Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb. 1 - More Bath & Body Works

I had gotten a coupon from Bath & Body Works' Facebook page for a free preview size candle of one of the new Island Escape scents but it was only good for the weekend (I think) and I had to work.  Hubby grabbed the coupon from its very obvious 'Don't forget about me!' hanging spot on the fridge and hopped over to B&BW after getting some work done on his truck.  Yay for thoughtful hubbies!  He not only got me the freebie candle but picked out three other little ones in the 3 for $5 deal.....
Pink Sangria - 'A refreshing combination of zesty mandarin, raspberry and fresh blueberry, layered with the sweetness of sugar crystals.'   It reminds me of Sweetarts, a sweet, fun scent.
Pineapple Mango -  'The most delicious fragrance under the sun, a tropical scent of sweet pineapple, luscious mango, crisp lotus and a hint of warm vanilla.'   I just smell pineapple but I really like it.  Unfortunately, I can't smell it at all when it's burning.  This is the only one we've actually burned so far.
Island Coloda - 'A delicious blend of pineapple, creamy coconut and orange, with a touch of ginger.'  I really like this one!  I get the coconut scent most of all but there is something almost floral that plays with it.
Sparkling Mojito - 'A refreshing combination of lemon slices, sparkling pomelo and crushed mint leaves, layered with orange zest and iced sugar cane.'   This one is very interesting.  It smells like lime to me, along with other scents...maybe I'm picking up the sugar, seems almost creamy-ish...and just the teeny tiniest hint of mint to bring it back to zesty.

I don't know if these scents are going to be available in any other form/product.  I do like these scents but I'm just not fond of candles.  They keep disappointing me with weak scents.  I don't mean just B&BW candles, I mean most candles that we've tried in our recent candle burning phase.  Maybe it's because our house is big?  Large rooms?  Not enough scent throw in the candles?  I have not tried B&BW's fragrance oils yet, but I'm really eager to get back to my beloved wax tarts at this point.

Moving on....
When hubby was in the store to get the candles he forgot to look for Cinnamon Heaven hand soap.  I'd heard about it recently on YouTube and then asked my guru about it, and decided I needed to have this fabulous new scent.  I had not noticed it on any of my other trips to the store but then again, I don't look at the hand soaps much.

Today I had to go to town for something unrelated to shopping but since my entire day leading up to it had been crap......(I ran over a duck.  A duck!  I cried.).........I decided 'F**k it!  I'm need some retail therapy!' and stopped at B&BW.  My main purpose was to check for the Cinnamon Heaven soap, but I did have coupons with me so I wasn't totally against buying more lovely scented things that I don't need right now.  

Almost as soon as I walked into the store I saw the brown hand soap that just had to be Cinnamon Heaven.  Hurrying  through, shoving people out of the way, and hurdling displays, I found myself in front of what I'd come for.  There was foaming Cinnamon Heaven, deep cleaning Cinnamon Heaven, moisturizing Cinnamon Heaven....and FriendlyButPushyStoreGirl had swooped in to hover just as fast.  She shoved several of the new spring scents in my face and, based on my reactions, decided I wasn't really into the citrus stuff and suggested I might prefer the warmer, cozier scents like what I'd already selected.  (Ya think?)  She mentioned the hand soaps were 4 for $15 then was drawn away to hover over someone else.

I wandered around the store, debating whether or not to just get that one hand soap or to go ahead and stock up on more goodies.  I went with stocking up.  I was about ready to check out when I remembered the creamy body scrub I'd seen in video reviews.  FriendlyButPushyStoreGirl to the rescue!  She shoved a coconut scented scrub in my face then led me to the Fiji Passionfruit one.  I liked them both but I'd already seen the Fiji Passionfruit reviewed a couple times, and I'm crazy for coconut so I went with that one.

StoreGirl noted that I was carrying two hand soaps and pointed out that I'd be paying $10 for those, so why not just get the 4 for $15 deal?  She also said that with the scrub and the other shower gel I had in my hand I could get one more item free as part of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free in the Signature scent line.  Well thank you, StoreGirl!  I grabbed another shower gel and called it quits, and used my $10 off survey coupon for even more savings.  Woot!  I'm learning this game!

So what did I get?

I got two Cinnamon Heaven hand soaps, one in moisturizing formula and the other in the deep cleaning formula.  I also got a Peach Bellini hand soap because I'd seen a review that made it sound yummy fun, and it was quite yummy when StoreGirl shoved it in my face.  And I got a Kitchen Lemon hand soap because I'm all about lemon.
Cinnamon Heaven - '...a spicy blend of cinnamon stick, Tahitian vanilla and star anise.'   Everyone says this smells like cinnamon rolls and I agree.  It's warm, cozy, and a perfect balance of creamy and spice.  Sooo nice.
Peach Bellini - '...a mouthwatering blend of juicy peach, white apricot and fresh mango'   This is fresh and fun.  Definite peach scent to it but I also pick up something slightly orange-y, and also something 'sparkly.'  Someone described it as fruity Sprite.  I'd probably agree with that.  lol
Kitchen Lemon - '...lightly scented with the fresh, crisp scent of lemon'   To me it does *not* smell overly lemony even though that's the only thing mentioned in the description.  It smells a bit dish soapy to me, but that's ok because it will be at the kitchen sink anyway.

I also got....
...the Hawaii Coconut creamy body scrub.  Described as 'fresh coconut water, sunkissed citrus and ocean musk,'  it is a very nice soft coconut scent.  The citrus and musk blend with it nicely so you know it's coconut but you also get a little something more.  I haven't actually used it yet but I'm looking forward to my shower tomorrow morning!

I also got two shower gels.  One is Dark Kiss, which I described in an earlier post.  And the other is Black Raspberry Vanilla.  I don't remember if I have anything in this scent yet, but when I make my soap in this scent it is one of my favorites.....and one of my best sellers.....so I know I'll love this in shower gel form.  For those who don't know, it's described as 'an alluring scent, inspired by vine-ripened berries drenched in vanilla cream.  Key fragrance notes: Juicy Blackberry, Bergamot, Anjou Pear, Vanilla Orchid, Taffeta Musk.'   It is just soooo yummy, berries and cream and just enough of something to make it a smidge more sophisticated.

And there is the coupon they throw in your bag when you check out.  I have three of these now.  You get a free Signature collection product of your choice with a $10 purchase.  I'll probably get more Black Raspberry Vanilla with mine.  There is also a little preview of the newest scent: Carried Away.  (Mentioned this scent in a previous post too.)

So that's today's crazy Bath & Body Works haul.  Fun, fun!


  1. Deb - I LOVED your description of "Store Girl". I think she works at my store, too! Haha. You got some great stuff. I'm go glad you like the Cinnamon Heaven, I knew you would. The Peach Bellini is also really nice, and I totally love my Creamy Body Scrub.

    PS You totally mastered the coupon game! :)


  2. There is room to improve on the coupon game...I don't think I'm a master yet. :P

    I know there are websites out there that have various other coupons but I don't really utilize those. Yet.


  3. LOL at running over a duck. It just sounds funny. But I would have cried too.

    Holy cow, you are into B&BW with no escape, thanks to those coupons. It's like the mob.

    Cinnamon Heaven sounds lurvely. And I always like those foaming soaps when I use 'em at people's houses. Hm ...

    The word verification word on here at the moment is "fingbet." I think that ought to be a real word.

  4. Forgot to say--it was cool of Kurth to go to B&BW without a female. Brave even. Lol.