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(Import Post) Apr. 6, 2011 - Nature's Essence

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Nature's Essence
Yet again, another shop I found through YouTube.  This one is Dani's shop, and she is very active and very popular on The Tube...hehe.  I like watching her videos because her soaps are always interesting and colorful, and her personality is always smiley and happy.  And it's funny when her husband pops into the videos.

I actually received this order a while ago, back around the same time I got my Beacon Creations order, but like I mentioned in that post I was sick at the time and couldn't smell a dang thing.  So, I'm FINALLY getting around to posting about these yummy soapies.

First off, these are the biggest bars of soap I have ever come across.  Seriously, I can cut these bars in half and have something about the size of my own bars.  But the price is incredibly affordable!  I know she just recently raised her prices a little bit but still, you are getting a ton of soap for what you're paying.  She also makes bubble bars, bath bombs, body creams and scrubs, lip balms and scrubs, bath salts, lotion bars, more that I can't even remember.  She has a FULL line of bath and body products.  I know she has done candles too but I haven't seen them listed for a while.  Maybe that's only a holiday offering.
Anyway, I ordered three bars and a sugar scrub, and was also sent a generous helping of samples.  Everything comes nicely wrapped in clear cello bags with ribbons and butterfly stickers.  Everything is clean and bright and fresh.  Even the thank you card was classy and elegant.  The soaps lather nicely but it's not the explosion of lather that I love.  This is more of a creamier, tiny bubble lather.  Still very nice though.

I was very curious about her foaming sugar scrubs so I ordered one in Hot Pink Pomegranate scent, and let me tell you....I love this stuff.  The scent description is 'A sparkling, bright pomegranate having a tart citrus and pomegranate top note, a slightly floral heart of jasmine and violet leaf, and finishing with a spicy ginger and woody, twig like base note.'   It's a sweet scent but not sugary fruity sweet.  The florals tone it down and the slight spices keep it all in check.  Very nice.  I love the consistency of this.  It's is not liquidy and oily and goopy.  No no no, it is thick enough to not run all over, but creamy enough to be very easily spread around on your skin.  Tons of sugar for scrubbing you soft and as that dissolves away you are left with the slight foamy cream that continues to pamper your skin.  Love it.  Sadly enough, I love this stuff more than my own little scrub cubes that I've had a love/hate relationship with from day one.  I will be ordering more of this stuff!

Baby Bee Buttermilk - I don't see this one listed in her shop so I can't get the scent description.  (Dani recently switched from Etsy to Artfire, and I ordered when she was still on Etsy.)  If it's the same scent as the fragrance oil I have it is described as 'blend of Vanilla, Peach, Violet, Sugar Comparable to: Burts Bees,'  but actually, smelling this bar it is very similar to good ol' Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.  Yummers!  She uses goat milk in this soap, but not in all of her other soaps.

 Angel - This one isn't in her new shop either so, again, I can't get the scent description.  It might be 'blend of Jasmine, Musk, Patchouli, Brown Sugar...Compare to T. Mugler.'   Sniffing it, yeah I think I detect musk in there so this might indeed be it.  A nice scent, sort of an evening scent, I'm not sure how to describe it.  Not perfumey or floral, but sort of sweetish earthyish, more 'grown up' than the usual fun foodie scents I'm into.

Jamaican Bay Rum - Again, not in her shop.  This is a mens scent, but I don't think its the same as regular Bay Rum.  Without the scent description I'm clueless but I will say that I think the main thing I smell is patchouli.  I think.  I'm no patchouli expert by any means.  I got this for hubby because I'm always picking fruity fun girlie things.

I received four generous size samples with my order too.
Champagne Pear  (on the left) -  'An effervescent blend of citrus and melon notes is accented with crisp greens to create a champagne accent for this fruity scent. Orchard pear and fresh apple balance at the heart of the fragrance, while a hint of apple blossom creates texture for the fruity accord. Luxurious musk undertones soften the blend.'   This is the one I've heard the most about, so I'm glad I got a sample of it.  My first thought upon sniffing it was "7Up!"  Hubby thought it was more like grapefruit.  I've heard it described as 'nose tickling' and I agree.  There very much is a nose tickler champagne quality.  It's a super bright, fresh scent.  I've already used up this sample but have not tried the others yet.

Moonlight Path (blue, black, white) - Not in her shop, and I have no clue what the scent description is but to me it is...I don't maybe?  I really don't know.  It is not sweet or fruity or foodie.  It's not floral perfume-y.  I might almost consider it a masculine scent but it might just be the colors putting that idea into my head.  I really don't know about this one.  It's not a bad scent, but doesn't jump out at me as something amazing.  

Japanese Cherry Blossom (orange, green) - The colors of this one always throw me.  This shade of orange and green automatically make me think of Cucumber Melon but nope, this is Japanese Cherry Blossom.  Bath & Body Works describes it as 'Japanese Cherry Blossom, Asian Pear, Kyoto Rose, Mimosa Petals, Himalayan Cedarwood,'  but I don't know if Dani's is a dupe of that.  It might be because when I smell this I get the very definite floral tones but it's toned down by a hint of something and it might indeed be that cedarwood.

Cucumber Melon (green, white) - 'An aroma of sweet and sour cucumber and a deep green oily note with hints of violet, with a background of sweet, freshly sliced honeydew melon.'   Yep, I smell the cucumber and melon in the background but I think the violet takes it out of fruity and into a floral category.

I also got a sample of her new (at the time) body cream in Lick Me All Over scent.  The scent might be 'blend of Vanilla, Orange, Pineapple and Cherry,'  and yeah, it's very fruity.  It's a bit too much for me, too sweetly fruity but it is a very nice scent.  The cream itself is wonderful.  It's thick but light and fluffy, absorbs quickly, feels nice.  In a different scent this might be a contender in my search for a Bella's Birthday replacement.  I'm glad she sent a sample!

And finally...this was included as a 'Thank You' freebie.  Hubby and I were so excited when we saw it because, as you know, we are Minnesota Vikings fans and the colors of this one screamed to us.  Yay!!  When I took it out of it's pretty little wrap I was amazed at how gorgeous this bugger is.  Beautiful!  The scent is Lemon Lavender, and there are some botanicals (probably lavender buds) in the bottom part.  I'm not a huge lavender fan, not at all a floral fan, so even though there is a hint of lemon in this scent it is probably not something I'd use.  This is almost too pretty to use anyway.  I might just hold onto this, and display it in a beautiful little soap dish.  I'm not sure yet, but I would like to say "Thank you, Dani!" for sending this beauty.

So there is my long overdue Nature's Essence haul.  I would definitely order again, and there are more things of hers that I want to try.  Shipping is fast, and Dani is very friendly and helpful.  Go check her out!

Nature's Essence on ..... ARTFIRE 
Nature's Essence on ..... YOUTUBE.

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