Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3 - Products, Etsy....

I've strayed from my usual Etsy tart supplier.  Yes yes, I know, the horrors.  But when I saw this other Etsy tart maker's listing for a caramel coffee scented tart I was drawn to her shop.  I found that Nana's Tarts has many coffee scents!  I sent her a message asking if I could get three different scents in one of her 3-packs instead of all the same scent as she had listed.  She said that would be fine but she also mentioned other scents she had that just weren't listed yet.  She offered me a package deal plus two free tarts (I think?) so in the end I was getting one of each of the coffee line.  Awesome!

When my ordered arrived I loved how cute the packaging was, like a little country bundle all done up in a gingham fabric.  I was thrilled to see she'd also thrown in a freebie absolutely adorable apple pie scented pie-looking tart!

The actual coffee scented tarts all looked the same.  They were individually packaged and tagged in the same country charm theme.  The scents I got were:
Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee
Caramel Nut Coffee
Pumpkin Cinnamon Coffee
Caramel Cinnamon Latte
Vanilla Toffee Latte
Chocolate Mint Latte
Cinna Latte
Roasted Coffee
The Pumpkin Cinnamon is my favorite of these.  I will probably order more of that one this fall, around Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I also quite liked the Vanilla Toffee, and the Mint Chocolate Chip.  Hubby said the Caramel Nut reminded him of when I'm doing Christmas baking, and the Caramel Cinnamon one reminded him of popcorn.  LOL...I don't know.

I have not actually burned the Roasted Coffee yet.  All the others have been plenty strong on the first burn but noticeably weaker already on the second burn.  Some I didn't get more than two burns out of.  That's the only downside to these tarts.  My other tarts I can burn over and over and over and still have plenty of scent.  Still, Nana's Tarts are good enough that I would order again.  Go check her shop!

I also ordered more from my regular supplier, Country Home Scents.  This order included Pralines & Cream, Pecan Caramel Swirl, Fudge Brownie, Butterscotch Cream, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, and Heavenly Honey.  I think this order also had Chocolate Chip Cookie scent but I burned that right away because she was waiting for me feedback.  (It was good, for those who are wondering.)  I haven't burned any of this new order yet since I've working my way thru the coffee ones but I have faith that these are all fantastic.  They always are.  (Actually, I've had a couple of these scents before and had to reorder because they are so good.)  Check her shop too!

Remember when I was in Iowa I bought that soap from the little shop in East Davenport?  I don't think I ever said much about it because I knew I wanted to write about it separately.  
The soap I bought was the Milk 'n Honey bar from Iowa Naturals, made right there in Davenport.  Ingredients are not listed on the label and at the website they are bulked together in general, so I'm not sure but I don't think this particular bar contains goat milk.  Regardless, it's quite a nice bar of soap.  Plenty of long lasting lather (which I love!), lovely Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent, ground oatmeal to scrub and stimulate.  Nice.  We also bought a 'shave stick' for hubby but didn't realize until we were home that we'd grabbed a *womens* stick.  I have not used it.  I don't know if hubby will now.  I don't know what difference there would really be anyway.  Scent?

I was also given a tiny sample of lotion with my purchase.  The only things written on the teeny tiny jar was 'Naked Bee.'  After some internet research I found out this was a product of The Naked Bee, out of California.  I emailed them, told them about my sample, asked if they might know what scent/product it is according to the shop it was in.  They replied that the shop owner probably made the samples herself, and her guess was that it was their signature scent of Orange Blossom Honey.  The sample was so small, but I got a few uses out of it for my hands.  It was nice but I prefer my beloved Bella's Birthday.

I finally bought my first Seventh Generation cleaning product.  I've known about them for a while but haven't seen their products readily available in any of the places I shop most.  Recently a blog that I read was having a Seventh Generation giveaway and to enter you had to visit the site, etc.  While at the site I browsed the list of stores that carry them and found they must have expanded because there were now places that I go to.  Not long after that I happened to be in Target and saw an end display featuring Seventh Generation products so I bought......
...Lavender Floral & Mint dish washing liquid.  I've used it a couple times now and it seems strong enough.  I always have it in my head that these natural, eco-friendly products are weak.  The suds lasted all the way, it didn't seem like I was washing with nasty water, and the scent was very nice....not overwhelming, just enough to know it was there.  Not sure at this point if I'll buy more or stick with my Dawn.  With the oil slick approaching the Gulf Coast I need to keep supporting Dawn so they can clean the ducks and wildlife!

And hey!  I think I'm caught up now on all my product natterings!


  1. That apple-pie shaped tart is awesome-looking!

    I always think that, too, that eco-friendly products are going to be weak or sucky in some other way--seems like that's been the case for us in the past. Maybe I'll try something new ...

  2. Forgot to say: I've been using the shave "stick." I didn't realize you'd gotten the same one! I thought you'd gotten the actual stick shape (which was the men's, so I guess that's why I thought so). I'm liking it so far. I don't seem to be having the dry hands thing I thought was happening at first. Seems to do the trick pretty well--I'm not having a lot of bleeders ... but that's usually the case when I start a new razor anyway. I'm glad I tried it, but I'm not sure whether I'll bother getting it again.

  3. I recently bought some of that Greenworks or whatever it's called, from Clorox, I think. Anyway, bought the toilet cleaner and it did pretty much nothing. I didn't expect miracles on our nasty hard water stained potty but dang...nothing? Really? Bummer.