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Jan. 27

Thirteen (2003)
Thirteen-year-old Tracy (Evan Rachel Wood) is a good girl. She's smart, gets along with her mom (Holly Hunter) and is never in trouble. But then she befriends Evie (Nikki Reed), a gorgeous and popular classmate who introduces her to the beguiling world of sex, alcohol, drugs and self-mutilation. This puts Tracy at odds with her friends, relatives and, most of all, her mother. Catherine Hardwicke directs a script co-written with Reed. 

Tried to watch this the other day but gave up.  I found I didn't care about any of the characters, not even the main girl.  It kinda pissed me off that the mom and the brother and everyone was so shocked by her behavior yet we hear the brother say their mom knows he smokes pot everyday and we see the mom being not much better herself.  Couldn't quite figure out what the main girl's crisis was with her mom's boyfriend either.  He seemed to be the most sensible of them all.  Did he molest her or something?  Would the movie have told me eventually if I'd kept watching?  I don't know, it just had me rolling my eyes and getting much that I even sent back a similar movie without even watching.  Guess I'm just not in the mood for this kind of movie.

Stumbled across another product that I'm excited about.  While grocery shopping I stopped to grab those little packs of cheese/crackers but a supplier cart was in the way so while I waited for him to move I happened to glance at other crackers.  Hmm, what's this rather plain looking box way down on the bottom shelf? 

There were only three flavors and none of them really appealed to me but I picked up a box to have a look anyway.  They were Back To Nature brand, all natural, organic, made in Wisconsin, and packaged in recycled boxes with veggie based ink.  How cool is that?  I bought a box of the Sesame Tarragon crackers.  Hubby and I both liked them.  I looked up the company online and found they have other products too!  Things like cookies, granola, juice.  I'm going to look for more of these products next time I go grocery shopping.  I'm sure they cost a little more but it just might be worth it to me to pay it.

Still nothing happening with my website or my Etsy shop.  I knew it would start slow but GAH it's frustrating.  I have no patience.  It makes me wonder where all those people are now, the ones who urged me to do it because they loved and believed in the soap.  *sigh*  It's early, I know.  P-a-t-i-e-n-c-e.....

I can't take my soap to work anymore like I did those couple days.  Someone complained and the plant manager asked me to remove it.  I'm almost positive I know who did it and the thing that pisses me off the most is that this guy is such an incredibly whiny bastard.  Ok, yes, there is a policy about no soliciting at work but it's one of those rules that's not really enforced.  People bring in things their kids are selling for school, a couple people have Avon books, some people make food and bring it in.  Usually the catalogs or order forms are just left in the breakroom and people order.  It stays in the breakroom, it's all done during breaktimes.  And my soap was no diffferent.  So why did dumbass go crying?  Who flippin' knows?!

The plant manager is also a friend of mine, not like he's just a scary high level boss.  It was a very mellow conversation when he told me I had to remove it.  I wasn't mad at *him*.  He even told me that it would probably be fine if I sold while I was actually on break and accompanying my stuff but once I left the breakroom I had to take my stuff with me.  He said I wasn't being singled out, that the Avon books and everything would have to stop.  Whatever.  I told him I'd remove it and not bring it back, that he didn't need to worry about it anymore.  So even though I had my stuff at work yesterday it ended up staying in the bag on top of the lockers in the women's bathroom 99% of the day.

I told a few people about it and they were all pissed for me.  Then I started finding out that oodles of people supposedly wanted to order.  I'm kinda skeptical about that because it sat out for two days and these oodles of people couldn't be bothered to order or even approach me.  But whatever....

Did I mention that Ty went to a concert last weekend?  I don't think so.  Well, Ty went to a concert last weekend.  He and Matt and their friend Alex and another guy went to The Rave, which is a sort of club venue in Milwaukee.  It's where all the not quite big name bands play, and it's the cool place to go for the young adult group.  Or it seems to be anyway.  The headliner was Theory of a Deadman.  (Yeah, I don't know them either, heh.)  There were three other 'lesser' bands playing too.  Afterwards Ty and friends were leaving and stopped to look at merchandise.  They each bought a cd of one of those other bands and even got them autographed by two of the guys.  I think the band was Adelita's Way.  (Yeah, never heard of them.)

Hubby and I watched one episode of Lost the other night.  We were going to start our Season 5 recap journey but only made it thru one episode.  LOL  It is sooooo weird to watch it now.  The first two seasons I could tell you every detail, even down to the tiniest most random thing.  As time went on it all got too overwhelming and I gave up alot on pondering and now I can barely remember what happened in general last season!  Seasons 4 and 5 have kinda blended together in my brain.  The time jumping didn't help things at all.  AND knowing what happens at the end of the season has me watching the beginning of the season with new eyes.  It's all too much work!  I better get busy though if I'm going to watch the whole season....only five days left before the new season!

(And a quick reminder..........I'M SPOILER-FREE so zip yer lips, people!)

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