Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1 - Eclipse

I just saw Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight series.  When I read the books I fell obsessively in love with Twilight, strongly disliked New Moon, liked Eclipse a bit more, then back to near hate with Breaking Dawn.  I loved the Twilight movie even though I was quite disappointed, and loved it in a different way than the book.  I saw it four times in the theater and countless times on dvd.  I liked the New Moon movie way better than the book but it was still only so-so to me.  I saw it once in the theater and bought the dvd but have yet to watch it.  From the clips and bits I'd been seeing about Eclipse I had a feeling it would be good.  My initial reaction after seeing it today: awesome!

My biggest complaint is still the Cullens eyes.  They looked totally different...a lot more more New Moon than in Twilight and the overdone in-yer-face creepy eye look is there again in Eclipse.  They still look a bit pasty in Eclipse too, my other complaint from New Moon.  The Volturi looked better this time around though.  I thought they looked horrid in New Moon.

The story in movie form seemed to flow a lot easier for me than the book did.

Jasper seemed pretty cool in this one.  Looked better too.  Not his usual strange looking constipated vampire self.

Charlie is so funny in this one again.  The whole "I'm a virgin!" scene was hysterical.  And in the scene when he comes out of the house to break up the brewing spat between Jacob and Edward....LOL!  Here he is all trying to play the Dad In Charge role when he's unknowingly standing between a vampire and werewolf.  Most people don't seem to see why I find that so dang amusing.

Got a little tired of Jacob never having a shirt and it was funny when Edward commented "Doesn't he own a shirt?"  It was also funny in the tent scene when Jacob pointed out to Edward "...I'm hotter than you."  Predictable laughter in the theater for that.

Oh!  Jasper and Alice in fight training was funny too.

I really felt the pain, the struggle in this one when it came to Jacob pleading his case to Bella.  Even though I'm totally Team Edward I felt those first pangs back in New Moon when it was like 'Go with Jacob!  You can still be you that way!'  And it was there in a big big way in this one.  Yeah yeah, she can't just turn off her feelings for Edward and switch to Jacob...I know that.

The look and the music was very cool in this one.  There is a song on the soundtrack that I had told my sister reminded me of The Crow.  That song turned out to be at the opening of the movie and it was indeed rather Crow-ish.  They also used one of the coolest songs on the soundtrack for the cool fight training scenes and it was almost a repeat of the coolness of the Muse song during the baseball scenes in Twilight.

I think my favorite part might have been when the wolves appeared in the big battle.  Awesome!

I didn't think I was going to like any of the newborn stuff, thought it was all a bunch of blah blah whatever get back to the story crap but I actually liked Riley.  And I liked Bree.  Too bad the Bree book was such a sucky waste of time and space.  Her tiny little bits in the movie were way better than the stupid book.

I almost felt bad for Victoria early on when the Cullens were chasing her on one side of the ravine and the wolves were chasing her on the other.  Then all the weaknesses in her story came back to me and I got over it.  Heh.

So overall, yeah, I really liked this one.  I'm already wanting to see it again and I did not have that urge at all with New Moon.  Anyone wanna go with me?