Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dec. 22

Major soap breakthrough!  At least I think so anyway.  I tried my Black Raspberry Vanilla this morning and it was WONDERFUL.  It lathered easily, plentiful, and lasted all the way till rinse time...comparable to commercial body wash.  My hands felt fabulous afterwards.  Only a teeny bit of tightness feeling on my face but not too worried about that with the dry winter air right now.  The scent was too weak, not worried about that either at the moment.  So what made this one so great compared to my others?  It was a huge formula change, and it was a different brand of one of the ingredients, which included a slightly different variation within itself.  I think I've found my formula!

Hubby used the soap before he went to bed this evening and seemed kinda flustered.  He said "It felt all lotion-y.  Is it supposed to?"  I asked him if he liked it and he was still a bit....I don't know....like 'man soap doesn't act like that' without saying those words.  He said he liked it, but was just shocked by the feel.  So yes, I think this formula is a go.

I've gotten a request for two soap scents....chocolate and gingerbread.  Woot!  Spent some time browsing my sites and placed an order this morning for the fragrance oils I will use, plus a couple others.  I already have another order for FOs on the way, this one with a bunch of springtime scents.

The body butter from yesterday that I was so disappointed in has found its place as my feet-knees-elbows after shower lotion.  Since it's thick and lasts so long maybe it'll do wonders on those rough spots.  And if it's greasy in those areas, who really cares?  I mean, it's winter so we're all covered up anyway.  hehe

I just used some of the Nubian Heritage coconut-papaya lotion on my hands.  Very nice!  Shortly after I used some of the caramel lip balm from yesterday, and it made me laugh.  I showered with Black Raspberry Vanilla soap, used Cherry Almond body butter on my feet-knees-elbows, used coconut-papaya on my hands, and caramel on my lips.  LOL  I wonder what I smell like to someone besides me???  Wish I could have worked in my Bella's Birthday lotion...it's feeling neglected the last couple days.

Nothing really exciting today.  Made some soap, browsed some Etsy, got the last of the Christmas gifts ready to go.  I have no Christmas spirit.  None.  Normally I'd be all panicked and depressed about that but this year it's just sort of a 'whatever' feeling.  It all seems rather anti-climatic since my sister was already here.  Well, we're supposed to get together at my brother's house Christmas afternoon but my sister won't be there, and my mom probably won't be there cuz she goes out less and less these days.  I'd kinda like to just stay home and have a nice ham dinner for ourselves.  Also kinda ho-hum because alot of our presents are already under the tree, which is new for us this year.  Usually we do the Santa thing (yes, still!) and don't put them under until late Christmas Eve.  For whatever reason, most are already out this year.  I made the cookies and treats last week and we had them out while my sister was here.  So that too makes it seem like Christmas has already come and gone.  I don't know, just very blah this year.

We watched Jurassic Park tonight, first time on our year old big TV.  Casey said they're watching in school, science class or something, so I thought 'why not?' and popped the DVD in.  I used to absolutely LOVE that movie, was obsessed with, had every second memorized.  As with most movies that you love then don't watch for a long time, I found alot of cringe worthy parts in it now.  Hubby and I pointed out many 'why didn't he just blah blah blah' things.  Even so, I still love the movie.  The special effects are still fabulous, so just think how amazing it was back when it came out.  It was probably like Avatar is now!

I have no plans for tomorrow.  Maybe I'll camp out on the couch and watch Christmas movies.  I absolutely have to watch Christmas Vacation, and I've been wanting to watch The Nativity Story again.  I might as well force Charlie Brown and Rudolph too.  Maybe.  I don't know yet.

We'll see tomorrow.


  1. Well, that's really cool about the new formula! I'm eager to see what it's like. I already really like the soaps you've already made, though (the ones from the bunch you brought at Thanksgiving--still working on those, not the Xmas ones yet). But I haven't ever used any other goat milk soaps or other natural body soaps (just that hair washing one), so I don't really know how they lather or feel on the skin. So I don't know what your expectations have been when you've said you've been disappointed with your earlier ones. I also wondered if, when other people said they liked the soaps but you thought they weren't giving you honest feedback, maybe your memory of how much bar soap lathers compared to how much liquid soap/puff lathers (bar soap = a lot less) was shaping your opinion.

    Cool, more gingerbread! We're using the old gingerbread one currently and I like it a lot.

    Do you remember the size and shape of your pumpkin spice and gingerbread bars? Because I love that size and shape. Much moreso than the others (doh).

    All the scents on you at once: lol. Well, you smelled like first-sniff in-the-door at a Bath & Body Works, probably.

    I know what you mean about Christmas spirit being low after the family visit. I definitely don't want to change being at home at our own place on actual Xmas Eve/Xmas, but I have been feeling anticlimactic since the weekend. It's better if we can do it the weekend after. But I didn't want to come up then either. lol I didn't anticipate the anticlimaticness.

    Brad's making a goose for Xmas dinner this year. Fancy!

    Going to see the IL peeps over New Year's.

    I remember being totally wowed by the effects in Jurassic Park. It's amazing the things we've gotten used to seeing onscreen. And then you think of, like, Star Wars and how that was a big deal!

  2. It's been at least 100 years since I've used bar soap so yeah, I probably am just so used to the fabulous lather of body wash. People keep reminding me of that, and also that lather amount doesn't equal cleaning. These are things I just need to let into my brain. lol

    I think Kurth preferred the size of those bars too. The newer ones I'm making are closer to something like a bar of Dial. With the molds I have now, they are much easier to cut consistently. We tried to come up with a mold that would let us get something closer to the gingerbread size but in a more even manner. Haven't completed that project yet.

    I'm considering hosting Christmas next year! It's going to suck either way next year...before or after. Before is alot before, and after is New Year's Day. You'll need to come up just for a day, on the 26th...hehe.