Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan. 9 - Well THAT was unexpected!

Ty bought his first 'new' car today.  The whole thing kinda came out of nowhere.  First, the new baby.....

Now the story.....
Ty's first car has been a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo that we bought from a guy 'down the road' last year.  It's a fairly decent car but I still consider it a beater...big dent in one rear quarter panel, ugly worn interior, lots of odd quirks and noises.  More and more lately there have been small problems popping up and he's been getting frustrated.  Well, actually since he started working he's mentioned a few times that he's wanted a different "better" car.  We told him to keep putting money in the bank.  And he has been.

The last several days he's mentioned problems with the heat in that car.  Considering our temps have been stuck in the low teens for what seems like weeks now, and the fact that he's driving at night, this has been a growing concern.  This morning he said that he had no heat at all while coming home last night and that he wants a new car.  I told him to start looking in the paper, and keep his eye open for cars that people are selling.  Or did he want to go browse some car lots and see what he was getting himself into?  He said he wanted to go look, yes.

When hubby got home from work (Saturday morning overtime) we headed to town.  We figured we'd just go look, let Ty see what types were available in what price ranges.  We hadn't even planned on talking to anyone.... "Just looking" was what we thought we were doing.  A salesman swooped in on us almost as soon as we were out of the truck.  He was super friendly, super chatty.  An excellent salesman perhaps, but he was very personable (?) instead of sugar coated 'force the sale' nice, so we didn't mind him hanging around.  It was very funny too that although we were looking for one for Ty, the dude came back around to me and asked which one I'd picked out.  LOL

There were three that Ty had his eye on.  He test drove two of them and eliminated the third because of price vs. age/size/gas mpg.  The first he drove was a dark blue Cobalt.  I don't remember the year but I think the price was quite a bit more than the one he got.  While the Cobalt was ok, none of us really preferred it.  When we got back to the lot and hopped into the Stratus we were all immediately more impressed.  We came back to the lot and went inside to crunch some numbers.  It was decided we'd get more money selling his old Monte Carlo ourselves instead of using it for a trade in.  They tried running the application with everything just in Ty's name but because he has no credit history yet we all knew he'd need a co-signer.  And since I didn't have my license or anything on me (told you we weren't expecting this!) hubby ended up co-signing.  With the money Ty already had in the bank, and because he doesn't have any other bills, this car payment shouldn't be bad at all for him.  I think his head was spinning by the end of it all...LOL....with all the information and explanations and paper signing.  And then driving away with a new car when we'd only come to give him his first look around?!  Crazy.

What's also funny is that this is the car *I* wanted for ME!  We'd both spotted it....separately.  I was considering getting it myself and letting Ty have mine, or letting mine go to Casey when he gets his license.  Hubby seemed to be considering it too, but we never did get serious about it.  Yes, before making his final decision Ty did know I liked this one, but I'm pretty sure that's not why he decided on it.  We'll just say I trained that boy well.....ok?  Hehe!

While we were out on one of the test drives Casey called hubby's phone and said the mailman was stuck in our ditch.  Not sure what they expected us to do??  Hubby told him we were nowhere near home.  The mailman told Casey he'd wait.  What????  So while the car dude was filling out paperwork and running back and forth, hubby was trying to contact anyone near our house who could go help the mailman.  All of his nearby friends were gone.  Luckily Casey sent a text a bit later saying someone else had stopped to help.  Cool, but why the heck would he want to sit and wait?

When we got home I found that poor stuck mailman had delivered precious cargo.....

More tarts!!!
This bunch includes two each of: Pralines & Cream, Caramel Toffee, Pecan Caramel Swirl. Creme Brule', Toasted Marshmallow, and Buttercream Frosting.  If you notice the caramel theme in there it's not coincidental.  I'm addicted to both caramel and butterscotch scents lately.  This seller (Country Home Scents) does not have a butterscotch scent at this time so I went the caramel route, hoping to find a favorite that I can stock up on.  Hubby was kinda put off after sniffing only a couple, "They all smell the same now."  Naaahhh!

I think I need to order more from the Wisconsin seller (Augusta Hitching Post) because that's where I got the butterscotch one from.  I'm also in love with her Nutcracker scent.  Hers are bigger, enough that I can split one tart in half and easily have enough for both of my warmers....and cheaper.  Plus she's local.  But the other girl is so dang friendly and those tarts are so dang cute.  Maybe I need to get crackin' on my own and I won't have to order from either!

I'm sure there was probably more I was going to write about but I'm drawing a blank now.  I might just go read and call it a night pathetically early.  Oooooh, just realized something!  I need a tart warmer in the bedroom.  Hmmmmm.........

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  1. Wow, that's cool! Lol! Congrats to Ty! Looks nice.

    And I find it hilarious that he's got a Stratus for personal reasons ... There was a skit on SNL years ago with Will Ferrell playing the father at the dinner table of an extremely dysfunctional family including Sarah Michelle Gellar as the daughter, and he yells multiple times in the skit, "I drive a Dodge Stratus!!", like, "You should listen to me because I drive a Stratus." Brad & I still think of it every single time a Stratus is mentioned ... anywhere.