"Huh...." she sounds unconvinced.  "Well it sounds interesting.  I've never heard of that."

As she was handing me my change she said the obligatory "Have a nice day," then added "And good luck with your soap," to which the lady in line behind me also smiled and nodded in a 'Yeah, good luck' way that told me she had been interested in the conversation too.  LOL!!!

Day 5 of using the goat milk soap.....used it on my hair again, and it's not any better but also not any worse.  I put a bit of lotion on my hands today, and I'm seeing slight signs of dry skin on my face.  What the heck?  I thought this was supposed to *stop* dryness?!?!  I really wish I knew if there was some adjustment period, or if it's immediate, either works or doesn't.  I can't find anything online though, just everyone raving about how wonderful it makes their skin feel.  How can I push this soap if I end up not being able to use it?  Oh dear oh dear oh dear.  And the stupid thing is, even if I quit using it myself I still want to make it.

Dork, I know.


  1. Michaels has a lot of soap-making materials if you want to check them out. You don't know me, but I enjoy your blog!

  2. Hello Erin! Welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving a comment. I love comments, but don't get many. *sigh*

    How did you find me? Thru the SMForum?

    Unfortunately the closest Michaels is over 40 miles from me. A co-worker suggested a couple places that I will try checking out later this week.

  3. I read your post about Hobby Lobby and realized Hobby Lobby is what I meant to say! I made glycerine soaps for Christmas last year and it was a good way to get started in the soap-making thing without over-complicating it to the point of messing up, getting frustrated and never trying it again! They sell blocks of glycerine that you just add color & fragrance to, heat up in the microwave and put into a mold. It's a great way to test it out to see if you have a knack for it. Are you close to Madison? There are Hobby Lobbies there.

  4. I'm about an hour, hour and a half from Madison. I'm about 25 minutes from I will go there if it comes to that point. There are other craft stores that are closer but they're smaller. I haven't actually checked those yet.

    I'm just about to start my first batch. I will definately be blogging about this tonight! LOL

    *crosses fingers and heads into the kitchen*

  5. Indeed, I was thinking dork! But whatever makes you happy! :D Seriously, I think it's cool that you're doing this. I was only thinking "dork" because of your level of obsession. SoapNerd.

  6. It's loads of fun but also very frustrating. I'm often chuckling about it, how fast and furious this little obsession has hit me. And to come from totally out of nowhere!