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(Import Post) Apr. 5, 2011 - Nature's Art

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Nature's Art
This is another company I discovered through YouTube.  I've been watching Kimberly's videos for a little while now and she is fun to watch, always laughing and singing and having a grand ol' time in whatever she's doing.  What prompted me to order was winning a totally unexpected contest she was having on her Facebook page.  She was posting questions and it was like a race, like a scavenger hunt, to hurry back to her channel and find the answers.  I won a 50% off coupon code!  Woot!  I ordered immediately because it felt like...since the contest was rush rush unexpected....maybe the code would expire rush rush unexpectedly too.  LOL

There was a small delay in shipping because she was waiting for something (jars?) to come, but she let me know about this right away, and my order still came pretty fast.  The packaging is cute...stickers and messages on the outside of the mailer, cards and notes inside, and simple but cute cello bag and curly ribbons for the products.

Browsing her site, it was so hard to decide what to order!  The scent I absolutely wanted, she didn't have in bar soap form.  I didn't want to order a ton of bars at this time because I have so many from my recent Insanity Binge  But I eventually decided to try the Orange Billowing Steam bar.  Described as  'top notes of Orange and Lemons, and a middle full of enticing fragrances such as Cinnamon, Mocha, Thyme and Nutmeg, this fragrance is perfect for the sweet & spicey lover on your list. Then it cools down to a sweet note of Candied Ginger and Cinnamon Sugar,'  it is very hard to describe once you actually smell it.  It's one of those where nothing in particular jumps out.  Like, I can't say "Ooooh orange!"  I think I mainly get the spices and hints of chocolate.  There's something almost smokey about it, but that could be the name putting the idea into my head.  And really, 'billowing steam' wouldn't be smokey anyway so maybe I'm just mental.  

Anyway!  This bar is to die for.  The scent is subtle but the  And we all know that's the most important part for me!  This soap lathers so easily, big fluffly lather that lasted my whole shower.  Can't say that for all soaps.  The size of the bar is perfect, generous but fits easily in your hand.  And look at those swirls.  Very nice soap.

I ordered a jar of her whipped cream soap in Buttered Rum scent.  Described as 'top notes of rum and is complimented with base notes of creamy buttery toffee,'  this is the scent I wanted in bar soap form.  It reminds me of the Butter Rum Lifesavers that you can't find anywhere anymore.  (And if you still have them near you, send me some!)  I *love* whipped cream soaps.  Ok, I admit I have not tried a handcrafted shower gel because handcrafted liquid soaps kinda scare me.  The one that I have tried (liquid hand soap) was not good and it sort of tainted the whole idea of handcrafted liquids for me.  I do not prefer bar soaps, so in the handcrafted world these whipped cream soaps are a step closer to shower gel for me.  And this one was fabulous.  Sweet, soft scent...tons of lather...and so easy to use.  Love it!  

Since my absolute favorite source of body cream has closed shop (my beloved Bella's Birthday, you may remember) I have been on the hunt for a suitable replacement.  So when I saw goat milk lotion in that yummy Buttered Rum scent I knew I had to try it.  Unfortunately, this is not the type I'm looking for.  Actually, I'm wondering if something might have happened to mine because in the pics on her sites this product looks way more poofy and light and fluffy than what mine is.  This is more of a true lotion, would work better in a squeeze bottle.  When I first opened mine it was almost liquid, so I closed it back up and gave it a good shake to remix it.  While it did thicken up a bit that way it was still quite runny, very hard to use by dipping fingers in to get some because it just wants to run/slide off.  Maybe people who like the thinner, lighter lotions will like this but I was hoping for the fluffy, whipped cream consistency.  Bummer on that one.

She sent me two absolutely super cute samples.  Look at that ladybug!  The top one is a cupcake slice in Butterfly Hugs scent.  I don't see this scent on her sites so I can't give a description but to me it's a sweet floral scent.   I am NOT a floral scent fan, but this one I could probably tolerate.  My sample piece separated where the frosting and cake meet.  I might try to fuse it back together with the water trick.  And that ladybug is in Plumeria scent.  Hmm, maybe I'm not so anti-floral afterall because this one is kinda nice too.

Kimberly also does a fragrance oil exchange thing.  I heard her talk about it on YouTube and thought it was a very cleaver idea.  She (and others) have started sending out samples of fragrance oils that maybe they received in an order but aren't fond of, or maybe they really want someone else to try something in particular, or whatever.  She sent me two bottles (on the right in the top picture) being Fireplace, the other Caramel Custard.  Fireplace will probably get passed along, but I was soooo excited about the caramel one.  I can't wait to use it.  Thank you, Kimberly!!

So that is my little haul from Nature's Art.  Even though I was disappointed with the lotion, it's because it's not the *type* I was looking for, not because it's a bad lotion.  I would order from Kimberly again, and I strongly suggest you check out her shop if you're looking for something new to try.

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