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(Import Post) Apr. 4, 2011 - Beacon Creations

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Beacon Creations
 I ordered from this company at the beginning of March but I was sick when I received my things, couldn't smell a dang thing, and didn't want to use or write about them until I was feeling better.  Then I just got lazy.  But here it is....finally.

I have watched Kia's videos on YouTube, that's how I found her shop.  There is something relaxing about her videos, her voice, her manner.  Her soaps gorgeous!  And not in an over the top way.  They still hold their look and feel of natural, handcrafted.  I love that.  Her packaging is simple but still cute with the curly ribbons, again keeping that handcrafted feel.  But her labels....oh my.  Her labels are as gorgeous as the soap itself!  I *WISH* I could do something like hers with my own.  Beautiful, yet subtle and in that way they are elegant.

I ordered several bars of soap and perfume oil, and was sent a few samples as well.
The samples...
Twilight Skies is the bluish gray one on the left.  It's described as 'Fluffy and sugary COTTON CANDY clouds in the evening sky with notes of Vanilla and just a hint Cherry.'  I think this one has been discontinued.  It smells very nice though, like candy.  I did use this sample a couple times and really liked it. 

Ransoms Treasure is the green/black one in the middle and is described as 'A pirates plundering of Key Lime rounded with notes of Coconut Milk, Gin, Black Tea, Cardamom & other exotic spices.'  It's a hard scent to describe.  The first thing I think of is Wrigley's Wintergreen gum but when I go back to get another whiff I don't get any mint at all.  It's a subtle scent (as they all are) but it's nice.  I have not used this one yet.

Cider Barrel is maybe her best known soap.  People on YouTube absolutely rave about this one.  'A delicious plethora of juicy Apples simmered to perfection with spicy notes of Cinnamon, Cloves, Brown Sugar and the tiniest dallop of buttery Caramel.'   And yeah, I see why people are crazy about it.  I *love* this scent.  I hope she's still making this one this Fall because I will definitely be getting some.  It just screams Fall when you smell it.  You don't get a distinct apple or cinnamon.  They are there, yes, but the other sweet notes balance it out.  I think I like this better than my own Spiced Cranberry, which has been my absolute favorite Fall scent.  Mmmmmmm!  I have not used this one yet either.  I just want to keep sniffing it.

I ordered a roll on perfume oil in Butt Naked scent.  Described as 'A cult classic turned commercial with fresh green apples perfectly harmonized with refreshing melons and juicy pears,'  this is scent I was not familiar with and would not have been my first choice but it was all she had at the time I ordered.  It is very much inyerface fruity sweet, a bit too much for me but still nice.  It's summery and kid-like.  I'm not familiar with perfume oils so maybe they are all like this...but once you put some on your skin the oil takes a while to soak in, or dry, or whatever it's doing.  I'm so used to cheap body mists (I am *not* girlie girl, lol) that dry immediately.  Having said that though, I would indeed order more of this in a different scent.

(And that's the cute little thank you card she included.)

One thing about Kia's soaps is that they are not all the same recipe.  Of the five bars I ordered, none have the same formula.  Whether there are really noticeable differences or not, I couldn't tell you.  I just use them and decide if I like them.  I don't do comparison tests.  I have tried three of the bars so far and liked them all, so I'm quite sure I'll like the other two as well.  The scents are not strong, as mentioned earlier, but they are all very nice.  The fact that they don't overpower the room and linger on my skin is fine because I like scented body butters and have been getting into perfumey things more lately.  The bar is a good size, generous but not so big that you can't hang onto it. They lather easily, which is something I demand if I'm going to like a handcrafted soap.  I've been spoiled by too many years of commercial body wash insta-lather.  But yep, these give an easy, creamy, long lasting lather.

#9 Memory Ln. - 'A Bakery Lovers Delight ~ Chocolate Buttercream Sherbet Scone drizzled in rich Vanilla Bean & Caramel Syrups.'  Chocolate is what I mainly get from this scent, with a hint of something... maybe the caramel?  Nice, I like it.

Blowing Bubbles - 'A fruity berry combination of strawberry, blackberry and wild huckleberries touched with a hint of pineapple and soft rose on a sweet caramel bottom.'  I really REALLY like this one.  The first scent I notice is the strawberry but there is that mix of other sweet things that make it oh so lovely.  The colors/swirls....awesome.  

Cluricaun - 'An amazing full bodied and smooth fragrance blend with Creamy Oatmeal, Orange Peel, Butterscotch, Farm-fresh Milk, Nutty Almond and Rich Vanilla.'   This bar is the whole reason I finally decided to order.  I had watched her video about this one and was drooling.  Funny then, that this is probably my least favorite of the bunch.  It's still an awesome soap, don't get me wrong!  I do pick up hints of orange in the background of this scent but to me it's mainly a sort of...I don't know....bready smell.  And I love the smell of bread.  But I thought this would be sweeter or creamier.

The next two I have not used yet.
Milk & Sweet Nectar - 'A delicious blending of juicy Peach and Mango Nectars combined with warm Honey, Milk, Brown Sugar and Spices'   This one is a nice scent, hard to describe though.  Just hints of fruit, blended with warm subtle spiciness.  Yeah, that doesn't tell you much, I know....LOL  I would not consider this fruity.  I'd almost put in the Fall-warm-and-cozy group.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - 'Straight from Grandma's kitchen comes this absolutely delicious fragrance of warm Oatmeal & creamy Milk drizzled with sweet golden Honey and topped with a generous sprinkiling of Brown Sugar.'   Ah yes, good ol' OMH soap.  If you have this in your shop, odds are I will be ordering it.  This scent is what got me hooked on handcrafted soaps to begin with so it's my sentimental favorite.   I don't know how to describe the scent.  Everyone says "Oh I smell the oatmeal of course but blah blah blah...." but I don't smell any one thing.  I just get a delicious sweet, warm, comforting scent that I love love love.

Beacon Creations also has bath bombs and bubble bars, lip balms, and whipped body butters.  I am itching to place another order.  Frustratingly though, I have to use up some of the ginormous amounts of bath goodies I've accumulated first.  Even though I'm not a bath taker (showers for me, in and out, git 'er done) Kia's bubble bars are so pretty that I think I might have to order one next time.  I'd like to try the body butter too but I'm getting kinda picky about those now....I absolutely love the light, fluffy, whipped cream type.  From what I can see in her Etsy pics, hers look more regular lotiony.

So yeah, I highly recommend Beacon Creations if you're looking for some awesome handcrafted soap.  This is probably my favorite bath and body shop right now.  Go check it!!  =)

Beacon Creations on...... ETSY.
Beacon Creations on....... YOUTUBE.


  1. wonderfull soaps!

    liebe Grüße

  2. I love Kia's videos. She seems like a really sweet person. Her swirls are unique and her soaps are beautiful!!