Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dec. 12

Got the other lip balms I'd ordered.  Well, got them a few days ago already but just getting around to blogging now finally.  These are the ones from the place in Maine ( LONG WINTER FARM, found at Etsy).  These are the flavors I was more excited about.  Having tried both now, I'm undecided which one I like better.  The other one, Mirasol Farm (Wisconsin), seems softer, a little greasier, more potent in flavor.  This new one is more like regular ChapStick, a bit harder and 'drier' but the scent is more subtle and I definitely don't taste it.  Oh, and it's oval shaped which takes a bit of getting used to.  Shipping was quick on both but Mirasol was faster.  I like that Mirasol is in Wisconsin, but they are limited on flavors.  Hmmm.  I might have to look for a third one to try....LOL

Still waiting on the other thing I ordered, and getting extremely impatient.  I did finally have contact with the seller after *I* sent her a message first..  She said the product would ship that day (or maybe it was the following day) but it's been several more days now and still nothing. 

Ha!  As I was writing the paragraph above I got an package was sent out today.  Well alrighty then.

When I got all my Christmas stuff out I had to pack up hubby's Vikings stuff to make room on various shelves.  I do it that way every year and it kinda sucks but there just isn't room for everything.  By the time we put the Christmas stuff away again the football season is pretty much over so why bring the Vikings back out?  Well tonight I found a way to bring the Purple Power back.  We have one table kinda out of the way in a back corner of the living room.  I had a few Christmas items here but moved them and created a Viking Shrine.....
I think if you click on the pic you will be able to see the ginormous version, and see just what's all in that pile. 

Tomorrow I should probably make more soap.  I don't know what to make though.  All those scented oils I ordered give me too many choices!  Also still not totally content with my recipe so I don't want to make a thousand batches only to find I'm not happy with that formula afterall.  *sigh*  I just want to skip over this part of it all!!  It seems like everyone and their mother uses some sort of butter in their, cocoa, shea....and I don't have any of those readily available.  I would have to order online and I went into this not wanting to do that.  Looks like I might have to though.  Then again, almost all of the feedback is positive for the performance part of my soaps.  The downfalls seem to be the scent and other minor things, which can easily be fixed.  So why can't I accept that and get to work on the next phase?  Whyyyyyy?!

Oh I'm just whining again.  I'm sure you're all sick of it by now.  'Geez, piss or get off the pot already!'  I know, I know....

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