Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jan. 22, 2010 - Bath & Body Works online haul

I had gotten a Bath & Body Works gift certificate for my birthday and used it to order several candles.  You may remember that I am a total wax tart junkie when it comes to home scents.  Shortly before Christmas though, for whatever reason, hubby and I got into a candle burning kick.  So what did I use my gift certificate on?  Candles.  Yes, BATH....and.....BODY....and I bought candles.
I'd seen many reviews on YouTube, people raving about how wonderful Slatkin & Co. candles they smell so wonderful, and the scent is so strong.  I really love the warm, cozy, foodie scents so that's what I went with in my order.  I got Creamy Nutmeg, Homemade Cookies, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Mint Chocolate in the smaller size, and Vanilla Shortbread in the large three wick size.  I'd wanted Frosted Cupcake and Hot Butter Rum but they weren't available when I ordered.

The only one of this group that I've burned so far is the Mint Chocolate.  The scent is wonderful!  The strength of that scent though (the 'throw') is kinda weird.  When we had it burning on the coffee table and we were sitting on the couch watching TV, I couldn't really smell it.  However, if you left the room you could smell it.  The other day I moved this to my desk and had it burning on the top shelf.  Sitting here at the computer I couldn't smell it at all, but when I came in the house from being outside I smelled it immediately, even from the back room.  I guess we'll need to put the candles somewhere central or out of the way when we burn them.

I'd also seen a review on YouTube where the person said her small candles burned lopsided.  We have that happen too.  We try to turn the candles, but it seems like the wick wants to sag over to one side.  We've had to prop them slightly to try and even things out.

Overall though, I don't know if I'll buy any more of these candles.  I still like wax tarts more.  I know B&BW has those wall flower thingies that you plug into an outlet and they scent your rooms but I don't really get into the plugin types.  Just something about using electricity.....I don't know, maybe it's only fractions of pennies to use them?  I don't know.  They also have the scented oils.  I'm considering trying those.  I was never interested in them before because I didn't like having liquid sitting around in case the cat got curious or rambunctious.  My fattycat is fat and old now though, so I don't think he'd cause trouble.  And I keep my warmers on the top shelf of my desk so everything would probably be ok.  Maybe I'll try the oils one of these days.

So, I got all those candles with my gift certificate, but I did get one body product too.
This is a small bottle of Lemon Vanilla body lotion.  The B&BW guru that I've been watching on YouTube had said that this scent is being discontinued and they'd become hard to find soon.  There is just something about lemon that always catches my attention.  (Remember the Lemon Oatmeal soap that I just *had* to make?)  When I saw this still available on the website I ordered it.  This is a very lemony scent, as you would expect, but there is not much vanilla.  It's like the vanilla is just enough to take the sharp edge off the zesty lemon.  Very nice, I like it.

Moving on to my actual store hauls...............


  1. I'm so glad you gave Lemon Vanilla a chance! It smells amazing, it's so unique. I love lemon scents in general, too! SO upset it's being d/c. Good thing I stocked up for a lifetime!

  2. I've only used a bit of the lotion so far, and that was back when I first got it. Now that I have some shower gel I'll have to give them all a proper try. :)