Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan. 2

Oh. My. God.  I am ridiculously giddy right now.  Let me explain..... The other day I posted about the wax tarts I'd bought on Etsy.  I had ordered more tarts from someone else the same day I'd ordered the ones in my post.  This other seller is in Wisconsin and I had browsed her Etsy shop so many times, but I really can't say why I've never ordered before this.  She makes bath and body products, and candles/tarts.  I guess because I'm making my own soap I didn't have a burning desire to order her soap, and I don't burn scented candles...I prefer the tarts.  It was the call of the tarts that finally made me order.  She sells in packs of six, but they are single scent packs.  I sent her a message asking if she ever did variety packs.  She replied that I could pick which scents I wanted and she'd set up a custom order at Etsy.  So that's what I did, picked three scents, ordered three tarts.  She said she'd get those mailed right away.  I was excited!

I'm a dork that way.

Days go by and I got the other things I'd ordered around the same time as the Wisconsin tarts.  I got a little discouraged, got a little bummed that a fellow Wisconsinite was letting me down.  Hubby sent me a text today (back to work, remember?) mentioning I'd gotten a package in the mail today, and told me where it was from.  That perked me up a bit, couldn't wait to get home and see these new tarts.  In the box was a note saying thanks for ordering and mentioning that she'd sent along some extras.  Oooh, freebies are good!  So I started digging thru the box pulling out more and more....and more stuff....

Now remember...I ordered three tarts.  What I got in this package was SEVEN tarts, one lip balm, one sample piece of soap, a sample bottle of shower gel/shampoo, and a sample bottle of conditioner!  And what's even more awesome is the freebies stick with a similar scent type to what I'd actually ordered.  It doesn't seem to be like random bits of non-sellers.  Granted, the free tarts are all Christmas themed so maybe they're just clearance now that the holidays are over but still....?!

The scents of my goodies are as follows:
Brown Sugar tart (I ordered)
Butterscotch Pudding tart (I ordered)
Nutcracker tart (I ordered) - 'Blend of vanilla, hazelnut, and maple syrup.'
Christmas Thyme tart (free) - 'The aroma of bayberries and apples with a base note of fresh pine needles and thyme, with a top note of freshly ground cinnamon bark.'
Old Fashioned Christmas tart (free) - 'Warm and spicy.'
Sugar Plum tart (free) - ' Very sweet, and pleasantly plum.'
Christmas Cabin tart (free) - (Can't find this one on her site scent list....hmm.)
Maple Butter Cheesecake lip balm (free)
Buttercream Crunch shower gel/shampoo, conditioner (free) - 'Just like the buttercream frosting on a cake. This is one of the stronger sweet vanilla scents I use.'
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap (free) - 'This is a very natural smelling blend that's heavy on the oatmeal and has just the right sweet touch of honey.'

I probably won't use any of these until Tuesday, my day off, but I'm having a wonderful time sniffing them all for now. It's funny too because just the other day I was daydreaming about how I'd do business if I had my own Etsy shop (or any online shop) and this is what I'd do! I would include extras. I would pay attention to what is being ordered and try to add something similar. If someone is ordering alot of floral scents I wouldn't throw in something from the other end of the spectrum. This has kinda renewed my desire to get cracking on my soap. It's also kinda made me realize how much easier and fun it is to just shop from others and keep trying different things.

Speaking of lip balm, I've had to bring my Wisconsin-made chai lip balm home from work. Seems no one there likes the scent and whenever I put some on people tend to do this *sniff sniff* 'What's the smell?' Instead of putting others thru such unpleasantness and putting up with their comments, I guess I'll just use that one at home and take one of my others to work. But which one? My new maple one? My other maple one? Hmmmm....I'll have to dig thru my stash and see what lip goodies I have.

And now I must go read a bit more of the book I'm currently reading but really can't stand.......


  1. Very cool about the extras! All of those sound very lovely smelling.

    Wow, they can smell your lip balm? How close are they to you?? Gee whiz. I haven't had any complaints.

    Whatcha readin' and hatin'?

  2. I tend to make out with my co-workers so it's usually pretty close. Ha! No, I think it's because it's an unusual scent that people are noticing it. I have thought, when I use it, that it's quite strong smelling.

    I'll 'review' the hateful book when I'm done....if I finish it. Have to keep everyone in suspense, ya know.

  3. "I tend to make out with my co-workers so it's usually pretty close. Ha! No"