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(Import Post) Apr. 12, 2011 - Moeggenborg Sugar Bush Primitives

(This is an older imported post from my soap blog.)

I first ordered from this company last Fall.  You can see two posts about that order..... HERE and HERE .....  Well I recently ordered from them again. Yay!

Moeggenborg Sugar Bush Primitives
I really wish I could remember where I first heard of this company, but I can't.  Not that it matters really.  I always knew I would come back and order from here again but what prompted me to do it now was a blog post by Mary where she was doubting the worth of keeping her Etsy shop.  I'm all about Etsy, and I know how frustrating it gets....especially now that I've been watching all the success of other soapers on YouTube.  So what the heck, what was I waiting for?  I used my stealthy ninja skillz, scoped out her shop, and ordered a few lovely goodies.  It was a LOL moment when she realized what I'd done!  We've been chatting back and forth a bit in the form of comments on blogs and videos, so I'm not a total stranger to them anymore.  Hehe!

I only ordered two bars of soap and a pack of tarts, but as you can see in the pic above, she loaded me up with some goodies.  Everything comes in clear cello bags, labels done in that country charm that I love, and ribbons or little flowers. She included a business postcard and regular business card along with a pretty card/thank you note.  Shipping is fast, customer service is fabulous, prices are very reasonable.  

Mary had recently done a video about the Honey, Oats & Milk soap she'd just made.  When I saw it was in the Etsy shop already I knew I needed to have it.  As you know, if there is an Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap in your shop odds are I'm buying it.  This particular bar still has to cure a bit so I haven't been able to use it yet.  I'm sure it's going to be fabulous, because her other soaps have been.  The scent is strong, and just like the classic OMH scent I love so much.  Mmmmm!

I was not familiar with the Monkey Farts scent even though it seems to be that EVERYONE uses it.  I actually had to look it up to see what the description was and then I think Mary might have done a video about this one too.  This is the description from her Etsy shop.... 'The first thing I notice in this scent is the banana - not an overwhelming note, but gentle - a nice backdrop for the other notes. My next impression it that of the huge banana splits we get at a place called Tony's in St. Louis. A nice blend of fruity scents - pineapple, cherry. Then the other notes drift to the forefront - grapfruit, kiwi, bubblegum, strawberries - and finally a touch of vanilla in the bottom note. Then, because we swirled it with rich cocoa powder, there is a hint of chocolate lurking there. A truly delightful blend for little kids and great big kids.'  She calls hers Monkey Bars instead of Monkey Farts, and I like the change.  I agree the name 'Farts' is a little, I don't know, I get no humor from it.

Anyway, this is the one I've been using the past couple days and I love it.  The scent is not at all overpowering.  I don't get a strong banana when I smell it, although it is there if you think about it.  I think it's more of a blend of mellow, sweet fruits.  I do get hints of the bubble gum, and the vanilla sort of subtly pulls everything together.  Very nice.  The lather from Sugar Bush soaps is amazing.  You barely have to pick up the bar and POOF you have generous and long lasting lather going.  This soap is very moisturizing.  It's already cut down on the itchiness that had been creeping back as I bounced around from soap to soap the last week or so, trying to get my hauls done.  But yeah, this soap is taking care of that.  They are decent sized bars too, easily fit in your hand in the shower.

I have so many tarts in my stash right now that I really did not need more.  But who can resist tarts???  As long as I was ordering anyway, I figured I'd grab more tarts too.  In her Etsy shop she had a listing for a 12-pack in the scent of your choice, or a listing for a 6-pack in Neapolitan scent.  If I could have picked a variety of scents in the 12-pack I would have grabbed that but I don't know if she does that, and I didn't ask because I was being stealthy, remember?  So I got the smaller pack of Neapolitan.  It really does smell like ice cream!  Sooo yummy!  I get a strong strawberry scent poking through the cream ice creamy scent.  And look at how cute those are.  Adorable.

I received a sample of Peppermint Patty soap.  When I smelled this one....OMG....I was instantly put into a Christmas mood.  I was insta-happy.  It's scent is from essential oil and it's good and strong.  Very nice!

Because my first order was pretty much all maple scented things, and because I love me some maple, she included two freebie tarts in Maple Syrup Festival scent.  How freakin' cute are those?!  I love them!

I also received this freebie popcicle soap.  This is so sooo cute!  Hubby was all over this one.  It was funny.  It doesn't say what scent it is so I'm wondering if it's Neapolitan like the tarts.  The colors are what lead me to this conclusion.  This is one of those that you just never want to use.

Another extra goodie was this...I'm assuming....wash cloth.  I feel dorky for even having to guess?!  It's very nice, thick, white with speckles of red and green.  It reminds me of peppermint bark candy.  LOL  I think it's crocheted, but since I'm craft challenged I guess it could be knitted.  And the funny thing about it is that we put it on our coffee table and set our big ol' candle on it, and it looks great!  Who says a washcloth has to be a washcloth?  It's a doily now.  LOL!

She had everything packed in the final extra aged looking 'trinket box' container.  I didn't take a separate picture of it but you can see part of it on the right in the first picture in this post.  I love things like this.  The lid has a decoration that says 'Olde Memories.'  I think this will find a place on top of my kitchen cabinets were I have some other olde time looking things.  And I think I'm going to put some old odds and ends from my grandma in there so I know where they are and can look at them or show them off as need be.  Right now all of the things I'm thinking of are just packed away in a box in the attic.  Time to bring them back out!

So this was my order and I'm pleased as punch with all the extras.  Thank you so much, Mary!!  There are other things on the main website that I've had my eye on.  I encourage you all to at least check out their shop and their website.  I originally ordered from the main website but it was her Etsy shop that was needing the love, so that's where I went this time.  I think she mentioned in a video that her maple scent has been discontinued by the supplier.  I'm horrified by that!  Hope she finds a replacement!  And check out the hand knitted, personalized Christmas stockings.  I've had my eye on those from the beginning.  They just might be part of my next order.  And they have so many other fun things too!

Check this place out.  You will not be disappointed.

Sugar Bush Primitives on ..... ETSY.
Sugar Bush Primitives ..... MAIN SITE.
Sugar Bush Primitives on ..... YOUTUBE.

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