Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11 - Birchbox

I'd never heard of Birchbox before I became addicted to YouTube.  One of the beauty gurus I was watching many months ago did a video on her latest Birchbox and explained that for a small fee you get 4-5 samples of beauty products each month.  I thought that was fine for people who are really into makeup and such things, and dismissed it.

Months go by, I'm not really watching the beauty gurus anymore, and who do I see doing a Birchbox video?  My Bath & Body Works guru, Ellie!  (See my previous post to learn more about her.)  One thing I've come to like about her channel is that she's been doing some makeup videos too.  I'm fascinated by the bigtime beauty gurus on YouTube but I'm also intimidated by them because beauty is their thing.  Ellie's tutorials are much more average user friendly.  Her makeup videos make you feel that you can do it too, not 'Haha, you want to be me!'

Ok, I am NOT a makeup wearer.  Ever.  Never have been.  Maybe there was a day or two when I was a young teen that I played around with eye shadow in the privacy of my bedroom but that was it.  Raised with four brothers, I was not a girlie girl.  My mother (no one really) never encouraged or taught me how to wear makeup.  As I got older, especially once I was married and had my kids, I was just resolved to the fact that I was not a makeup wearing pretty girlie girl.

Watching YouTube beauty videos kinda stirred something in me.  I decided I wanted to try playing around with makeup.  My work schedule gives me several days off each week, and I figured this would be good to experiment and not have to go anywhere.  I didn't know my sister was going through something similar.  I'm not sure what sparked her but while talking one day we got onto this subject and she told me she'd been wanting to do it too.  I think she'd already started dabbling in it.  Time went on, and I did nothing about it.  I'd browse the makeup aisles while shopping, get overwhelmed, and flee.  I'd tell myself I made it this far without makeup, what did I need it for now?  But it was always nagging at me.

Then Ellie's Birchbox video came along and I decided what the heck.  And I signed up too.

For those who don't know about Birchbox you can read what they are all about . . . HERE.  Basically, you pay a small monthly fee and each month you receive a box with four or five beauty products from a variety of suppliers.  Some are big name, high end, some are new companies.  You fill out a sort of 'beauty profile' and they send you things they feel might be of interest to you.  At least I'm thinking that's how it works.  I mean, I don't think every box is the same for everyone or what would be the point of the profile/preferences?  Hmm, I'll have to wait and see what others got in their July box.

Anyway, after watching Ellie's video about her first box I started thinking maybe this would be a fun way to explore the makeup world.  You can cancel at anytime.  Everyone seems to swear the boxes pay for themselves each month (last month had a full size item included).  And I can pass things I don't want on to my sister.   I signed up a couple days after watching Ellie's video and have been excitedly waiting for my first box ever since.

And today that first box arrived!  YAY!!  I was totally freaking giddy, it was hysterical.  Opened that pretty pink box in the first pic and found this . . .
Very cool looking. 
Slid that colorful band off and found this . . .
It's a sturdy cardboard cigar type box.  Pop the cover off and find . . .
Pretty blue tissue paper and an informative card.  The front has a message about this month's designer, and the back . . .
The back has information about each sample enclosed, like what it is, what the regular size retail price is, etc.  Then open the tissue paper and you see . . .
This month's goodies!  I saw food and I was like "Whaaaaa . . . ?"  But we'll get to that.  There was another little information card . . .

I also noticed another little package in there . . .
Inside this little package were the two things I was most excited about . . .

Nail polish by Zoya, in the shade 'Shay.'  I've never heard of Zoya but I figure nail polish is an easy way to ease my way into the world of pretty things.
Before I even knew what this product was I recognized the type of logo/print and got really excited.  It's by Philosophy!  I've been wanting to try their stuff for a while now but have been putting it off because of my springtime shopping frenzy.  Now I have some!  It's just a little sample bottle of Purity facial cleanser but I'm still excited.
Also got this Mineral Hand Cream by Ahava.  Never heard of them either but it's from Germany and I'm all about that!
And this Redken product called Shine Flash 02.  I *have* heard of Redken (duh) but have no clue what this product is all about.  The card says it 'gives hair a brilliant finish.'  Hmm.

And then the food . . .
It is an Almond & Apricot snack bar from Kind.  Haven't heard of them either but it sure does look yummy!  I was laughing about there being FOOD in my intro to beauty package.  It's like, according to your profile you don't need makeup but you'll always need food.  lol

I'm still excited about getting this Birchbox but I am a bit bummed about something.  Ok, true, when I filled out my profile it was along the total clueless noob lines so I guess I can see why I didn't get any bright and shiny paint yer face products.  But at the same time, I was hoping I'd have gotten *something* in the makeup category.  All of the things I got are very useable even for me, but . . . ya know what I mean?  I'll see what next month brings me, and see what others got this month, and then maybe I'll change my profile a bit.

If you'd like to join the Birchbox fun, check out their site . . . HERE.  You can also buy full size versions of the sample items at their site.  You can shop other items.  You can earn loyalty points to spend on products.  You can learn things.  It looks quite interesting and I've only just skimmed the surface since I signed up.

Thanks once again to Ellie for inspiring me to give it a try!


  1. You got some good things! I can't wait to see what comes in mine :)

  2. Ack! I was hoping you would have gotten yours today too. I can't wait to hear what's in yours!


  3. Cool stuff. But I was thinking that too--"Where's the makeup?"

  4. The great thing is that it's not always all make up, it's skincare, and etc! Some people complain about getting too much skincare product, some about make up (..?), but remember that everyone's box is completely random! (well not completely, but u know what i mean) — but i'm glad you still loved it! I can't wait to get mine! Thanks for this post


    That is all.