Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec. 28

Posting my favorite Christmas card of 2009 made me curious about what my favorite cards from other years were.  I spent a good chunk of the afternoon digging thru a huge box of cards and letters going back many years.  Sadly, I found I haven't been keeping my Christmas cards as long as I thought I have.  I only have them back to 2005.  Bummer.  Even so, I went thru the mess and picked my favorite for each year.....




(This is another that was very glittery, sparkly.)

I packed up all my Christmas stuff today, everything but the tree.  Ty called me a scrooge, and hubby said he'd like to leave the tree up thru New Year's.  That's fine.  All of the other stuff was the bigger chore anyway.  We'll keep turning our outside lights on thru New Year's too.

I keep forgetting to say that I started using the Nubian Heritage cocoa body wash.  I'm not as wild about the scent as the person I got it from but I *love* the wash itself.  Niiiiiiiiice.  It's been almost three months since I've used body wash (vs. bar soap) and all that instant lather was like seeing a long lost friend.  The feel of this particular soap is like being wrapped in one of those super soft fleece blankets.  I've also started using the coconut-papaya lotion that I got with it on my feet-knees-elbows.  Yes, I've given up on that greasy nasty Cherry Almond so-called body butter I'd gotten.  In fact, I dumped it in the garbage today.  It just kept becoming liquidy, no matter if I shook it up again or just left alone, no matter if I left it in the bathroom which becomes quite warm or in a cooler spot.  And then I noticed it wasn't doing a thing for my feet.  They were feeling absolutely horrible.  My knees and elbows don't feel any better or worse, but my feet.....gah!  So yeah, garbage for that one.  But even in all of this, my lovely Bella's Birthday body butter is still feeling neglected.  Sometimes I want to use it just to use it and smell it, not because I need it.  Hmm, maybe the coco-pap lotion should be my standby and my Bella's Birthday should be my after-shower slather again.  Yes, I think that's what I'll do.

Didn't go anywhere today so I still haven't done anything about making tarts.  On the other hand, FedEx brought me some lovely fragrance oils today, some springtime scents for soap.  When hubby came home this evening he said one guy who has used my soap loves the coffee mint and said "Don't stop making that one!"  Since I only have one little bar of that left I guess tomorrow will have to be a soap day.

Go Vikings!  Hubby got a new jersey for Christmas so tonight we're both wearing jerseys and screaming at the TV during this game.  I've been coming and going throughout the game but I was just watching the last minute or so of the fourth quarter, watching them come back from what looked like a sure spanking to tie it up and head into overtime.  Goooooooo Vikings!!  (Commercials now or I wouldn't be typing this.)

Well poo.  They lost.


  1. Rats, sorry the Ralph Fiennes version of Wuthering Heights didn't capture you either. Have you ever read/seen The Age of Innocence? Michelle Pfeiffer/Daniel Day-Lewis/Winona Ryder flick. It is very romantic with that sexy edge I love about Wuthering Heights, but set in America in the early 20th century. Maybe check it out if you are looking to get into something romantic!! Happy new year to you.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Erin. I can't stand Winona Ryder but I've put that movie on my Netflix list anyway. :)

    I wanted to try watching the Ralph version of Wuthering Heights again but we sent it back because my son is anxious to get one of the movies he added to the list. I'll try getting it again later.

  3. I'm not a huge fan of Winona either, but she plays the sickly sweet, boring wife so you're not really supposed to like her anyway. ;-)

  4. Ah, cool. Maybe I'll 'like' her then!

  5. Wow, I sent the 2008 one! The 2007 one looks familiar. Did I send it ... ? Bummer you don't have as many years saved as you thought.

    I think your card was my favorite this year. It won for cuteness.

    That Cherry Almond "butter" = gross. From your descriptions.

    I love your descrip of the feel of the Nubian body wash. Seriously.

    I don't think you should ever say "pap lotion" again, though. Even if you say "coco-pap."

    Woohoo on Mr. Make My Coffee Soap Man. That rocks.

    Yep, Brad was watching the game too and rooting for the Bears. Of the two, I'd rather have the Vikings win, partly from longer-standing Bears prejudice than Vikings prejudice but also because of you guys's Viking Fever Love Crazies. But I did want whatever would help the Packers, and I think that was the Vikings losing ... ? I didn't watch the game this time, though--went to bed to read and was out pretty fast.

    Also, I think Brett Favre's back-and-forthing re: retiring and leaving the Packers sucked, but I don't have profound Favre hatred. I'm just sad/bummed, while watching games, that his talent isn't ours all ours anymore.

  6. I had forgotten from another one of your blog entries that you can't stand Winona Ryder. I liked her up until her shoplifting scandal and wondered if she'd gone batshit crazy around then (she had a really weird look in her eye in clips on the news re: that story), and then I thought she sucked in Mr. Deeds. I haven't seen a lot with her in it since then, but I liked her as Spock's mom in the new ST. I'm shocked you didn't even like her in Heathers! (Or have you not seen Heathers? Well, if you already hated her, I don't see why you wouldn't also hate her in that.) Have you seen Mermaids? Love that movie too.

  7. Yep, 2007 and 2008 are yours. :)

    When I replied to Erin I had originally mentioned that I liked her in Heathers but then I wondered if I really did....? The movie was ok but, I don't know, maybe she bothered me then too? I don't think so. Not sure when it started...more recently, I think.

    LOL on the 'pap lotion'!!! I realized that when I wrote but left it anyway.

    Favre...yeah, that whole retire or not drama was sucky. I tend to forget he even played a season with the Jets. In my head he went from Packers to Vikings. I've never been a huge Favre fan in particular but I do think it's funny that 'we' have him know and I have a bit of a 'he's ours!' fan feeling now. Wonder if we'll go thru the retire drama again after this season...

  8. My husband is a Bears fan so he sort of watches all the "favre drama" with amusement. We know what it's like to be a non-Packer fan in Wisconsin! ha ha!

  9. Da Bears. Our plant manager at work (also a good friend of mine) is a huge Bears fan. He likes to give me crap about the Vikings but we band together against the Packerbackers. I'm going to wear hubby's brand new Division Champs shirt when I go pick up my paycheck in a moment. Woot!