Friday, December 4, 2009

Dec. 4

Yesterday's soap pot produced plain goat milk (back), cinnamon honey oatmeal (left), and lemon poppyseed (right).  I tried doing the freezer method on the plain one, to prevent gel and get a lighter, creamier looking bar.  It does indeed look lighter but it still has a small gel spot, and I don't like that it's still soft when gelled batches are ready to cut.  Not sure if I'll bother doing it that way again.  I think I ground the oatmeal too fine for the cinnamon one.  We bought a little $14 electric coffee grinder the other day.  The first time I used oatmeal I had ground it down by hand with a mortar and pestle.  Oh well, I'll just have to grind it a little less next time.  The lemon poppyseed one is just....interesting.  I might have too much poppyseed.  We'll see in a month I guess.  There is a slight yellow color from the fragrance oil so that was cool.

Tonight I made one batch of almond honey and then gave up.  I've been battling something for two days now.  Of course everyone's first thought is swine flu and I admit I'm kinda wondering but I'm not really worried.  I just I've been hit by a truck.  Haven't noticed any fever though, which is supposed to be one of the key symptoms.  Then again, I've been taking plenty of Tylenol and Advil so maybe it's just masking it.  I don't know.  I even had to take a nap this afternoon, and I am soooooo not a nap person!  Luckily I have two more days off work to rest up and kick this thing.

Back to soap....we've been unhappy with the size of the bars we get from our wooden molds.  The other day hubby made a new one, new size, with plexi-glass dividers.  We were hoping to do a slab this time, with the dividers to give us individual bars right from the start.  Somewhere along the way hubby's measurements got screwed up and we didn't realize until he'd already cut the plexi-glass.  Doh!  Turns out this mold is pretty much useless.  I told him I'd just use the old ones for now until he had time to try again.  Well, almost accidentally, I found a way to get the perfect sized bars we'd been wanting from the current molds!  So now hubby is just going to build more of that size and we're good to go on our mass production.

Hubby went Christmas shopping this evening and bought a new table saw for himself, and a shelf unit for me.  I think he's becoming more gungho about this whole thing than I ever was.  LOL!!  But feeling as crappy as I have the last couple days, I don't care much for soap...or anything much right now.

No, that's wrong.  My latest obsession is homemade lip balm.  I've done a bit of reading and it sounds so easy to make that I think this might be what I branch off to next.  But for now I'm just obsessed with browsing Etsy and trying to decide what I like.  I looked for a ridiculous amount of time last night then went to bed without deciding on any.  This morning I was back at it again and ordered a 3-pack from someone in Maine (I think).  Later this afternoon I was looking again and ordered another 3-pack from someone in Wisconsin.  If I'd seen the Wisconsin one first I never would have ordered the Maine one.  Trying to keep it local, ya know.  Regardless, I'm totally excited to get all of them!!  I will definately review them once I get them and have used them.

Are there lip balm addicts out there reading this?  I use ChapStick quite a bit...have one here on my desk and one in my locker at work.  I think it would be so cool and handy to make my own.  Would my soapy friends also be interested in lip balm??

I also ordered a homemade 'body butter' lotion type thingie, but I did that back before Thanksgiving.  Haven't gotten it yet and I'm getting a little concerned about that.  I'm anxious to use it and write about it cuz there is something really dorky about it......but it needs to arrive first.  lol

Seems like there is more I should be writing about but my Cootie Death Flu is strongly urging me to just go to bed....


  1. Ick, sorry you've been sick. Hope you're better or will be soon.

    So wait, you still had two more days off work? Are your Dec. work days different than what the schedule you gave me says? And if so, are you off the weekend of Dec. 19-20? We're coming up to do Xmasing that weekend. If you do indeed have to work, maybe we can come over for a little while Sat. evening?

    The pictured soaps look great. Cinn honey oatmeal sounds awesome, and I'm intrigued by the lemon poppy.

    Cool about the accidental improvement on the molds.

    I'd try homemade lip balm. I use Carmex a fair amount in winter.

  2. The schedule is still the same as what you have but I've been using up vacation days now. As for the weekend of 19-20, I'm scheduled to work but I still have some vacation if I can, I will be off. :) I'll let you know.

    Last night I almost placed an order for everything I'd need to make lip balm. I reconsidered though, mainly because I didn't know what flavor to do first. LOL!