Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan. 29

Little Ashes (2008)
This evocative film explores the relationship between two of the 20th century's most notable Spanish artists: poet Federico García Lorca (Javier Beltran) and surrealist Salvador Dalí (Robert Pattinson). Along with filmmaker Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty), they take the country by storm. Amid the jazz and modernism of 1920s Madrid, their friendship grows -- as does the sexual tension between Lorca and Dali. Marina Gatell co-stars. 

 I really liked this movie!  And not because of Rob Pattinson.  I actually found him to be the weakest link in all of it.  Definately not the hottie vampire Edward Cullen in this one!  

Ok, so once again I don't know diddly about the real events in this movie and it could be a really loose, twisted version of events....I'd never know....but I found it interesting.  Was Salvador Dali really that wacko?  He's one of those people I always think lived way longer ago that he did.  I'd never heard of Federico Garcia Lorca.  The movie is more about him really, and I loved the guy who played him.  I loved his character, felt so bad for him and his female friend Magdelena, and cried when he was executed.  Rob's Dali however, had me cringing most of the time.  I felt bad for him a couple times because he was...confused.  A good movie though, one that's stuck in my head.  It's been a while since that has happened.

Watched several episodes of Lost today.  I'm finally getting excited about the new season.  For the longest time I was rather 'Ho hum...last sense pondering anymore.'  But no, I think I have some pondering left in me right up to the end.  Woot!

Major headache this evening.  Should probably go to bed early but......I'm sure I won't.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan. 27

Thirteen (2003)
Thirteen-year-old Tracy (Evan Rachel Wood) is a good girl. She's smart, gets along with her mom (Holly Hunter) and is never in trouble. But then she befriends Evie (Nikki Reed), a gorgeous and popular classmate who introduces her to the beguiling world of sex, alcohol, drugs and self-mutilation. This puts Tracy at odds with her friends, relatives and, most of all, her mother. Catherine Hardwicke directs a script co-written with Reed. 

Tried to watch this the other day but gave up.  I found I didn't care about any of the characters, not even the main girl.  It kinda pissed me off that the mom and the brother and everyone was so shocked by her behavior yet we hear the brother say their mom knows he smokes pot everyday and we see the mom being not much better herself.  Couldn't quite figure out what the main girl's crisis was with her mom's boyfriend either.  He seemed to be the most sensible of them all.  Did he molest her or something?  Would the movie have told me eventually if I'd kept watching?  I don't know, it just had me rolling my eyes and getting much that I even sent back a similar movie without even watching.  Guess I'm just not in the mood for this kind of movie.

Stumbled across another product that I'm excited about.  While grocery shopping I stopped to grab those little packs of cheese/crackers but a supplier cart was in the way so while I waited for him to move I happened to glance at other crackers.  Hmm, what's this rather plain looking box way down on the bottom shelf? 

There were only three flavors and none of them really appealed to me but I picked up a box to have a look anyway.  They were Back To Nature brand, all natural, organic, made in Wisconsin, and packaged in recycled boxes with veggie based ink.  How cool is that?  I bought a box of the Sesame Tarragon crackers.  Hubby and I both liked them.  I looked up the company online and found they have other products too!  Things like cookies, granola, juice.  I'm going to look for more of these products next time I go grocery shopping.  I'm sure they cost a little more but it just might be worth it to me to pay it.

Still nothing happening with my website or my Etsy shop.  I knew it would start slow but GAH it's frustrating.  I have no patience.  It makes me wonder where all those people are now, the ones who urged me to do it because they loved and believed in the soap.  *sigh*  It's early, I know.  P-a-t-i-e-n-c-e.....

I can't take my soap to work anymore like I did those couple days.  Someone complained and the plant manager asked me to remove it.  I'm almost positive I know who did it and the thing that pisses me off the most is that this guy is such an incredibly whiny bastard.  Ok, yes, there is a policy about no soliciting at work but it's one of those rules that's not really enforced.  People bring in things their kids are selling for school, a couple people have Avon books, some people make food and bring it in.  Usually the catalogs or order forms are just left in the breakroom and people order.  It stays in the breakroom, it's all done during breaktimes.  And my soap was no diffferent.  So why did dumbass go crying?  Who flippin' knows?!

The plant manager is also a friend of mine, not like he's just a scary high level boss.  It was a very mellow conversation when he told me I had to remove it.  I wasn't mad at *him*.  He even told me that it would probably be fine if I sold while I was actually on break and accompanying my stuff but once I left the breakroom I had to take my stuff with me.  He said I wasn't being singled out, that the Avon books and everything would have to stop.  Whatever.  I told him I'd remove it and not bring it back, that he didn't need to worry about it anymore.  So even though I had my stuff at work yesterday it ended up staying in the bag on top of the lockers in the women's bathroom 99% of the day.

I told a few people about it and they were all pissed for me.  Then I started finding out that oodles of people supposedly wanted to order.  I'm kinda skeptical about that because it sat out for two days and these oodles of people couldn't be bothered to order or even approach me.  But whatever....

Did I mention that Ty went to a concert last weekend?  I don't think so.  Well, Ty went to a concert last weekend.  He and Matt and their friend Alex and another guy went to The Rave, which is a sort of club venue in Milwaukee.  It's where all the not quite big name bands play, and it's the cool place to go for the young adult group.  Or it seems to be anyway.  The headliner was Theory of a Deadman.  (Yeah, I don't know them either, heh.)  There were three other 'lesser' bands playing too.  Afterwards Ty and friends were leaving and stopped to look at merchandise.  They each bought a cd of one of those other bands and even got them autographed by two of the guys.  I think the band was Adelita's Way.  (Yeah, never heard of them.)

Hubby and I watched one episode of Lost the other night.  We were going to start our Season 5 recap journey but only made it thru one episode.  LOL  It is sooooo weird to watch it now.  The first two seasons I could tell you every detail, even down to the tiniest most random thing.  As time went on it all got too overwhelming and I gave up alot on pondering and now I can barely remember what happened in general last season!  Seasons 4 and 5 have kinda blended together in my brain.  The time jumping didn't help things at all.  AND knowing what happens at the end of the season has me watching the beginning of the season with new eyes.  It's all too much work!  I better get busy though if I'm going to watch the whole season....only five days left before the new season!

(And a quick reminder..........I'M SPOILER-FREE so zip yer lips, people!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan. 24

First let me just say that I hope the Colts beat the living crap out of the play dirty pussy girl Saints in the Super Bowl.  Moving on....

I opened an Etsy shop today.  I was so nervous about doing it, kept putting it off, and then once I did it I was even more nervous and kinda kept busy away from the computer cuz I'm a dork and felt like if I wasn't around it, it wasn't really there.  LOL  Seriously though, I have some paranoid fear that the soap forum assholes will find me and come after me with their high and mighty crap.  I used to have a link to this blog and my Facebook at that forum and I keep worrying that the psychos bookmarked them or something.  Stupid, I know.  Why do I let it bother me...still?  I don't know.  But whatever, it's up now and a few things are listed and it's just a matter of wait and see now.  There is also a sort of huge feeling of relief now that I've got the website and the Etsy shop.  If they're complete bombs at least I know I tried.

Earlier today I had tons that I wanted to blog about.  As always though, I put it off too long and when it gets late and I'm tired my brain does not want to stay focused.  So you get a short entry tonight.

Gooooo Colts!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan. 23

The Age of Innocence (1993)
Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Newland Archer, a well-bred New Yorker engaged to an appropriate match: cultured May Welland (Winona Ryder). But when her alluring cousin, Ellen Olenska (Michelle Pfeiffer), comes along, Archer puts society's mores to the test. Edith Wharton's Pulitzer Prize–winning novel transfers lavishly to the screen under Martin Scorsese's direction, with Ryder earning an Oscar nod for her incandescent performance. 

I think it was reader Erin who recommended this one.  I really liked it!  Having read the Luxe series not so long ago alot of this movie was like those books brought to life.  All the high society gossip and scandal, all the manners and etiquette, the fancy parties, the good families, the proper matches.  It was fun.

It's no secret that I pretty much can't stand Winona Ryder but she really didn't bother me much in this one.  Maybe because we didn't see too much of her....ha.  I'm not overly fond of Daniel Day Lewis either but I kinda liked him in here.  I got a little lost in what was going on between him and Michelle Pfeiffer.  She didn't want him?  She did want him but thought it was wrong?  She was the skanky bitch everyone thought she was and was just playing with him?  She didn't want to hurt Winona's character?  Not sure why things ended up the way they did, but I was really glad he did what he did at the very end.

Taking Lives (2004)
Recruited to assist Montreal police in their desperate search for a serial killer who assumes the identities of his victims, FBI profiler Illeana Scott (Angelina Jolie) knows it's only a matter of time before the killer strikes again. Her most promising lead is a museum employee (Ethan Hawke) who might be the killer's only eyewitness. But can he really be trusted, given the murderer's penchant for deception? 

Pretty darn good movie.  We saw Angelina Jolie's boobs and the whole porn scene that followed but if you can forgive that the rest of it was quite good.  Hubby and I suspected who the killer was fairly early on but we could not fit the pieces together to support our theory.  Good movie.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)
When his girlfriend, Summer (Zooey Deschanel), unceremoniously dumps him, greeting-card copywriter and hopeless romantic Tom (Golden Globe nominee Joseph Gordon-Levitt) begins sifting through the year-plus worth of days they spent together, looking for clues to what went awry. As he recalls the good and bad times he spent with the commitment-phobic girl, his heart reawakens to what it cherishes most. Marc Webb directs this uncommon love story.  

Hubby didn't watch this, said it was a chick flick.  And if was.  I liked it enough that I'd watch it if I came across it but did not like it enough that I'd ever buy it.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is very good in this.  (I like him anyway though.)  I was so glad when he snapped and yelled at her!  I'd been wanting to do that myself!  I wasn't fond of the way it jumped around in the timeline, and there is one crucial event that I don't even know at what point it happened because of the time bouncing.  And I wish I knew!  I'll have to snoop around the internet to find out.  Overall though, a nice little movie to watch if you're bored.

In other news.... I made soap today, first time in almost three weeks.  Why my renewed interest?  Because I was stressing myself out by sitting on the fence between Just Quit and Just Do It, and I decided to just throw myself into selling.  And hey, if it's a bomb I can then quit without the feeling 'What if....'  I have a website up now.  I don't want to post a link here yet, but anyone that knows me probably already has it.  If you'd like it, contact me and I'll gladly link you.  I'm also considering selling on Etsy.  Considering it so much in fact, that I might list a couple things tonight yet.  *hands shaking in fear*

I took one of each of my current soaps to work the past two days.  I had them in a little display box with my name and logo, had order forms, had business cards.  I didn't push any business on anyone, just left the box in the breakroom for whoever wanted to look.  Alot of people looked and asked questions to everyone but me.  (Am I really so scary?)  There is a language barrier so I suppose it was awkward on both ends.  A couple people were asses about it all.  Several people who were loving the free samples before the holidays are not loving the soap so much now that they have to pay.  One person is weirdly excited about my little business adventure and trying hard to be my best friend.....and business partner.  Sold seven bars, handed out many many business cards, and had one person give me the business card of his sister, saying he knows she'd love the soap and is sure she'll send business my way. we wait and see where it goes from here.  I don't know how aggressively I want to pursue this.  Right now I'm feeling like I'd be content with 'whatever happens happens.'  Everyone is full of advice on how to boost sales and make contacts and blah blah, but I'm not sure I want to.  Craft fairs are the way to go, I know, but I don't feel like I want to do that.  I am considering Etsy though....

It's also kind of cool now to see what soaps people like.  I've had enough samples out there for a long enough time now that I'm hearing what favorites are and getting some requests.  This makes it easier to know what to make next.  The kitchen/hand soaps are a big hit.  Who would have thought?!  My latest order of fragrance oils is more streamlined and focused instead of the usual 'Ooh that sounds good, I'll make that!'  This will all help me narrow down my eventual product list.  I'd like to have a small line of regulars, and then have the seasonal things and the random new scent scattered in here and there.  So yeah, chaos could be right around the corner or it could be a very slow, barely there kind of adventure.  *shrugs*

Ok... *blushes* another order of tarts today.  I can't help it!  I just love them!!

This time I got: Pecan Caramel Swirl, Heaven' Snow (vanilla/mint), Cozy Kitchen (vanilla,cinnamon, apple, chocolate, caramel, brown sugar), Snow Angels (mint/buttercream), Butter Crunch Cake (buttery nutty vanilla), and Black Raspberry Vanilla.

I've gotten the Pecan one before and LOVED it so much I had to order more.  It's my absolute favorite for now.  The Snow Angel tart doesn't show up good enough in this pic but it's a very light pastel blue with a white top and silvery blue glitter.  Hubby was immediately in love with the Cozy Kitchen.  He usually just reacts with a sniff and a 'Mm, that's nice.'  This one, however, got a sort of gasp and an 'Oh! I. Like. That!'  Once again, I have to push this Etsy seller: Country Home Scents.  If you're looking for awesome tarts, or just want to get started with tarts, I absolutely recommend these ladies.  They have super fast shipping and are so friendly.  Go see them.  Go.  NOW.

I also got my sample pack of Twilight body butters a few days ago.  I've loved my Bella's Birthday scented butter so much that I knew I'd order more eventually but didn't know what scent to try next.  The seller offered to do small 1 oz sample bottles of whatever scents I wanted.  Once again it took quite a while to receive the order (that bugs me) but I guess I'll have to live with that if I want to keep ordering from her.

Anyway the four scents I'm going to try are Edward, Alice, The Wedding, and The Volturi.

THE VOLTURI – we love this fragrance! It’s a rich and dark blend of strong spicy tones, an earthy presence for their underground lair, Italian flair, sweet Vampire allure, and powerful exotic notes to exude their age and experience around the world that only 3000 years can bring. It’s a feminine blend that’s perfect for the strong, spicy, and slightly menacing part of every woman!
This one is kinda...blech.  For whatever weird reason it really does smell like something ancient.  I don't know what ancient things smell like but that's what my impression was.  LOL  This will probably end up being used on my feet.

THE WEDDING - Alice transforms the Cullen residence into a lush paradise filled juicy Orange Blossoms, enticing Freesia, delicate Roses, and soft Lilac. An irresistible and intoxicating floral scent!
Another that I kinda turned away from after a big excited sniff.  It's way too flowery, too perfumey.  Probably going to be used on my feet again.  hehe

ALICE - A delightful & refreshing combination of sweet fruits, juicy citrus, and delicate florals. It's a beautiful, bright, happy fragrance!
This one is their best seller, and this one I like.  It's fruity and fun.  Not even close to replacing my Bella's Birthday but good enough that I will use freely instead of hiding on my feet.

EDWARD - A delicious mix of sweet Honey, soft Lilac, and Sunshine; as Breaking Dawn describes him from Bella’s perspective. Experience how irresistible Edward’s scent is to Bella, and let your dreams begin!
And this one.... If this was really what Edward smelled like, well, then.....Oh.My.God.  Sooooo yummy, it's no wonder Bella couldn't stay away!!  Still not as good as Bella's Birthday but so sooo good.

I haven't actually tried any of these yet because I'm trying to use up a previous butter from a different seller.  I would imagine the actual product is going to behave the same as the Bella one so that's another reason why I'm not diving into these little samples right away.

Alrighty, I've nattered enough to make up for my long absence....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan. 14

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)
Ben Stiller returns as hapless museum night watchman Larry Daley in this sequel to the hit comedy. Though he's now working at the Smithsonian Institution, Daley continues to deal with exhibits that come to life while the museum is closed. His adventures this time include close encounters with Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams), George Custer (Bill Hader) and Ivan the Terrible (Christopher Guest). Owen Wilson, Ricky Gervais co-star. 

I liked this one.  Didn't love it, and don't know if I liked it more or less than the first, but it was fun to watch.  Loved Amy Adams in Enchanted but found her annoying in this one.  Something that really drives me bonkers is when people say "Yeah, no [blah blah blah]," and I noticed Ben Stiller does it A LOT.  I kept my disgust to myself but at the end of the movie Casey boldly stated "I hate that!  Why do people say 'yeah, no...'?!"  I wholeheartedly agreed.  But little movie.

I had to put Sooner Or Later back on my Netflix list because I was telling someone at work about it and now she wants to see it.  She wants to read the books too.  LOL!  I had gone to Amazon and found the DVD for sale but for whatever reason did not order it.  Hmm.  Maybe I'll watch it again before lending it to CoWorker, and then order the DVD if I'm still hooked.  For anyone who needs a sample of this cheesy '70s goodness, search for it at YouTube and you'll find the whole movie....posted in segments.

Ty was pulled over by a cop yesterday, first time ever.  The cop said his license plates did not match the car and wanted to know why, asked if Ty had just bought the car.  Ty told him he'd just gotten it this weekend.  He got a written warning for not having papers in the car proving it was just recently purchased.  What the heck?  Whatever.  Not exactly sure why the cop was running his plates to begin with.  We're thinking he might have been going just enough over the speed limit that the cop would have reason to pull him over if any warrants or anything showed up on a search, and ..... tada! ......plates that don't match the car.  Ah well, we live and we learn.

It was 45 degrees and sunny here today!  I took most of the outside Christmas decorations down.  Hubby will have to get the rest this weekend.  Supposed to be equally nice tomorrow and still nice thru the weekend, but since I'm working this weekend I had to use this chance while I had it.  The snow is melting like crazy.  We have bare patches in the lawn already.  Ooohhhhhhh if only this could really be spring.  *sigh*  I know we'll be plunged back into the icy depths of winter several times yet in the coming months.  The older I get, the less I like it.

As much as I love the tarts I've ordered I decided I had to melt some of my own this evening.  I have been anxious to see how that cheap Walmart fragrance oil works so that's the tart I chose.  As I figured, extremely weak....and I used over double what's normally recommended!   Hubby said he liked the scent.  Ha, yeah, if you inhale right as you walk by the tart warmer.  I can either dump those or save them to use just in the area of my desk.  And I know now that I don't need to worry about buying that brand of oil again.  Actually, I haven't made any tarts for almost two weeks now.  I'm quite content to buy them off Etsy but I guess I will have to use that ten pound bag of wax I ordered......

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan. 11

Sooner or Later (1979)
To attract the attention of 17-year-old rock 'n' roller Michael Skye (Rex Smith), 13-year-old Jessie Walters (Denise Miller) enlists the aid of a professional makeup artist who transforms her into a 16-year-old. How will Michael react when Jessie's web of lies is exposed? Judd Hirsch and Barbara Feldon also star in this likable made-for-TV drama about false appearances, teen fantasies and, ultimately, telling the truth.

I couldn't believe this was available on DVD and I couldn't believe Netflix had it.  Of course I had to add it and immediately bump it to the top of my list!  Got it today, watched it today, and ya know what?  I can't believe how much I liked it.  Really, it's such a sweet little movie...even after all this time.  Sure, there is some cheesiness and it's really hard to get past those damn tight jeans guys wore (actually ALL of the guy fashion at that time!) but....I don't's still pretty darn good.

It's kinda creepy to think that Rex Smith was 24 when this movie was made.  Denise Miller was 15 or 16.  It's also funny how he just dwarfs her.  IMDB says he's 6' tall, so she must have been tiny.

Again, not quite sure what makes me like it after all this time.  Well there is alot I could say but I'm not brave enough to open myself up to that.  LOL!  I know I liked the movie back then, and I know I haven't seen it for over 20 years.  I bought the first two books off Ebay maybe five years ago, didn't like the second book nearly as much as the first, and don't think I ever found the third book.  You Take My Breath Away has long been a guilty pleasure song for me.  Now I've finally seen the movie again and was greatly surprised to find myself liking it!  I was totally prepared to be rolling my eyes and trashing it from the first moments!

A Son's Promise (1990)
Terry O'Kelly (Rick Schroder), a 17-year-old fatherless Georgia boy, promises his mother (Veronica Cartwright) on her deathbed that he'll keep the family together and care for his six younger brothers. As he takes on the challenge, Terry faces severe tests -- including starvation, natural disasters and the temptation to give up. Based on a true story, this poignant drama co-stars Stephen Dorff, David Andrews and Donald Moffat.

Another made-for-TV movie, watched this one yesterday.  Kinda high on the cheesey factor but I guess that's what you get with TV movies.  It was still pretty good though.  It didn't really explain somethings though, like just how much scamming the guy who was 'helping' them was doing.  It's strongly implied and you guess right away that he's having his 'church helpers' open the donation letters so Terry will never really know how much money is coming in.  And it seems pretty obvious that he's manipulating the 'donated' house situation so he can end up with a brand new house in the end.  And did he just never talk to the boss, knowing that if Terry lost his job they'd be even more dependant?  I mean, you kinda figure those things but it's never really cleared up and explained.  He's never caught red-handed.  

And a few other lingering things make you wonder, like did the one brother go on to college?  Did they get the chicken business going again?  Just what happened to all of them in later years?  I don't recall seeing any little info blurbs at the end.  Maybe I'll Google their story after I post this.

We had total geek central here at the house yesterday.  One of Ty's friends that hasn't been here before came over.  Apparently this kid is a Yugi card duel genius.  Not to be horrible but he has that total geek package going....look, voice, knowledge, personality.  It was funny to be an outsider looking in on their Yugi Geek PowWow.  Friend, Matt, Ty, Casey, and hubby all hovering around the table for card duels.  There was probably a Fort Knox of card collections in that room yesterday.  And to hear them all prattling on and on about this card or that.....just too funny.  Oh, even more funny is that hubby was knocked down several pegs in his I Have The Ultimate Deck attitude.  GeekFriend walked all over him.  LOL!

Sent some soap samples to the Tart Lady today.  I'm kinda not even caring what she thinks of them because I'm having one of those huge internal debates about it all again.  I finally tried that sample of soap the Other Tart Lady had included.  Hers is not goat milk soap but it was fine just the same.  It seemed comparable to mine actually.  *huge aggravated sigh*  I don't know what to do.  Quite a lot of this is still fallout from the asswipes on that soap forum I was going to.


And now my thoughts are so scattered that I'm just going to end this

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan. 9 - Well THAT was unexpected!

Ty bought his first 'new' car today.  The whole thing kinda came out of nowhere.  First, the new baby.....

Now the story.....
Ty's first car has been a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo that we bought from a guy 'down the road' last year.  It's a fairly decent car but I still consider it a beater...big dent in one rear quarter panel, ugly worn interior, lots of odd quirks and noises.  More and more lately there have been small problems popping up and he's been getting frustrated.  Well, actually since he started working he's mentioned a few times that he's wanted a different "better" car.  We told him to keep putting money in the bank.  And he has been.

The last several days he's mentioned problems with the heat in that car.  Considering our temps have been stuck in the low teens for what seems like weeks now, and the fact that he's driving at night, this has been a growing concern.  This morning he said that he had no heat at all while coming home last night and that he wants a new car.  I told him to start looking in the paper, and keep his eye open for cars that people are selling.  Or did he want to go browse some car lots and see what he was getting himself into?  He said he wanted to go look, yes.

When hubby got home from work (Saturday morning overtime) we headed to town.  We figured we'd just go look, let Ty see what types were available in what price ranges.  We hadn't even planned on talking to anyone.... "Just looking" was what we thought we were doing.  A salesman swooped in on us almost as soon as we were out of the truck.  He was super friendly, super chatty.  An excellent salesman perhaps, but he was very personable (?) instead of sugar coated 'force the sale' nice, so we didn't mind him hanging around.  It was very funny too that although we were looking for one for Ty, the dude came back around to me and asked which one I'd picked out.  LOL

There were three that Ty had his eye on.  He test drove two of them and eliminated the third because of price vs. age/size/gas mpg.  The first he drove was a dark blue Cobalt.  I don't remember the year but I think the price was quite a bit more than the one he got.  While the Cobalt was ok, none of us really preferred it.  When we got back to the lot and hopped into the Stratus we were all immediately more impressed.  We came back to the lot and went inside to crunch some numbers.  It was decided we'd get more money selling his old Monte Carlo ourselves instead of using it for a trade in.  They tried running the application with everything just in Ty's name but because he has no credit history yet we all knew he'd need a co-signer.  And since I didn't have my license or anything on me (told you we weren't expecting this!) hubby ended up co-signing.  With the money Ty already had in the bank, and because he doesn't have any other bills, this car payment shouldn't be bad at all for him.  I think his head was spinning by the end of it all...LOL....with all the information and explanations and paper signing.  And then driving away with a new car when we'd only come to give him his first look around?!  Crazy.

What's also funny is that this is the car *I* wanted for ME!  We'd both spotted it....separately.  I was considering getting it myself and letting Ty have mine, or letting mine go to Casey when he gets his license.  Hubby seemed to be considering it too, but we never did get serious about it.  Yes, before making his final decision Ty did know I liked this one, but I'm pretty sure that's not why he decided on it.  We'll just say I trained that boy well.....ok?  Hehe!

While we were out on one of the test drives Casey called hubby's phone and said the mailman was stuck in our ditch.  Not sure what they expected us to do??  Hubby told him we were nowhere near home.  The mailman told Casey he'd wait.  What????  So while the car dude was filling out paperwork and running back and forth, hubby was trying to contact anyone near our house who could go help the mailman.  All of his nearby friends were gone.  Luckily Casey sent a text a bit later saying someone else had stopped to help.  Cool, but why the heck would he want to sit and wait?

When we got home I found that poor stuck mailman had delivered precious cargo.....

More tarts!!!
This bunch includes two each of: Pralines & Cream, Caramel Toffee, Pecan Caramel Swirl. Creme Brule', Toasted Marshmallow, and Buttercream Frosting.  If you notice the caramel theme in there it's not coincidental.  I'm addicted to both caramel and butterscotch scents lately.  This seller (Country Home Scents) does not have a butterscotch scent at this time so I went the caramel route, hoping to find a favorite that I can stock up on.  Hubby was kinda put off after sniffing only a couple, "They all smell the same now."  Naaahhh!

I think I need to order more from the Wisconsin seller (Augusta Hitching Post) because that's where I got the butterscotch one from.  I'm also in love with her Nutcracker scent.  Hers are bigger, enough that I can split one tart in half and easily have enough for both of my warmers....and cheaper.  Plus she's local.  But the other girl is so dang friendly and those tarts are so dang cute.  Maybe I need to get crackin' on my own and I won't have to order from either!

I'm sure there was probably more I was going to write about but I'm drawing a blank now.  I might just go read and call it a night pathetically early.  Oooooh, just realized something!  I need a tart warmer in the bedroom.  Hmmmmm.........

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan. 6

Well look at me...I go back to work and immediately start skipping days here on the blog.  Bad me.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (2007)
Young Angus MacMorrow (Alex Etel) watches in awe as the mysterious egg he found on the shores of a nearby loch hatches into something incredible. But how long can he keep his ever-growing secret from his mom (Emily Watson) -- and an increasingly concerned Scottish government? Ben Chaplin, Brian Cox and David Morrissey also star in this enchanting fantasy based on Dick King-Smith's popular children's book.

Watched this last night, finally.  I was probably the last person on earth that hadn't seen it.  I've wanted to see it since it came out so I'm not sure what took me so long.  I wasn't expecting much, just a typical dorky kid/creature movie, but I was surprised.  I really liked it.  Yes, of course, it made me cry.  I really liked the handyman guy....liked how he spent time with the kids, how he kinda put the mom in her place, how he was a war hero but didn't discuss of acknowledge that part of his life.  And there was the other military dimwit who was trying to puff himself up as a huge war hero but was really only a clueless cowardly little weasel.  When the mom started to get all googly eyed for him....bleah!!  And the end was so sad.  I wonder how many people just saw it as 'oh boy, here we go again with another unsuspecting little boy, hehe' when actually it was also telling us that Crusoe had died.  *sniffle*

Enchanted (2007)
Wide-eyed Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) sees her perfect life in the cartoon kingdom of Andalasia come to an abrupt end when evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) exiles Giselle to the cruel, real world of New York City, a place ruled by street smarts instead of royals. A native Prince Charming (Patrick Dempsey) reluctantly takes her in, but will his day job as a harried divorce lawyer -- and his cynical view of love -- stop their budding romance?

Finally saw this one too.  Wasn't expecting much from this one either but I loved it!  I absolutely loved Giselle's perky, 100% pure and kind heart, soul, personality.  It was just so... refreshing.  Patrick Dempsey is pretty awesome in this too.  When they were at the ball, and he started quietly singing along with the song, my reaction was the same as hers.  I did not like his girlfriend At.All.  The blue and purple dragon was dang cool too.  Loved this movie for it's good clean fun.  (Ok yeah, so the evil stepmother was trying to kill her but still....)

Made three batches of soap today.  It's been almost two weeks since I've made any.  The tart world had snatched my full attention.  I think I'd even decided at one point that I was done with soap, figured I'd give away whatever I have made already and that would be it, and was very glad I'd never started a website or Etsy shop.  For a short time (couple hours maybe) I was very content with that decision, even relieved to be done with it.  Then I was chatting online with someone about a few things and that, combined with looking at some of the really rough looking products that some people are selling on Etsy, had me reconsidering my decision to give up soaping.  Last night I was a little bit excited about it all again, told myself I'd throw myself into all things soapy today.....make batches, make labels, work on website, research Etsy startup, etc.  Once I started this morning however, I hated it.  All I could think of was all the other things I'd rather be doing.

*throws hands up in disgust and frustration*

I had also decided I don't really want to make wax tarts either.  It's so much easier to just buy them or order them.  Why should I add more troubles for myself, trying to learn how to make super duper uber fabby tarts?  Did a bit of mental math though and decided if I keep burning tarts like I've been burning the Etsy ones, I'm going to NEED to be making my own.  I'll go broke if I have to keep ordering them!  And then, like a sign, the UPS guy showed up with my ten pound bag of soy wax, and my three starter packs of wax dyes.

I've been burning my tarts from the Wisconsin seller (Augusta Hitching Post ~ go check her shop!) the last couple days.  These tarts are huge....I cut them in half and have put one half in each of my burners.....and they smell sooooo wonderful!  I haven't tried the freebies she sent, forgot about them actually.  Doh!  I've also been chatting alot with the other tart seller that I ordered from (Country Home Scents ~ check them out too!) and have already ordered more from her.  In fact, she's going to try some of my soap.  That's kinda what perked me up to the idea of sticking with it.  If you're wanting some fabulously scented (and cute!) wax tarts I recommend both of these Etsy shops.  

Took the Christmas tree down today.  I'm pretty sure this is the longest we've ever had our tree up.  It was over a month this time.  I wasn't even sick of it yet?!  It was more a matter of timing...I had the day off, had the time, so it came down.  The house looks so bare now.  I unplugged the outside Christmas lights too.  They're still hanging out there but they won't be turning on anymore this season.  Even though Christmas was quite lackluster this year I'm sad that it's officially over now.

Well I still have a couple things to do before bed so I guess it's "ta ta for now!"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan. 2

Oh. My. God.  I am ridiculously giddy right now.  Let me explain..... The other day I posted about the wax tarts I'd bought on Etsy.  I had ordered more tarts from someone else the same day I'd ordered the ones in my post.  This other seller is in Wisconsin and I had browsed her Etsy shop so many times, but I really can't say why I've never ordered before this.  She makes bath and body products, and candles/tarts.  I guess because I'm making my own soap I didn't have a burning desire to order her soap, and I don't burn scented candles...I prefer the tarts.  It was the call of the tarts that finally made me order.  She sells in packs of six, but they are single scent packs.  I sent her a message asking if she ever did variety packs.  She replied that I could pick which scents I wanted and she'd set up a custom order at Etsy.  So that's what I did, picked three scents, ordered three tarts.  She said she'd get those mailed right away.  I was excited!

I'm a dork that way.

Days go by and I got the other things I'd ordered around the same time as the Wisconsin tarts.  I got a little discouraged, got a little bummed that a fellow Wisconsinite was letting me down.  Hubby sent me a text today (back to work, remember?) mentioning I'd gotten a package in the mail today, and told me where it was from.  That perked me up a bit, couldn't wait to get home and see these new tarts.  In the box was a note saying thanks for ordering and mentioning that she'd sent along some extras.  Oooh, freebies are good!  So I started digging thru the box pulling out more and more....and more stuff....

Now remember...I ordered three tarts.  What I got in this package was SEVEN tarts, one lip balm, one sample piece of soap, a sample bottle of shower gel/shampoo, and a sample bottle of conditioner!  And what's even more awesome is the freebies stick with a similar scent type to what I'd actually ordered.  It doesn't seem to be like random bits of non-sellers.  Granted, the free tarts are all Christmas themed so maybe they're just clearance now that the holidays are over but still....?!

The scents of my goodies are as follows:
Brown Sugar tart (I ordered)
Butterscotch Pudding tart (I ordered)
Nutcracker tart (I ordered) - 'Blend of vanilla, hazelnut, and maple syrup.'
Christmas Thyme tart (free) - 'The aroma of bayberries and apples with a base note of fresh pine needles and thyme, with a top note of freshly ground cinnamon bark.'
Old Fashioned Christmas tart (free) - 'Warm and spicy.'
Sugar Plum tart (free) - ' Very sweet, and pleasantly plum.'
Christmas Cabin tart (free) - (Can't find this one on her site scent list....hmm.)
Maple Butter Cheesecake lip balm (free)
Buttercream Crunch shower gel/shampoo, conditioner (free) - 'Just like the buttercream frosting on a cake. This is one of the stronger sweet vanilla scents I use.'
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap (free) - 'This is a very natural smelling blend that's heavy on the oatmeal and has just the right sweet touch of honey.'

I probably won't use any of these until Tuesday, my day off, but I'm having a wonderful time sniffing them all for now. It's funny too because just the other day I was daydreaming about how I'd do business if I had my own Etsy shop (or any online shop) and this is what I'd do! I would include extras. I would pay attention to what is being ordered and try to add something similar. If someone is ordering alot of floral scents I wouldn't throw in something from the other end of the spectrum. This has kinda renewed my desire to get cracking on my soap. It's also kinda made me realize how much easier and fun it is to just shop from others and keep trying different things.

Speaking of lip balm, I've had to bring my Wisconsin-made chai lip balm home from work. Seems no one there likes the scent and whenever I put some on people tend to do this *sniff sniff* 'What's the smell?' Instead of putting others thru such unpleasantness and putting up with their comments, I guess I'll just use that one at home and take one of my others to work. But which one? My new maple one? My other maple one? Hmmmm....I'll have to dig thru my stash and see what lip goodies I have.

And now I must go read a bit more of the book I'm currently reading but really can't stand.......

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jan. 1, 2010

2010..... How weird is that?  Seems like only yesterday we were all in a panic about switching to 2000.  Would our computers still work?  Would planes fall out of the sky at midnight?  Would anything digital suddenly go haywire because it wasn't ready to roll over to 2-0-0-0 ?  And to think the past ten years have flown by so fast is rather scary and depressing.  Yikes.

We won't dwell on that.

My sister was here for part of the day today, a sort of surprise visit.  She mentioned last night she might come over for the day but it wasn't for sure until earlier today.  I never did ask details about why she was here.  Hmm.  I know they were going to visit Illinois friends, and I know her husband was ice fishing somewhere (in Wisconsin?) today but just where she was coming from or going to in all of this...I'm not clear on.  *chuckles*

I had my very first Starbucks chai latte today.  My sister is wild about them and has insisted for a while now that I need to try one.  When they were here before Christmas she almost brought me one.  Today she did.  I don't drink tea or coffee.  I wasn't sure what to expect with this.  I admit it was good.  I finished mine before she finished hers!  Of course maybe I did that wrong and was supposed to sip and savor it more.  Doubtful I'll be running out to Starbucks anytime soon but it's nice to know now that there is something interesting that I could order if I do.

She was also very excited to find a book review she wrote has been published online.  (Read it HERE.)  I might be getting this info screwed up but she had to do some test writing for this company and then was given the opportunity to submit a review, and if they accepted it she'd be paid and they'd put it on the website.  This was her first one, and she's been given a chance to do another.  She's also written other reviews that can be seen over at her own blog (You Are Here) if anyone is interested.  Yeah, her reviews are a little more professional than my basic 'It sucked' type natterings.  If you can't tell....hehe....she's working to be a writer.

Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979)
The students at Vince Lombardi High School love rock 'n' roll -- particularly the Ramones. But there's a new principal (Mary Woronov) in town who's not going to stand for it, and she asks the PTA to help her ban rock 'n' roll music from the halls forever. With the help of the Ramones themselves, the students will fight for their right to party in this classic action-comedy starring P.J. Soles, Vincent Van Patten and Clint Howard.

We watched this while my sister was here.  Wow, this movie sucks!  We knew it was bad but sometimes it's fun to watch the ancient crap that you used to like in its day.  I don't know how we could have liked this back in the '80s?!  Maybe because we were just thrilled to finally have a VCR and it was fun to watch anything we could get our hands on?  We were laughing at it today, and mocking everything in it.  And Joey Ramone.....?  Not hot in any way.  None.  Nothing.  Sometimes even unattractive people can have a certain something about them but no, not this one.  He was scaring me.  Seriously creepy looking dude.

I had planned on taking the Christmas tree down today but decided to leave it because my sister was coming.  Figured she might like seeing it again, and figured it would take too much time to take it all down and pack it all away.  So it will probably be up until January 5, which is my day off.  Unless I'm really ambitious after work tomorrow and decide to tear it all down.

Yes, tomorrow it's Back To Work for me.  I am soooooo NOT liking it.  Since November 24, I have only worked three days.  Some of that time off was holidays, obviously, and the rest was using up my vacation time.  We have a Use It Or Lose It policy so haha suckers, I used it.  A couple days ago I planned out my 2010 vacation days and it looks like I'll probably be able to have nearly all of December off again.  Woot!  This 12-hour shift does have its perks!

Anyway, back to work.... Ty pointed out a few days ago that during this whole extended break I never had my usual 'I'm ready to go back' phase.  I hadn't realized it until he said it but yeah, I never did have that feeling of needing to get back.  I've *always* had that before.  If I had a week off I was usually ready to go back after a couple days.  If I had two weeks off I was usually ready to go back after a week.  This time, not at all.  I take that as one more sign that I'm ready to leave there.  I have not missed any of my co-workers this time.  I have not wondered how things are going there like I always used to.  When I picked up my paychecks I was glad to get back out of the building as soon as possible.  I've joked many times with hubby about quitting, about retiring, and he never tells me no, or that I can't, or that we can't afford it.  Usually I just joke and shrug it off because I know it's just what I have to do, work and bring in my share of the income.  But this time.....I really just don't. want. to. go. back.  It's kinda scary really.  And now is not the time to be quitting a steady job, not when so many people can't find a job, not with the economy the way it is.  So I will suck it up and drag myself back there tomorrow morning and try to remember what it's like to do my job.

But for now, some Boom Blox on the Wii before bed.  Or maybe just a bit of reading.