Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec. 7 - *LOVE* these pics!

Eclipse came out on DVD several days ago...and I don't have it yet.  Shows how crazy frazzled I've been lately!  I'll grab it next time I'm in town and then I want to watch all three movies back to back.  I haven't seen Twilight for a while, have not even watched New Moon on DVD yet, and barely remember even going to see Eclipse even though I did like it quite a lot.  I'm really wanting to read the Twilight book.....again.

So my Twilight lust is still there, just simmering under the chaos of everything else for now.


  1. Cool pics! :)

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  2. Love your pic & layout on here.

  3. I love this layout too, love the colors. Wish I could keep it all year! (Well, I could but, you know what I mean.)