Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dec. 1

I slept almost like a rock last night, first night home from Minnesota.  I did wake up a couple times but they were just brief moments, rolled over, fell back asleep.  And the sleep was deep in between those times.  Soooo nice after the two crappy sleepless nights on our trip.

Hubby and I went Christmas shopping.  We didn't finish but we got a good chunk of it done.  We made it easy on ourselves too by putting less thought into it.  It was like, how about this for so-n-so?  Yeah, that's good.  Ok, next.  Instead of the usual debating and looking for other options.  Even things like picking out wrapping paper, hubby pointed to one he liked and I tossed it in the cart.  Not sure what's gotten into us this year but hey, I'm liking it!  lol

It was beautiful weather so when we got home from shopping we did a bit of work on our Christmas lights outside.  The woman who delivers the freebie Wednesday and Sunday newspapers happened to be delivering and then came right into our driveway and asked if we actually read that paper.  We started chit-chatting with her and ended up standing around for probably a half hour or so.  She commented on the painted wooden yard decorations we had out.....

(No, we don't have snow yet.  This is an old pic.)

.....and told us that she and her husband used to make small yard decorations like the wooden tulips and the Dutch kids holding a 'Welcome' sign.  She said they sold them by the ton at local craft sales and stuff, and how much fun they had doing it.  We never mentioned my soap to her but I got the impression she would gladly buy some.  I think hubby and I were both taking mental notes about the craft sales....lol

It was cool to just meet our 'neighbor' and stand around talking.  You just don't get that out in the country.

We also moved hubby's table saw from the over-cluttered garage back down to the barn.  We talked a bit more about rebuilding the barn next year.  I was kinda surprised he was still sticking with the idea.  I also think he has bigger ideas, bigger goals in his head about our crafty endeavors.  He's talking about an actual shop here that people can come to.  I admit in my earliest crazy thoughts about it I *did* see us doing that but maybe I'm too chicken to seriously think that big because I've since scaled my ideas back to what I consider a more possible reality....and that doesn't include and actual shop.  For one thing, you get into alot more technical stuff like insurance and permits and licenses and taxes.  Yeah, I shouldn't let things like that scare me without checking into them but....they do.

I haven't made soap six days now.  I thought I would have today.....I wanted to!.....but hubby and I were trying to figure out a new mold design, and he didn't get it built in time for me to do anything with it today.  Also, I'm still kinda waiting for feedback on the soaps I handed out last week.  I *think* I might have a recipe I could be happy with so I *could* start making more batches using that, but I'm trying to hold off a bit more.  Also, I ordered a ton of fragrance oils from a place that had an awesome (80% off!) Black Friday sale and I'm waiting for those to arrive.  Hopefully they get here tomorrow!!

This evening I labeled a bunch more soap samples that are ready to go.  I forgot to get padded mailer envelopes when I was in town today.  I'll have to run back and get some in the morning so I can get the samples that people have requested sent out.  Hubby is taking more samples to work tomorrow.  So far his people have been the best for feedback.  And I've thought of a few more people I want to contact about trying my soap.  So now that it looks like I might have a recipe to stick with, and now that so many people have had a taste of the goods, I'm more anxious than ever to get a website and start selling.  Still....one step at a time.  All the little duckies must be in a row.

We put up our Christmas tree this evening but it will stand bare for now until the fattycat decides whether or not he's going to leave it alone.  Last year he was pretty darn good about it.  Maybe he's fat enough and old enough this year that he'll quickly make up his mind he has better things to do.  Like sleep.  If it looks unharmed tomorrow morning maybe I'll decorate it when I get back from town.  I don't really have Christmas spirit but I don't have that stressed out feeling either, the one where I'm wondering why I don't have Christmas spirit yet.  I'm kinda liking that.  Heh.

Alright then....time to pack it up and head to bed.


  1. Yeah, I've had the easygoing "whatever" thing going re: Xmas (and many other things! lol) for awhile now, and yeah, it rocks.

    I still love those Snoopy signs.

    Cool about you guys both making mental notes ;) And cool about getting to chat with your neighbor. We haven't really had that here, which kinda sucks after how much we did with the neighbors in IL.

    I think it would be so cool if you opened a shop sometime in the future. One step at a time and maybe your mind will change as you get used to everything and have more time to research the ins and outs of that sort of business stuff rather than getting the soap stuff down.

    Janelle texted me yesterday and said she'd received the soaps and that they smelled so good she kinda didn't want to use them. Hee!

  2. She got it already? Wow those ponies run fast!

    *hurries to the feedback survey and waits anxiously*

    I wonder if Jon got his? Maybe Monday since he's a wee bit farther away.