Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan. 14

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)
Ben Stiller returns as hapless museum night watchman Larry Daley in this sequel to the hit comedy. Though he's now working at the Smithsonian Institution, Daley continues to deal with exhibits that come to life while the museum is closed. His adventures this time include close encounters with Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams), George Custer (Bill Hader) and Ivan the Terrible (Christopher Guest). Owen Wilson, Ricky Gervais co-star. 

I liked this one.  Didn't love it, and don't know if I liked it more or less than the first, but it was fun to watch.  Loved Amy Adams in Enchanted but found her annoying in this one.  Something that really drives me bonkers is when people say "Yeah, no [blah blah blah]," and I noticed Ben Stiller does it A LOT.  I kept my disgust to myself but at the end of the movie Casey boldly stated "I hate that!  Why do people say 'yeah, no...'?!"  I wholeheartedly agreed.  But little movie.

I had to put Sooner Or Later back on my Netflix list because I was telling someone at work about it and now she wants to see it.  She wants to read the books too.  LOL!  I had gone to Amazon and found the DVD for sale but for whatever reason did not order it.  Hmm.  Maybe I'll watch it again before lending it to CoWorker, and then order the DVD if I'm still hooked.  For anyone who needs a sample of this cheesy '70s goodness, search for it at YouTube and you'll find the whole movie....posted in segments.

Ty was pulled over by a cop yesterday, first time ever.  The cop said his license plates did not match the car and wanted to know why, asked if Ty had just bought the car.  Ty told him he'd just gotten it this weekend.  He got a written warning for not having papers in the car proving it was just recently purchased.  What the heck?  Whatever.  Not exactly sure why the cop was running his plates to begin with.  We're thinking he might have been going just enough over the speed limit that the cop would have reason to pull him over if any warrants or anything showed up on a search, and ..... tada! ......plates that don't match the car.  Ah well, we live and we learn.

It was 45 degrees and sunny here today!  I took most of the outside Christmas decorations down.  Hubby will have to get the rest this weekend.  Supposed to be equally nice tomorrow and still nice thru the weekend, but since I'm working this weekend I had to use this chance while I had it.  The snow is melting like crazy.  We have bare patches in the lawn already.  Ooohhhhhhh if only this could really be spring.  *sigh*  I know we'll be plunged back into the icy depths of winter several times yet in the coming months.  The older I get, the less I like it.

As much as I love the tarts I've ordered I decided I had to melt some of my own this evening.  I have been anxious to see how that cheap Walmart fragrance oil works so that's the tart I chose.  As I figured, extremely weak....and I used over double what's normally recommended!   Hubby said he liked the scent.  Ha, yeah, if you inhale right as you walk by the tart warmer.  I can either dump those or save them to use just in the area of my desk.  And I know now that I don't need to worry about buying that brand of oil again.  Actually, I haven't made any tarts for almost two weeks now.  I'm quite content to buy them off Etsy but I guess I will have to use that ten pound bag of wax I ordered......


  1. Holy crap, 45 degrees? Wowzers. It's in the thirties here.

    Like the Eclipse countdown :D

  2. Ya know what sucks? I have to work the day Eclipse opens. *grrrr*

    Not so sure anymore it was actually 45 degrees. The local weather site reported the 45 but everything else I'm hearing seems to be only upper 30s. It was dang warm, whatever it was. I had my jacket unzipped and Ty just had has sweatshirt while we took lights down.

  3. Bah, that sucks about Eclipse day.

    We've had some decent meltage, but not as much as you had, it sounds like.

  4. Eclipse opens on a Wednesday, which is kinda odd. Maybe because it's leading into 4th of July weekend? I could just switch days with someone at work but I think I'll just wait and see it whenever the best chance rolls around, maybe avoid that initial crush again.

    I might have to read the book again. The only thing I really remember is the cave scene with Jacob and Edward playing mind games. LOL