Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb. 12

The Crush (1993)
Looking for a quiet place to live, journalist Nick (Cary Elwes) moves into a wealthy family's guesthouse. But the apartment comes with an added surprise: the family's teenage daughter (Alicia Silverstone), who has eyes for Nick and tries every trick in the book to entice him into an illicit affair. He resists -- but she's a girl who doesn't take no for an answer. Ever.

I've seen this movie many times and always loved it but it's been years since the last time.  Watched it several days ago and wow.....I'd forgotten what a psycho she really is!  Alicia Silverstone does crazy evil so well it's scary.  So yeah, I still love this movie.

Anyway, it's been a while and I have no better reason than I'm going crazy.  Soap and Lost and tarts!  Oh, and work and snowstorms and teenage boys who natter on like girls at times and various other everyday normalities.  Sometimes there is too much to blog about and sometimes my mind is just so cluttered I can't blog if I try.  Heh.

So.  Lost.  I liked this episode but once again I don't care much for the off-island storyline.  I know there is importance, but I've not been putting much effort into that area.  On the island fun fun!  Is Sayid now Jacob?  Or is he really still Sayid?  I stand by my theory that it's Jacob in there now.  Hubby and pretty much everyone around me has plenty of 'yeah but's but I poopoo on their skepticism.  Jacob has probably never done this body snatcher stuff before, probably never had a reason to.  He knows that NotLocke is the dark arts necromancer Voldemort type, and he knows now that it *can* be done but he's not sure about it all.  When he met with Hurley and told him what to do with Sayid, his mind was made up but he was still unsure about things.  So now we have TempleMaster and Translator who know all about NotLocke's shape shifting ways and recognize that something right up that alley has happened to Sayid.  The tests were to see if it was NotLocke they were dealing with, maybe drive him out.  When it didn't work they were confused.  They are not expecting that JACOB would do this so they don't recognize this it could be him.  Meanwhile, Miles never picked up anything from DeadSayid because Jacob was already there.  Or maybe Miles *is*  picking up something but it's not Sayid like it's supposed to be.  I think he knows something and might be the first to clue the others in on it.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.  For now at least.  

I'm confused about why Kate cried after Sawyer told her about Juliet and dumped the ring.  I mean, yeah, I was bawling too but I don't know what Kate's was for.  Because Sawyer didn't want her?  Because Sawyer had gotten over her so completely that he was going to marry Juliet?  Was she just heartbroken for Sawyer because he'd lost his love and his life?  Was it just a general breakdown after everything that's happened?

Really not liking Jack much anymore.  I don't know how many times in these episodes I've been rolling my eyes and saying 'Give it up, Jack!' when he tries to be all tough and full of attitude.  Bleah.

More tarts!  Before you send me to Tartaholics rehab let me just say that I had not intended to buy these.  While working on Etsy/soap stuff it became apparent that this would be the easiest way for me to get some positive feedback built up in my own shop.  One small order became two small orders (to get more feedback) and then while chatting with the TartGoddess a larger order had to be placed because new scents will be available soon and she was offering them to me in advance.  Of course I simply HAD to try them.  She also told me they were phasing out one of the old scents because it was too weak and she replaced that one (I had ordered it) with something better AND tossed in a freebie.  Can't beat that now can you?

This time I got Snickerdoodle, Country Home, Caramel Latte, Brown Sugar & Chestnuts...and the three singletons in the front are Pralines & Cream, Creme Brule', and Pecan Caramel Swirl.  I've been burning the Snow Angels one from a previous order.  It's a mint/buttercream frosting scent, kinda subtle but very nice.  It's almost like it cleans the air instead of putting a heavy scent over it.  Very nice.

Well, I was going to write about all the happenings in my soap world but time is ticking away and I need to get some things done.  Maybe I'll post again later tonight.  Oh!  Maybe not, since tonight is the opening ceremonies of the Olympics!  I'll (hopefully) be glued to the TV all evening.

Will you??

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