Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb. 7 - Bodycology

I know, I much more bath and body stuff do I need?!  But I just have to give Bodycology a shot.  I'm getting frustrated with the B&BW stuff, and I'm actually about ready to switch back to good ol' goat milk soap, so I thought I'd give this stuff a try.  One thing about B&BW is that it's expensive.  Also, the store is in the mall and I rarely go to the mall.  If the products were awesomely fabulous I might be ok with spending the extra money and going out of my way to get it, but so far they are failing me.  I'm dry and itchy, and I can be dry and itchy for a whole lot cheaper than that!  Ok, true, my guru has said that the shower creams and the thicker body creams work wonders for dry winter skin but in the millions of dollars I've already spent there, I don't have those particular products, and again....I can probably find something cheaper that will moisturize better. (*ahem* goat milk soap)

Sooo anyway!  Bodycology can be found in stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc.  They don't have nearly as many scents as B&BW but what they do have is similar to things B&BW also has.

Apple Orchard - 'Passion fruit and red apple blend together to create a fragrance tha is both sensual and sweet.'
Coconut Lime - 'The sweet scent of coconut mingles with refreshing lime to help relieve stress and tension – like a tropical island getaway.'
Cucumber Melon - 'Fresh cucumber and melon mingle with sheer freesia to create a crisp, cool fragrance – like a dewy summer morning.'
Clean Lemon - 'Juicy lemon zest and pink grapefruit create a citrus bouquet with a sparkling clean scent.'
Sweet Petals - 'The heavenly scent of sweet pea mingles with berries to give you a brighter spirit and positive outlook.'
Midnight Garden - 'Violets, lavender and rose mingle to produce a fragrance that is reminiscent of a moonlit garden.'
Vanilla Cupcake - 'The delicious scents of buttercream and sugary vanilla provide all the decadence of dessert – without the guilt'
White Gardenia - 'The rich, floral scent of fresh gardenias promotes love, peace and good spirits.'
Berrypear - 'Juicy pears and ripe berries create this classic, delightful fragrance.'
Brown Sugar Vanilla - 'The warm scent of vanilla, brown sugar and sensual amber create a cozy, comforting scent.'
Cherry Blossom - 'Blushing cherry blossom blooms with fragrance to produce a blissful and radiant scent.'
Fresh Waters - 'Clean, sparkling water flows with spring flowers to create the scent of freshness and purity' 

Their products include shower gel and foaming bath, hand and body lotion, body cream, body mist, rich & creamy body wash, hand sanitizer, hand soap, and bath beads.  Again, similar to B&BW.  The lotions have aloe, shea and coco butters, vitamins E and C.  The shower gel has aloe and honey extract.  The body mist has aloe.

My Walmart had several scents but not all of them.  They also had several of the products but not the bath beads or creamy body wash.  There are gift sets and travel sizes.  And it's all affordable!  A tube of body cream at B&BW is $12, but the same size of this is only $4.  I think most of the full size products are $4, and I think the travel size was only a dollar something.

As you can see from the picture, I got the Vanilla Cupcake scent and OMG does it ever smell good!  It is exactly like cupcakes!  Ty sniffed it and was shocked.  I would have gotten the Brown Sugar Vanilla but I already have so much Warm Vanilla Sugar from B&BW that I decided to go with something else.  I almost chose the is sooo yummy!....but I'll save that for next time.

I got the shower gel/foaming bath, body cream, hand/body lotion, and small body mist.  I have used small body mists from Bodycology for quite a while already.  I'm not a perfumey person and several years ago I had noticed these small, cheap sprays in normal scents and have used them ever since.  Actually I still have a partial bottle of a berries-n-cream scent that I don't see listed on their site.  Wonder why they discontinued it....hmmm.

I haven't used these yet because I'm already lathered and slathered in B&BW's Secret Wonderland.  But ooooh I can't wait for tomorrow morning's shower!  I really hope the lotions work because then I'll just switch back to handcrafted goat milk soap and use these lotions as needed.  And of course, I'll keep getting the body mists.

So I'll post later, after I've had a chance to use this stuff for several days, and let you know what I think.  In the meantime, have you tried Bodycology products?  What do you think of them?  I joined their Facebook group and signed up for email news.  Do they have coupons and deals?

Hehe, I'm excited!  About bath, I need to get out more.... 


  1. Just the picture on the cupcake ones makes me want to try it :D I'll have to be on the lookout for a body mist in it.

    I have their Coconut Lime body mist right now and like it a lot (and liked the price a lot).

    I like the Brown Sugar Vanilla and have been using it here and there (the body mist mostly). There's still something in it that I like and don't like at the same time and I wonder if it's the amber. Not sure--there almost seems to be an alcohol smell. Anyway, and this is weird considering I just said that about it, I agree with the "comforting" part of its description. For some reason it feels like a maternal scent to me. ?? I think the shower gel and lotion work nicely (same on the scent, though: a little goes a long way--it can get overpowering).

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