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Mar. 13 - Etsy addiction

I continue to be in love with trying new handmade things I find on Etsy.  Figured I'd give a bit of an update on things I've used, have been using, have recently discovered....

Lip balms
I've been using several different lip balms from several different sellers, still haven't one I"m totally content with.  Seems like I'm able to use one for a while and it's great but then my lips rebel so I switch to one of the others.  What I'm working thru in my current stash:

A 'chai' stick and a 'sweet orange' stick from Mirasol Farm right here in Wisconsin.  The orange one has a bit of zing to it.  The chai is quite strong in scent.  The balm itself is soft, which I like.  They only use essential oils though, which keeps it all-natural, but it severely limits the flavor options...which I don't like.

A 'cherry almond' stick from Long Winter Farm in Maine.  (I also have a 'maple almond' and a 'black cherry' that I haven't started yet.)  There are SO many flavors to choose from at this shop!   The scent is mellow on this.  You can smell it just fine if you put it to your nose and sniff it but on your lips, nah.  Maybe that's a good thing but I've gotten used to the stronger scents in some of my others.  I think this one works pretty good but it oval shapped and it's on the harder end of the lip balm spectrum.  I do like it, but as with the others my lips seem to only like it for so long.

A 'caramel' stick from Your Time Body Treats in Chicago, Illinois.  Early on I totally disregarded this one but I think it was partially because I was so disappointed with the body butter I'd ordered from this seller.  I took this one to work just to have one in my locker and somewhere along the way I fell in love with this one.  The scent is quite strong and this particular caramel scent is fabulous.  It's a very nice medium-soft consistency that glides on easily, which I really like.  It's only downfall right now is that it's oval shaped and I just can't get used to the oval ones.  I'm afraid to bring this one back home because I'm afraid I'll keep using it just to keep smelling it.  LOL

A 'Maple Butter Cheesecake' stick that I got as a freebie from Soy N Suds, also here in Wisconsin.  Not crazy about this one.  The scent is ok, the consistency is ok, but it kinda seems like it's not there or not doing much.  Maybe it's working fine but my mind keeps thinking I need more cuz I don't really 'feel' it.

Body butters
I've been trying to find a good, light textured homemade lotion and there are sooooo many available on Etsy.  The scents and styles out there are amazing.  I want to try them all!  Well, ok,   I've only tried a few so far.
This was the Cherry Almond body butter from Your Time Body Treats in Chicago, Illinois that I had ordered early on and was so disappointed in.  I hadn't even finished the jar, but instead threw it out in frustration.  Looking at her shop now, I wonder if she's changed things?  I seem to remember different/more pics back when I ordered.  And some of the other products look way more whipped and creamy than the one I had received.  Anyway, this one was a bomb.

Still using this Warm Vanilla Sugar body butter from Concord Soap Company (Concord, Ohio).  While this has been fabulous on my feet, knees, and elbows it's just too greasy to use for hands throughout the day.  It's a bit on the hard side, where you have to push/scoop hard with your finger to get some out, and I'm not fond of that.  This jar is almost done though...another day or two and it will be gone.

My absolute favorite product so far....and you all know this the Bella's Birthday body butter from Elli Bath N Beauty in California.  I love love love this product!!!  The scent is spectacular.  Just using it on my hands, I've had people at work stop and comment 'Mmm, you smell so good.'  It's super light, fluffy, creamy.  It absorbs quickly and lasts a long time.  I usually only need it once in the morning, unless I've been washing my hands throughout the day.  The 4oz. jar that I got in mid-December is just now showing the bottom.  I think I have maybe a week left of this one.  I had also ordered a sampler pack (4 small 1oz jars) a while ago but haven't started using any of those yet.  The ONLY downfall is that both times I've ordered from here the shipping has taken nearly a month.

There is another seller on Etsy that I'm dying to order from but have been holding myself back until some of these other body butters are gone...and this is Verbena Custom Blends (location unknown).  There are so many tantalizing scents and options in this shop I won't know where to start!

Wax melting tarts
How can you not know I'm addicted to tarts?  I prefer them a thousand times over regular candles.  Ok, so yeah you still have to burn a tea light candle to melt the tart but at least the tea light burns completely and not just a trench down the middle.  (I tried electric tart warmers.  Didn't like them.)
The first ones I ordered were from Soy N Suds, here in Wisconsin.  These tarts are big...I can cut one in half and fill both of my warmers.  They are strongly scented, and they are slightly cheaper than other tarts on Etsy. Everything says I should keep buying from her, right?  
But then you experience these beautiful little babies from Country Home Scents (in Washington) and you get to know the tartmaker and become friendly with her and you stick with a good thing.  These little tarts are plenty strong, two of them usually fill this big ol' country house with their scent.  They cost a bit more but they're so damn cute, and the service is extraordinary.  If you want to venture into the world of tarts, go buy the $3.00 warmer at any Walmart type store, buy a bag of tea light candles for a couple more dollars, and then check out the many scents available at Country Home Scents on Etsy and Kristine will take wonderful care of you!  (She also has electric warmers for sale if you prefer to go that route.)

Totally unnecessary things
There is always something that catches my eye while I browse the wonders of Etsy.  Sometimes the thing grabs me so much I just have to have it, almost like 'I need that now and I'll figure out why later!'  LOL
 These little buggers are just about the cutest things ever!  They are hair clips from the Everyday Clippies, in Michigan.  I never would have thought to be browsing for hair clips but this shop popped up in an Etsy article and I was like 'Oh my gosh, what ARE those?!' and had to go check.  I don't wear little girl hair clips, and I don't even have a little girl, but I do have.....Addie!  (My grandniece.)  She was my excuse to buy these, and now she'll have a lovely little Easter present.  There are many more varieties at the shop.  Go have a look!

 I wasn't aware that people like to trade things on Etsy.  A woman had contacted me about something soap related and of course I had to check out her shop.  She crochets and had several nice things.  I was intrigued by these little buggers....they are small (about silver dollar size) face scrubbies!  I commented on them in my reply to her and she asked if I'd like to trade a bar of soap for a pack of scrubbies.  She even did them in Vikings colors for me!  I haven't actually tried them yet though.  Gotta get on that.

Bleah, the colors are crappy in this pic even after tweaking it a bit.  You can't even tell what the brown thing on the right is.  *grrr*  Well anyway, these are hand sculpted pins.  The hearts are....obviously.....done in Vikings colors (I requested that), and the brown thing is actually a really gorgeous acorn and two Fall leaves.  The artist is the sister of my sister's good friend.  Her shop is Lilly Bug Boutique, right here in Wisconsin.  This acorn pin was actually the very first thing I ever fell in love with at Etsy but it wasn't until much later that I finally decided to buy it.  She's probably going to do more for me....pins and/or magnets in Vikings colors or holiday themes.  (The purple thing in left background is a tiny purse that she included as a freebie extra.  Not sure what I'd ever use it for but it's purple!  And it was very cool that she included it.  I think it's meant to be like a tiny gift holder, like jewelry or cash or gift card.)

You can find food on Etsy too!  I can't remember how I came across the Mara's Maples shop (California) but I ordered two kinds of granola from there.  I got the Chewy Vanilla Granola with Spiced Pecans, and the
Maple Granola with Dried Cherries and Spiced Walnuts.  There are many other things I want to try too!  I was so excited when the package arrived, I couldn't wait to try some as a bowl of cereal.  I poured a decent amount in the bowl and found that.....whoa!.....a little goes a long way!  Every time since then I've taken what looks like a really skimpy amount and it fills me right up.  I don't really notice an obvious difference in flavors or in chewy vs. regular but that's ok cuz they're both good.  She included a coupon for 10% off my next order so I think I'll use it on Cinnamon Maple Granola with Cranberries and Almonds.  Yummy!

And I think that about covers my Etsy treasures so far.  If you've never been to Etsy I insist you go give it a look.  It's not as vast as eBay but I like Etsy more now because the things are handmade (or vintage).  At first I was stuck in my cheapass penny pincher mode and thought it was crazy to buy things there when I could just go to the Evil Empire for a fraction of the price but the more involved I get the more I don't mind paying extra for something handmade, something crafted, something local.

I started writing this post on March 6.  It's now almost bedtime on March 13.  That shows you how crazy things have been for me lately.  *Hopefully* I can get back into the swing of blogging very soon.

A couple updates about the products mentioned above....
I have finished that Warm Vanilla Sugar body butter that I was using on my feet.  Yesterday I started using one of the small sample jars of one of my other Twilight scents from the Bella's Birthday creator.  The scent is called The Volturi and I posted about it a while ago when I received it.  I don't like the scent so that's why it's been bumped into the bathroom for my feet-knees-elbows lotion.

My Bella's Birthday is now dangerously close to being gone.  This depresses me greatly.  I should just order another jar of it right now since I know shipping will take forever.  But remember the Verbena Custom Blends shop I mentioned earlier in this post?  Well I ordered my first product from them tonight.  I'm so excited about this!  I chose Cinnamon Sugared Caramel Vanilla Pear scented Whipped Yogurt Body Cream.  (Now there's a mouthful, huh?)  I hope it comes quickly and I'll definitely review it as soon as possible.

And there you have it.  My dorky Etsy addiction laid out for all to see.  Now go there yourself and have some fun!

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