Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec. 23

Watched this today like I said I would.  No matter how many times I see it, I still love it.  I should get it on DVD...mine is still a VHS copy.  How can you not love this movie? 

I also watched the Charlie Brown Christmas classic.  Again, how can you not love that one??

There is some other Christmas cartoon on the DVD, something like It's Christmas Again, Charlie Brown.  I don't remember ever seeing that one.  I tried watching it today but found it totally uninteresting.  It obviously comes way later because the voices are all different and sound older, and the animation is alot more 'clean.'

I did not watch The Nativity Story or anything like Rudolph.  Maybe tomorrow if I'm bored.

The Ralph Fiennes version of Wuthering Heights came in the mail today (Netflix).  This was the first thing I tried to watch.  Frustrating and disappointing to find I could not get into this version either.  The little that I saw, I think I like better than that BBC version I tried watching but it seems so.....I don't know.  *grrr*  It seems like they are rushing thru early stuff in order to get to the bulk of the story.  It seems there is so much detail and information left out. 

Hmm, I just read the wiki summary of the story and maybe it's something I just won't be interested in.  Still, that stubborn part of me wants to read it and wants to *like* it.  Maybe I'll try watching the movie again tomorrow.

Spent alot of time reading about making lip balm today.  I was comparing ingredients of the ones I've gotten from Etsy.  Also browsed ingredient lists of random Etsy examples, just to see what's common, what's different.  I'm now thinking that caramel freebie one I got from the ThickGreasyLotion girl is just a pre-made lip balm base.  I'm also finding that it's giving me chapped lips?!  Not horribly but definitely happening.  I've been biting and rubbing rough lip skin all day.  Gah!  I've switched to one of the previous ones I'd ordered, to hopefully get things back to normal.

All of that was making me want to start making my own even more.  It should be easier to experiment and tweak recipes with lip balm because the batches are smaller and the product is ready as soon as it cools/sets.  I was excited, ready to dive in and place an order for supplies.  Frustration set in though as I found I can't get everything from just one website.  I ended up finding my list of things scattered over three sites.  And it was way more expensive than I'd thought it would be.  So I guess making lip balm is on hold a bit longer.

Used my Black Raspberry Vanilla soap again today.  It was just as lovely on day two as it was the first time.  Hands were fine again, and this time there wasn't even really the slight dry/tightness on my face.  Even so, I slathered on thick gobs of the greasy body butter on my feet-knees-elbows again.  I guess I'm probably trying to use it up fast so I don't feel guilty about ordering something new.  LOL!

Still no Christmas spirit.  Ty and I even joked about opening presents today while no one else was here and spirit, no excitement.  I know my presents are under that tree, but I haven't even tried to snoop.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that's shocking.  I had such a boring day that I totally forgot to go pick up my paycheck!  And to think that tomorrow is Christmas Eve is really kinda weird.

We have some kind of nasty snowy rainy icy storm moving in tonight and all day tomorrow.  I worry about Ty driving home from work tonight.  Not sure when the crappy weather is supposed to hit us, but I really hope it's after 10pm when Ty is home.  *frets like a mom*  Once he's home it's fine.  None of us have anywhere we need to be until after 2pm on Friday.  I'm really bored and tired and wanting to go to bed early but that worried mom part of me wants to stay up until Ty gets home. 

Guess I'll  *shrugs*


  1. We had that freezing rain, too. It had already come overnight on Tuesday. The alley-type road between the parking lot and the building at the new job was completely covered with ice Wednesday morning. They salted that area later. If there hadn't been another girl there outside who warned me, I'm sure I would have wiped out. Probably would have wiped out, hit my head, gotten run over by a truck, and died.

    Glad Ty got home okay.

  2. (That dying thing, was supposed to be funny, btw. lol!)

  3. Bah, excuse my oops comma there. Okay, getting out of this post .........

  4. I did laugh. Out loud. I LOLled even before you told me it was funny. Guess I would feel pretty bad now if it was meant to be serious.


  5. LOL

    Well, it would sound pretty drama queen if I had been serious, but when I read it back the first time, it almost sounded like I was!

  6. So, when they salt there do they throw down cornmeal?