Monday, December 7, 2009

Dec. 7

The first of my Etsy purchases arrived today.  Woohoo!  It is three homemade lip balms.  They're all natural and...big selling point for me...made right here in Wisconsin.  I tried the Sweet Orange one right away and love it!  It seems a bit softer, goes on a bit thicker than my normal ChapStick but I'll just have to get used to using a lighter hand.  Small price to pay for something local and natural.

You can find  MIRASOL FARM on Etsy.

I got an email notice saying my other package of lip balms (different maker) was shipped today.  Maybe I'll get it tomorrow...can't remember where it's coming from.  Oh, wait, no.  That one is coming from Maine.  Oh well, I'm excited about that one too.

And then my other purchase....still no word.  It's been 12 days.  I don't know if I should send her a message or what.  Hmm.

So, I get home from work this evening and I find this.....

"WHAT is THIS?!" I snapped in mock disgust.  Hubby had gotten it from the girl at work who loves my soap.  Apparently she had been using this before and loved it so much because it left her hands feeling so soft.  She had even mentioned it on her feedback paper, that I should make an olive oil soap that would soften like that.  There are two funny things about this little piece of soap.  First, it is made with the same ingredients as mine.....but must have a higher amount of olive oil to be marketed that way.  Second, this maker is from very nearby.  I had acutally come across this person's website a few weeks ago and emailed, asking some questions....and never got a reply.  I decided they were either snobs or out of business.  Well, I simply must try this competition tomorrow morning in the shower.  I'm quite curious now.

I don't know if I mentioned that the week of Thanksgiving I'd sent three little samples of my soaps to a girl I'd 'met' on the soap forum.  She lives about an hour from me and agreed to test and review my soaps because (at that time) I was not getting any useful feedback from anyone.  She said they were very nice soaps but the lather could use a bit of work, which has been my concern all along.  In return, she is sending me some of her own soaps to test.  I can't wait!  She's been making soap longer than me and from what I see on the forum hers should be much more fabulous than mine. 

I need to make more soap tomorrow.  Hubby says I should not worry about the business part of it all right now, but concentrate on building up stock.  So that's what I'm going to try to do.  But I don't know what to build up?  I mean, how does one know what someone will want to buy when they haven't done this before?  The only ones I know for sure are Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, and Lavender.  I'm not sure what else to start with.  Ideas?

We got some snow overnight, enough to finally cover the ground, enough to make the roads crappy this morning.  We actually have various weather advisories lasting until Thursday or something crazy like that.  I was hearing on the radio this morning that we could be getting up to ten inches by Wednesday or something crazy like that.  Yikes!  I want a white Christmas but, well, yikes!  I guess I'm getting too old when I'm not looking forward to snow like that. 

I hope it's not snowing tomorrow morning because I'm planning on heading to town early to get the new Harry Potter DVD, Public Enemies DVD, and Lost-Season 5 DVD.  Why do they all have to come out the same day???  And so close to Christmas yet not close enough??  I mean, I just can't wait on this for Santa to bring them.  I need them all NOW.  Especially Lost, because I'm running out of time to watch last season before the new one starts.

If I figured things out right I will be working this Thursday and Friday and then I am off until Jan. 2.  WOOOOT!!!!  I just had 13 days off, worked today, will have Tues/Wed off, work Thur/Fri, then off.  The 12-hr shift has its perks afterall.  Wheeeee!

My deadly illness seems to be easing a bit.  I made it thru work with no major problems, and saw that probably half the people there have the same thing anyway.  I still have a sore throat, which is probably the worst part of it right now.  I must remember to buy some throat lozenges (sp?!) tomorrow when I'm out buying all those DVDs.

Vikings lost last night, in a big way.  Hubby and I watched the first half of the game.  I almost never sit down and watch football but after being at the game last week it's like a whole new thing now.  We were having fun, cheering and booing and doing the '1st down' gesture we'd learned at the game.  Hubby was doing the sound of the Vikings horn.  We tried to remember the words to the fight song for when they scored.  And when hubby got up to go to the bathroom I jumped up like we had to do whenever someone was coming or going from the row in the stadium.  Hubby caught on to what I was doing and squeezed along the front of the couch in front of me even though he had the whole room open.  Yeah, our kids thought we were dorks.  Next week we'll wear our purple gear!

Alrighty, I'm going to slather on some more homemade Sweet Orange lip balm and gargle so my throat feels better....and then go to bed.  Nite!


  1. Deb, I noticed your last aren't related to a Ronnie & Barb Engebretson, are you? They are uncle/aunt of my husband. It would be a small world!

  2. Not that I know of. The names aren't familiar. That would be funny! People always ask us if we're related to the newscaster Stacy Engebretson.

    No, we're not. lol

  3. LOL at your game antics. Especially the bathroom thing.

    Wow, I didn't realize the forum girl who was going to give you feedback is from the area.

    Very interesting about that olive oil soap/soap maker. I'll be interested in hearing your opinion of it.

    As far as what to make a big stock of, people seem to instantly be interested in the honey oatmeal, vanilla, "autumn"/"winter," and cucumber stuff, from what I remember of the blog comments after you posted your catalog and from people's responses to me when I sent that soap email out.

  4. That girl lives in Jackson (I think). I'd never heard of it but she says it's about 45 minutes from here. Can't wait to get her soapies!