Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct. 7

My second order of the goat milk soap arrived today.  I've been so excited about the idea of making my own that the thrill of getting this was gone for a while.  But now that they're here I can't wait to try them.  My little freebie samples this time are: coconut (brown, left), honeysuckle (yellow, center), evergreen (right).  The two big bars are: Cranberry Spice on the left, and Pink Sugary (some vanilla-mixed scent) on the right.  I was having hubby sniff them all and trying to identify them.  The coconut was the only one he got right.  Hehe.

Did I do a goat milk soap usage update last night?  I don't think so.  Well let's see, yesterday would have been Day 6 and I decided to not use it on my hair.  I didn't wash my hair at all, to see if giving it a break would do anything.  Skipping a day, it didn't even feel dirty or oily yet.  Huh, cool.  Today was Day 7 and I think things are settling down a bit now.  Those hints of dryness seem to be going away.  I used it on my hair today and it seemed to rinse a little better, the dullness seems a bit less, but the actual feel of the hair is still a bit off.  I will stick with it for my hair for another week or so because I've read it can take several weeks to adjust, but so far I'm not liking it (hair-wise) enough to give up commercial shampoo...unless some big change happens.  I will continue to use it on my face and body though.

Hubby and I have decided to go to a Minnesota Vikings game.  This will be our first NFL game ever.  I looked at the schedule, compared it to my work schedule, and we've decided the Nov. 29/Chicago Bears game is the one we're going to try for.  Hubby's already put in for vacation that Monday.  We're going to get a hotel room and spend Sunday night there instead of trying to get back home overnight.  I want the boys to go to cuz it would be fun for all of us, and I don't want to deny them oppertunities to do things we normally don't do.  Neither of them is interested though, so it looks like a weekend away for hubby and me.  I'm supposed to be checking on tickets and looking up area hotels right now...just had to blog first though.

Ok, so tomorrow is the day I will attempt to make my very first batch of soap.  I'm very excited and getting really nervous all the sudden?!  It's kinda like, now that I see how many people do this part of me is thinking that it must be fairly easy.  Then another part of me worries that even though it is apparently easy, what if *I* can't do it?  Wouldn't that just suck?  Wouldn't that just be typical?  I'm still kinda confused on a few things about it all, trying to get some last minute answers and advice from the group I joined.  I guess I'll just figure it out tomorrow, huh?  It will either work or it won't.  If it does, my next batch will be fancier.  If it doesn't, I try another plain batch.

One of the two co-workers who is also excited about the soap hobby was yelling at me today that I better be texting her tomorrow, keeping her updated on how the attempt goes.  She has to work or she would be here trying to make some too.  I didn't get a chance to talk to the other interested co-worker very much today but the little bit I did, she was still very excited about it all.  Tomorrow after work she is checking Hobby Lobby, which is in Oshkosh.  I almost never go to Oshkosh but if they have oils and stuff available in-store I might have to start going.  (I thought she was going to check last night, but that was a misunderstanding.)

Alrighty, I had a busy day at work today.  Actually had to work!  Go figure!  I don't think I'll get the Vikings trip planned or booked tonight.  I'm heading to bed instead.....


  1. ? Texting during the attempt? SoapNerds!

    That's awesome about the game! I've never been to an NFL football game or a major league baseball game. How unAmerican! Hope you guys have fun.

  2. But you've been to River Bandits games, where they run out of the corn!

    Seriously, you've never even been to a Brewers game? I was only ever at that one, hundreds of years ago.

    I think I'm more excited about being in the city and the hotel than the actual game.

  3. Ha, that wording makes it sound like the vendors there always run out of corn or something. lol

    Nope, not even a Brewer game!

    I'm curious why you're excited about this and about the hotel when you were nervous/stressed about the Minnesota trip last year and sleeping in six layers of clothes in the bed on that trip. Anything significantly different? Or just in a diff. mindset now?

    Anyway, careful not to step on Prince while you're there.

  4. Ha, because we are NOT staying The Hostel this time. We weren't in Minneapolis last time. We were there for totally different reasons. We had the whole friggen extended family that we had to hang with.

    It's just a totally different trip.