Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec. 2

Heheee!  Just had to share that with you.  Ok, now down to business.

No soap again today, for several reasons.  First, the new wooden mold that hubby made yesterday still wasn't done.  I needed to finish up some trimming and fitting of the plexi-glass divider pieces.  I had to recalculate my batch size, try to figure out how much the new mold would need.  I also wanted to get the Christmas tree and house decorated.  I'd put the tree up last night and it looked like the fattycat wasn't too concerned with it so it was time to decorate.  I figured if I threw myself into the massive chore of decorating I would get it done quickly and have the rest of the day to do soap stuff.  HA!!  Have any of you seen how much Christmas stuff I have??  How many boxes and totes and various odd bits??  It took me all freakin' day!  Still, I'm glad I did it all at once instead of poking at it over several days.

Crappy, quickie pic....

Anyway, after I got all the decorating finished I spent more time getting all the boxes and things picked up and packed away again.  Cleaned up around the house a bit, started supper, then sat down for well deserved break.  After hubby got home and had eaten he went to work on the soap mold dividers and I started trying to recalculate my recipe.  Some numbers were not matching up to what they should have been and right about this same time hubby commented on how the bar size from this new mold seemed really odd.  We discovered that the mold he'd built matched NONE of the measurements he was supposed to be working with.  DOH!!  He was feeling all bad about it, trying to figure out how he'd screwed up and what he could do to save it.  I told him forget it, I'd just use the old molds so I could at least get going on making soap again.

I had also been hoping the oils I ordered last week might show up today.  Nope.  *sigh*

Since I couldn't actually make any soap today I decided it was time to get serious about sending out the samples a few people had asked for.  I'd already bought several padded envelopes this morning, so now I had to get them addressed and filled.  The ones that are 'ready' now are actually some of my favorites out of all I've ever made.  I'm sorry to see these go!  Then again, I know I can just make more and keep them all for myself.  The perk of being the soapmaker I guess, huh?

And in the middle of this whole mess hubby had sent a text saying one of the office girls at his work wanted to buy a bunch of my soap to include in gift bags that go out to their customers/vendors.  WHAT?!?!  Oh.My.God.  I was all hypersmileyspazzy after reading that.  And then it occurred to me that maybe she wanted these for Christmas gift bags.  She had said she wants full size bars.  I only have the smaller sample size of everything.  Crap!  Crapcrapcrap!!  I emailed her explaining the situation but she was already gone for the day.  I'll have to wait till tomorrow.  Maybe the smaller sizes will work too.  I hope so!

Now I'm back to being overly excited about making soap.  I already know the three I'm making tomorrow morning.  And once those are poured and put up I am getting serious about researching website designs and getting an Etsy shop ready.  No more 'someday when I.....'  Someday is going to be tomorrow.

And now I dash off to bed like that excited kid on Christmas Eve.......................


  1. Whee!!!

    And the tree looks nice. Different topper?

  2. Ha! Yes, it is, Justin.

    Kurth saw it at Walmart and just had to have it. I think it's ugly. The usual white angel has gone into retirement after about 18 years.