Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov. 14

My order from Goat Milk Stuff arrived today.  Like it's not crazy enough that I ordered six bars in the first place, they threw in a freebie!  I got SEVEN bars.  And my freebie is the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey that absolutely love.  Oh, I love those people.  I wish they made lotions and stuff.

Left to right, from the top - Oatmeal, Milk & Honey; Black Raspberry; Luv Spell; Oatmeal, Milk & Honey again; Peppermint; Hazelnut w/coffee grounds; Black Cherry.  I've had a sample of their coffee one already.  The Peppermint I got to be in a Christmas mood.  The Black Cherry and Raspberry, just because.  And the Luv Spell is just because I need to see what all the fuss is about.  Apparently it's a copy of a Victoria's Secret scent, and it seems everyone who makes soap makes this one...and everyone who buys soap buys this one.  First impression was 'Well, it's pink.  How girlie.  Of course.'  The smell was bit odd to me but I'll let it air out for a while and see if it's different.  Maybe being in box with others has mingled scents initially.

So yeah, soaps coming out my ears now!  I'm wanting to take five showers a day lately.  LOL

In my own soap pot today....
I made Orange Mint, Lemongrass Mint, and a Mint Coffee kitchen soap.  This was my first time using essential oils (EOs).  I was not impressed at all.  Wow, that stuff is potent.  I knew they would be  Given the price, the messiness, and the gag me factor, I think I'll definitely be going back to regular old fragrance oils (FOs).

All three of the soaps I made were ideas I got from either Etsy or the soap forum.  I'm really hoping those scent combos blend into something different than what I was smelling because YUCK!  I can't imagine why anyone would want to buy those?!  Yet, they seem to be fairly common.  The coffee one might be ok.  It has real coffee and real coffee grounds for scrubbiness.  It's meant to be a kitchen/hand soap to help remove cooking odors and whatnot.

I'm hoping to make three more batches tomorrow but not sure what.  Debating using the oils again, you know, to use them up and get them out of here.  *snort*  I bought an avacado and a cucumber today with the intention of putting the puree of each into batches, so I suppose I should make those two at least.

Except for the few pieces I've set aside for specific people, I've given away all of the sample bars from my first seven batches of soap.  Word was spreading yesterday and people I never would have expected asked to try my soap.  Everyone is just wild about them.  People were asking how much I want for them.  I keep telling everyone that I don't want anything right now, just their opinions.  I tell them I'm still learning and practicing.  It's funny too because none of them seem remotely interested in the fact that I had real carrots or pumpkin in some.  They're just concerned with the smell.  So that's another reason I'll be switching back to FOs.

The stuff today is also a newly tweaked recipe.  Which reminds me....all the people that have tried my soap so far say it's 'fine,' or 'very nice,' or 'great.'  They all say it lathers fine, is creamy, and isn't drying.  I've noticed that even now that I'm back to using the soap I ordered I still feel the dryness in my hands and face so I'm starting to suspect it's just because winter is coming, the furnace is running, the air is dryer now.  This is somewhat reassuring as far as my own soap is concerned.

In non-soap news.....
Last weekend we had excellent weather so hubby started putting up the Chrstmas lights outside.  We are NOT turning them on until after Thanksgiving, but to get them hung while the weather is still decent is a good thing.  We had great weather again today so hubby and I went to our favorite Spend Way Too Much Money store: Menards.  We needed a few lights related things, and we wanted to look at some other yard things to add to the display.  Didn't quite find all we needed but got enough for hubby to finish the lights today.  We turned them on this evening to get an idea how they'll look.  There a few things we need to do yet, but overall it's looking pretty good.  We might go browsing again tomorrow at different stores to see if we can find what we're looking for.

Ty's friends have been coming over almost every weekend now.  The three regulars are Matt, Eric, and Breanna.  Yes, a girl is part of their 'gang.'  She doesn't appear to be a girlfriend to any of them.  It's just kinda funny.  This evening all three of them were here, plus Ty, plus Casey all crammed into Ty's room playing Xbox.  His room is tiny.  I don't know where they're all sitting.  It's kinda cool though to have people coming and going. Ty was never very social in school.  Makes me worry a little more though about them having the whole weekend to themselves when hubby and I go to Minnesota.  Doh!

The Haunting of Marsten Manor (2007)
After inheriting a Queen Anne-style mansion from a distant relative, a blind girl (Brianne Davis) starts "seeing" things that seem too strange to believe. Her concerned friends wonder whether she's telling the truth -- or simply losing her mind. C. Thomas Howell co-stars in this supernatural thriller shot on location inside Salt Lake City's Armstrong Mansion, which is purported by many locals to be a "real" haunted house.

This movie SUCKED.  Oh.My.God.  It was bad everything....writing, acting, story.  There is really nothing more to say.  It sucked in a big way.  And it most definitely is not a "supernatural thriller" as Netflix claims it is.  It is an hour and a half of crap.


  1. Tommy Howell has been in nothing but crap for the past fifteen years. It's so abd that if I see he's in the cast, I don't bother watching it!

    I was the token girl for a while when I was in college. I hung out when home on breaks with four guys, Mike, Mike, Ken, and Andy. I ended updating Andy for a while, much later, but not at that time. My mother referred to it as Karin's Boys Club. It seems that she was the similar Token Girl for a while when she was in high school, too!

  2. Found out last night that girl is only a junior in school. Doh?! I warned Ty about jail bait and he assured me "She doesn't like me that way."

    Apparently she was cozy with Eric in Ty's room, and they left together last night. Heh.

  3. Wow! I'd be wanting to take multiple showers too, to smell them all. lol Don't go eating the Black Cherry--I know how you are with Black Cherry Kool-Aid.

    Whee--word is spreading!!! That is *so* *cool.*

    LOL at that movie review, especially the last line! And man, I agree with Karin. We were watching some movie with "C. Thomas" in it awhile ago, and I was saying to Brad that Tommy Howell was so good in The Outsiders, and he had such promise then, but since then he's sucked in everything. And he always seems to play some macho-wannabe dickhead who thinks he's hot shit. Blagh.

  4. I'm using the Pink Sugary one now. The day after Thanksgiving I will switch to the Peppermint one to get some Christmas spirit going. hehe