Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec. 19

My sister and her husband were up from Iowa today, doing Christmas visits.  She brought me a small tin of cookies.  She definitely put more effort into hers than I did on mine!  I haven't tried one yet but dang they do look nice.

Hubby and I each got a Nerf gun from them.  At first we were like 'Huh.  Oooookay,' but they ended up being the highlight of the day.  My menfolk are hooked on Nerf warfare now.  LOL!  In fact, when Ty's friend came over this afternoon he was ambushed.  Looks like he might be into the game now too because he, Ty and Casey decided to go to Walmart and buy more!  (They are going to try exchanging one of them too, because it wasn't firing most of the time.)  It was a pretty funny visit, Nerf darts flying everywhere.  Even when you thought it had settled down and you'd be sitting there talking, all the sudden....WHACK!....a dart would nail you.  What have they started????

Oh geez, just after I finished that the boys got home with a whole new Nerf arsenal.  Even Ty's friend bought one.  He was embarrassed to be buying a 'little kid toy' and made Ty and Casey carry it and pay for it (with his money)....LOL

My sister and her hubby left before it got dark enough for our Christmas lights to come on so I took some pics for her to see eventually...

I absolutely love the green 'tree' and white deer.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  That is the metal tripod stand we set up in the front yard this summer to use in the flowerbed.  We just wrapped strings of green lights around it and hung some candy cane lights we bought a couple years ago.  It looks soooo cool at night.

Still didn't get that second body butter.  I did get a small package in the mail and tore it open thinking that's what it was, but it was a different yummy product instead.  My California friend 'Quilla' sent me a chocolatey body wash and a coconut-papaya lotion for my birthday... 
It is Nubian Heritage and appears to be all-natural and organic.  Woot!!  I'm developing a problem though....I'm accumulating too many bath and body products!  I want to use them all.  At the same time.  All the time.

I gave my sister one of the lip balms I had ordered, the chai one from Wisconsin.  She also tried a dab of my Bella's Birthday body butter but didn't express an opinion either way about it.  She also took a ton of *my* soaps along with her.

I thought about making soap today.  Decided not to though with my sister coming over.  Not sure what to make anyway.  I will definitely make some tomorrow though, even though I still don't know yet what kind to make.  One of the sites I order fragrances from is having another big sale so I'd like to place another order but, yeah, don't know what scents I want.  I should get on that.  I think the sale ends tomorrow.  Hubby keeps saying I should get started on some springtime scents.  All I can think of is flowery things....peony, lilac, etc.  What to do?  What to do???  Springtime suggestions anyone?


  1. Aw, a cookie picture :D Thanks for saying they look nice. I haven't looked at the link you sent yet over email of those other cookies, but I already knew mine come nowhere near to other peoples! lol These were pretty last minute. And I don't know many techniques.

    I'm glad the Nerf guns turned into such a hit because after I decided to get them I was worried maybe it would be like, "Okaaaay" ... That's crazy that Matt wouldn't check out his own gun.

    I would make fruity stuff for spring. And whatever flowery stuff you may want to make, like the peony and lilac. If there is a cut-grass scent oil, I would *definitely* make that (I LOVE that). Hm ... maybe some summery type stuff, too, like cotton candy (think the fair)? And, you know, corndogs. LOL

  2. Thanks for putting the pics up of the Christmas lights! Love the horsey/sleigh/presents. The tree is really cool knowing how you did it. When I looked at the pic, I figured it was store-bought. The deer are cute. It all looks nice.

    Mom and Al have a bunch of lights, but the one I found most entertaining was the huge tractor with blinking wheels in the front window. lol

    I'll send you some pics of our lights sometime this year or next ;)

  3. Matt wouldn't take his gun home either. LOL! The thrill wore off the next day. I told Casey we need to do target practice or something to keep the fun alive.

    I think there *IS* a cut grass scent! I will check the sites later, but I seem to remember coming across it and thinking 'Huh, weird!'
    They have some of the craziest scents out there....tobacco, smoke, etc.

  4. Awesome! I had mentioned cut grass back way back when you first asked about scents I like/would buy, and I was wondering if you'd found any.

  5. Didn't mean that to mean you'd been negligent re: cut grass scent. Probably got lost in the shuffle.

  6. Just checked...there is indeed a 'Fresh Cut Grass' fragrance oil. There is also a 'Dirt' fragrance oil. Both get rave reviews, saying men love them, little boys love them, hunters like the dirt one, etc.

    One lady said she makes a soap combining the two and calls it 'Lawn.' She says her hubby and his co-workers can't get enough of it.


  7. Yay!!

    Ha, that's hilarious about guys loving "Lawn." Weird.

    Boy, those pregnant ladies who eat dirt better not get a hold of those soaps.