Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oct. 16 - Tarts

It's been a while since I've shared my wax tart addiction with you.  (Ok, yeah, it's been a while since I've shared ANYTHING with you ... )  You may remember that my tart pimp is the ever wonderful Kristine (and her mom!) over at Country Home Scents on Etsy,  They will scent with you home with adorable little babies like these ...
And I did order a bunch of Fall scented tarts not too long ago ...

But ...

I have strayed from my tart pimp ...

Somewhere along the way (one of the soap blogs?) I stumbled across Sugar Bush Primitives.  I love this place!  They have soaps, candles, food items, various other items, and it's all in a wonderful sort of country charm theme.  Well, 'primitive' is the term, I guess.  Anyway, I ordered tarts from here.  They're cute in a whole different kind of way!
They smell divine out of the pack but I can't yet say how strong they are when melted.  I've just now put the first one into the tart warmer.  Another reason I couldn't resist is because this place has maple scents and I don't think my regular tart pimp does.  Not saying I'm abandoning my tart pimp.  No no no.

I also ordered a beer bread mix, as you can see in the pic.  And I ordered a maple scented bar of soap but there was a mix up in the order and that wasn't shipped.  I emailed them and Mary apologized and assured me she'd get the soap sent out.  Can't wait to try it!

The scent from these new tarts is amazing.  It is strong and carries well throughout the house.  I could even smell hints of it upstairs when I went to bed.  I could still smell it, very subtly, when I got up this morning.  Awesome!!  I think I need to revisit that site and explore other scents.


  1. Uh-oh! The update sounds like pimp needs to worry ...

    Those are very cute. And dang, those pimp tarts are soo cute.

    I should get out the warmer. I gotta order more soap--maybe you can mail me the spice cake tarts with the soapies.

  2. TartPimp has been listing some Christmas scents on Etsy and they are calling to me. But wow, I love these new tarts. That first one was burned almost constantly and still had some life in it but I was so anxious to try the other pack that I switched today. This second pack is an awesome scent but not quite as strong.

    Vickie was here and mentioned she's started ordering tarts but I don't know from where. She said Dan wants to get a warmer too. Yay for tart whores!

  3. How cute are these little toasted marshmallow shaped tarts! I bet they smelled wonderful even though I usually am not one for maple scents.

    1. I haven't ordered from Moeggenberg Sugar Bush in ages. I don't think they even do the grubbies anymore. I think they just have clamshells now. Even so, I should place a small order one of these days just because it's been so long!