Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nov. 3

Absolutely hellish day at work today.  One of those days were everything is bad, everybody wants you for something, and you can only do so much.  Didn't leave much mellow time for daydreaming about the fortunes to made in the selling of handcrafted soaps.  I did, however, get enough chitchatting in with two soap supporters that I've decided to take in samples of my first batch tomorrow.  Thursday will mark four weeks that this batch has been curing.  Since I'm not working Thursday, the girls convinced me to bring some in tomorrow.

I'm really nervous about it!  LOL

I whipped up some quickie little temporary labels when I got home this evening, just something to make the soap look a bit more respectable....or professional.  Heh.  And it's funny because I kinda like these labels.  Once I put them on the soaps it was like 'Ohmygosh! *gasp* They look so cute!'

I'm going to have to use one of the bars when I shower tomorrow morning, just so I know how it performs.  So far I've only used one of the trimmed scrap bits to wash my hands.  I also told one of the girls that I need a full report about the soap.  She's psyched and I'm nervous.  LOL

I can't wait till Thursday so I can make more.

Well, the show 'V' was supposed to premiere tonight.  I suppose it did everywhere else in the world but no, not here.  We had to have some stupid Packers recap local show.  What. The. Heck?!  So yeah, someone out there let me know how the show was.  I was a fan of the original show back in the '80s so I'm quite curious about this new version.  From what I was reading in USA Today, it's not just a remake.  The basic idea is the same but the setting, characters, details are changed.  I guess I won't know until next week though, when I can hopefully see the second episode.  I wonder if this first episode will be available online?  Hmm.


  1. That looks so awesome with the labels!!!

    I'm looking forward to getting mine, whatever it is I get--hee hee! :)))

  2. And that's not even the logo I *want* to use! Although, I am becoming fond of this one, and it is very easy to work with so maybe this will bend up being The One.

    Oh you'll be getting some alright. Wish I knew if the people who say they'd like to try it are really intersted in it. My couple of testers so far have let me down in a big way.

  3. Not enough feedback, or what I suspect is sugar coated feedback. Some I can tell don't really want the soap but don't want to be left out. You know, someone can't be involved in something without you being there too...that kind of thing.

    Most people just kinda laugh at the idea of making soap.