Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oct. 6

I just ordered fragrance oils for my future soaps! Woohoo!

When I got that first order of goat milk soap last week I'd gotten three little sample pieces of other scents with it. I took those to work today and shared them with the two co-workers that are also interested in this. One even washed her hands right there at work just so she could try it. LOL They're both very excited about my whole 'Gonna Make Soap!' adventure and can't wait till Thursday just like me. Actually they'll have to wait till Friday or whenever I see them next to hear how it went. But yeah, they're both very into this too. They both want to come over and make soap with me, 'We'll figure it out together.'

Not much else to write about tonight. It's very windy outside this evening and my fattycatty does not like that. He's being very clingy and vocal tonight and is currently tucked away in a kitty bed that's kinda too small for him, taking a very light nap. I'm sure when I go to bed he'll be right there, demanding to get under the covers where it's safe.

The Vikings won last night. I didn't realize it was historic but apparently Brett Favre has become the only quarterback to beat every team. The Vikings site has a special t-shirt commemorating it. Yep, hubby ordered one. I also entered him in a contest last night to win this truck...


  1. LOL at that truck!

    Oh, and I meant to comment on the last post that I like the half & half "4" shirt (I think I mentioned that before) :D

  2. I don't know when that contest ends. Or ended? We haven't heard anything so I guess we didn't win.