Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dec. 24

Here we are.  Christmas Eve.  Seems very weird to me, very uneventful.  Ty's friend Matt came over about 9am this morning and has been hanging out all day.  We've all just been lounging around the house, relaxing for the day.  The boys have been playing video games.  Sometimes hubby joins them for some Yugi card duels.  They're watching crap TV.  It's like a guy club....and I'm feeling a bit bored and left out.  *pout*

We've had crappy weather all day.  It hasn't really been stormy, but it's been icy.  Temps are hovering just around freezing so we've been getting mix of snow, sleet, rain all day.  There is a lovely looking ice glaze over everything.  Well, at least there was earlier today,,,,it's been flat out raining all evening now.  Matt made a comment about having to spend the night because the roads will be icy.  Any other night I wouldn't have a problem.  And I don't really have a problem with the fact that it's Christmas Eve.  I just think it would be so incredibly awkward to have him wake up to all our presents under the tree.  And really, it's kinda sad that he's got nothing going on at home that he would even consider staying here.  (Ooh, I think he just went out to start his car...hehe.)

I puttered around on the internet all day.  Browsed Etsy for a while, adding more 'favorites' to my list of things I want to eventually order.  Played a bit of UO, mostly just trying to spruce up my little virtual-house for Christmas.....

I was so bored most of the day I was even willing to play Warcraft again if hubby would have played, but he was busy trying to finish a cat tower thing he's been building for his parents' kitties.  It's done now and it's so 'loud' and 'busy' looking.....but looks fun and useful for cats.  We can only hope the cats think so!

I waited anxiously for the mail this morning, thinking any last minute Christmas cards would be in there.  Nope.  No more cards.  Every year we get less and less.  It's quite pathetic this year.  *sigh*  I was almost developing a complex about it ('People don't like us!') until my sister commented that they've been getting less too.  Anyway, once I saw there was nothing Christmas-y in the mail I settled in for my long boring bah humbug Christmas Eve Day.  Imagine my surprise a few hours later when UPS delivered a package for me!  I could not think of anything that was due to arrive so I tore it open to find.......the fragrance oils I had just ordered, what, two days ago?!  Holy jingle balls, Batman!  Well at least I had something to do now.  I whipped up the batches of requested chocolate and gingerbread scented soaps.  And then it was back to the ho-hum, the staring at the computer screen.

Yesterday it was lip balm.  Today it's tarts.  You know, those scented wax things that melt and make your house smell wonderful....?

When I first got into the soap craze my original idea had been to make soap AND tarts.  I'd thought it would be cool to make tarts because I can never find them in stores anymore.  I like candles but I hate how they burn a hole down the middle and what are you left with?  Or I hate trying to clean the little holders after a scented votive has burned.  But tarts.....mmm.

Several weeks ago hubby and I came across a huge selection of tarts at Menards, of all places.  We bought four or five packs.  We were happy we knew where to find them.  A few days later I put the cinnamon one in my little burner seemed rather weak.  I popped a second one in with the first the next time I burned it, and it didn't seem to matter.  I shrugged it off, thinking maybe my old ones were just extra strong.  After the third time burning them, I smelled the actual package containing the remaining two tarts.  I could barely even smell them that way.  What a bunch of doodie.

So today I was cleaning the should-be-cinnamon out of the burner and putting one of my precious few older tarts in, and grumbling about it all.  MMMM, hazelnut cream scent quickly filled the air.  And I was back at Etsy, trying to decide what scent I wanted to order from a Wisconsin maker I've looked at many many times.  Hubby said I should make my own, that really, how hard could it be?  I told him I'd thought about it.  He said I should try it.  As I browsed the Etsy offerings I was at first only concerned with making basic tarts.  The more I looked, the more fancy tarts I saw.  It seemed ridiculous to me, all these little wax smellies made to look like cupcakes or pieces of pie or candies.  I mean, the first time you melt them all of that effort is lost.  It all melts down into the same puddle.  I scoffed and showed hubby some examples.  Surprsingly, he thought they were cool.

"Yeah, but they just melt down into one scented liquid anyway?!" I tried to argue.
"But it's all in the presentation, all in the packaging," he countered.  "I think they look neat."

Well, huh.  The more I looked, the more fascinated I became.....

And suddenly this is what I want to do!  I did some reading online, and now I can't wait for Saturday so I can go check what supplies might be available to me.  I think hubby and I will be making a trip back to Hobby Lobby for this new obsession.  And one of the coolest things is that I can use the same fragrance oils that I use for soap.....and I have TONS of those here already.  (Ok, I admit I don't know how to do something like the cupcake frosting yet, but I will find out!)  Maybe my soap days will be over......hehe.

Speaking of soap....
The first bar of goat milk soap I ever used was ordered from GOAT MILK STUFF, a site I'd found thru a link in a random blog I'd come across.  This is what got me hooked on my own soap madness.  They've just had a story done about them on the news in their area.  You can see the video HERE. 

How cool is that?  I still order from them, even while making my own soaps now.  Part of it is that it's just fun to shop all their varieties.  Another part is that it's just easier sometimes to order something you know will be good.  Did you catch in the video that they make about 45,000 bars a year?  Jinkies!  That is so cool.

Well, it's 8:30pm here and I'm ready for bed.  It's funny, my boys are 18 and 15 years old and they're both pacing around, talking about going to bed 'so Santa can come.'  LOL!  No, they don't believe in Santa but we still wait until they go to bed before putting the presents under the tree.  There's just something about waking in the morning to find way more under the tree, regardless of who put it there.  Heck, even though I'm usually the one putting it under the tree, *I* still get that butterfly feeling in my tummy in the morning, and I'm the one that put it all there.  lol

So yeah, I guess now that we're creeping up to bedtime I'm getting a little bit of the Christmas spirit.  :-)



  1. So it seems I'm a tart tart. I guess I remember seeing these things before but never bothered to see how they work. So they melt ... How do you get them melting? Do you light *them*? (No wick) Seems interesting. I agree about the fancy ones--they're cool!

    That's cool that you still don't put the presents under until the night before. I'm thinking maybe we should do that ... It would be more fun that seeing the stuff there for weeks and knowing what a lot of it is because you've matched up the shape and size (except for one or two disguised things) with what was on your list ...

    Will watch that video now. Cool that they did a news story :)

  2. Cool vid! Cool family. I like those kids. And holy crap, the 2-yr.-old helps, too? They all have salaries? Wild. And the mom's got an engineering degree? Wild!

    Cool and interesting.

  3. Tarts...a tart warmer has a lower chamber where you put a tea light candle, and an upper bowl where you put the tart. The lighted candle provides enough heat to make the bowl hot and melt the tart.

    There are electric warmers too, with a light bulb doing the heating job.

    Presents...this year we had more under the tree before Christmas than ever before and I really didn't like it that way. *I* didn't put any out early but Kurth had mine under there, and the boys each tossed a few under as they bought and wrapped. Next year I'm campaigning for Nothing Under The Tree.

    Goat Soap family... If you ever get an urge to order, do it! Their stuff is very good. Their service is excellent. Their communication is very friendly. They have many many varieties!

  4. Oh, poppycock. The Duggars have 19 kids!