Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dec. 26

Another very boring day.  Rather depressing too, as the day after Christmas usually is for me.  All the buildup then *poof* it's here/done/gone, just like that.  One of the saddest parts is falling asleep still listening to the Christmas music the local station is playing, and waking up in the night to find they've switched back to regular programming already.

Did my shopping this morning.  Although I did walk thru the Christmas stuff to see what good deals there were, I did not buy anything.  Paused to look at ornaments because I've been considering a purple-white-yellow tree theme next year, but in the end I decided nah.  I saw NO Christmas cards anywhere.  I did not see any empty spots where they would have been either so I'm thinking they are not put out yet on mega-clearance.  I'm probably going to town again on Monday or Tuesday so I'll look again then.

I went over by the regular greeting cards to see if there were any little Christmas stickers left and couldn't believe they already had the Christmas stuff pulled and the Valentines displayed!  I mean, I guess it's not surprising but geez, it's always a shock to see how fast things change.

Walmart failed me again.  This time is was my hunt for tart making supplies.  They have......nothing.  First I looked in the bakeware aisle for mini muffin pans.  None.  I did find mini bundt cake type pans but I didn't want to buy one until I know whether or not making tarts is something I'll like doing.  Over to the craft department, where I'm feeling confident they'll at least have candy making stuff and that would mean little candy molds that can be used as tart molds.  Ha.  Nothing there either.  Up and down every aisle in the craft department, looking for ANYTHING candle-y.  Not even any wax.  Great.  Wonderful.

I took it as a mixed blessing actually.  Part of me was mad that they didn't have anything.  Part of me was determined to head up to Hobby Lobby today and get the things I'd need to get started.  And part of me was relieved that there was nothing because it forced me to stop and think about it.  Was I just rushing blindly into something again?  Am I just so bored in life right now that I'm grasping onto anything that humors me?  Maybe I could use it as a 'sign' to slow down and get my head back into my soap (which I've been hugely neglecting for a couple weeks now).  So when I got home I told hubby that Walmart had nothing and asked if I should forget it or if we should go to Hobby Lobby.  He didn't answer, kinda just shrugged it off in a 'you tell me what you wanna do' way.  And for a while I was fine with just forgetting about tarts.  As the day went on, however, and I was bored to death yet again, I started hinting that we should go.  He was obsessed with his new game though, and I didn't push the issue.  Not sure how I'll feel about it all tomorrow.

Matt was here early again to hang out all day.  He and Ty went shopping and bought new Yugi cards and a new video game.  Matt's funny about the Yugi cards just like he was about the Nerf gun.  He refuses to be seen actually buying them, and he won't take them home.  Ty told him 'Dude, Walmart has self-checkouts, ya know,' and Matt was all 'Oh yeah!  Let's go!'  I thought MY kids were

I thought about taking some Christmas decorations down today.  Figured I'd leave the tree up till New Year's Day but start packing everything else up.  It was my boredom and my crabbiness.  The only thing that stopped me is that I know I always ended up feeling bad other years I packed up Christmas early.  Well, and it's not fair to my menfolk to just erase Christmas cuz I'm bored, when they might still be enjoying it.  Can't say the stuff will make it thru the day tomorrow though if I'm this bored again.

I'm also moody because I go back to work in one week.  Instead of looking at it as 'I have one more week off!' I keep dreading it as 'I only have one more week off!'  It's the usual 'What have I done with all that time off?' self pressure.  BLEAH.  I'm just an all-around crabby pants today.

I don't even have any pics to share.


  1. I had that "Poof, it's over" feeling, too. It's a bummer.

    With working part-time now, I might pack everything up this week, too. We usually have everything up till New Year's. I'll have to see if Brad cares either way.

    No harm in picking up a few things at Hobby Lobby to do a basic batch and see how you like it. *shrug*

  2. I know, but how fast have I been hopping around with 'Oooh I wanna do THAT!' lately? Might be better to just get back to my soap for now. If I get to Hobby Lobby one of these days I will definitely buy a bit of stuff so I can try making tarts, but for now I think I've successfully subdued that new obsession.

  3. Got it.

    Love the latest pic on top of blog, btw.

    And aaagh, you know this already, but I also hate that "I only have one more week off!" or "I only have one more day off!" feeling, and I hate that I get that feeling.

  4. Do you recognize where that pic is taken? I'm standing in the road in front of our place, looking north. I took it because of the icy sparkle on everything (a couple years ago) but it ended up being a really cool pic.

  5. Yeah, I thought that was your road.